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  1. Looking to install autopilot on my 2016 R 180 this spring. Looking at the Raymarine EV 100. Does anyone have this unit installed on their Robalo. How does it work for you. Looking for a unit that will hold course trolling in 1 to 3 footers on lake Michigan. Or any other unit that works good without breaking the bank. Thanks Nick
  2. Nick D

    R180 Trailer

    Haz May I ask where you got your side guides from. My new R 180 came into the dealer this morning. I do not want to have the problems strkrace86 has He emailed me some pictures of his problem. Thanks Nick
  3. Smoke/Strkrace86 My email address is nicknancy1000@gmail.com if you want to talk about how we are going to sent up our new Robalo's. I fish out of Holland and Ludington. Thanks Nick
  4. Hi I have a R 180 due next Thursday 06/09. Going to set it up to fish Lake Michigan. Do you have your set up for trolling? If so did you have any issues mounting your down riggers, rod holders, track etc. Thanks Nick
  5. Nick D

    Garmin 741xs

    Hi All Just joined, Have a R-180 on order for delivery early June. I ordered the Garmin 741xs. Wondering how good the Fish Finder works on this unit? Also have any of you installed tracks on the gunnels for rod holders, down riggers, etc. Thanks Nick
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