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  1. I don't think you need to do both. Having the drains installed on the cover provides plenty of drainage. The bilge is right below deck so no tubes needed. With regards to weight distribution, moving the anchor to the bow storage area and battery under the console improved the boats balance greatly. Wish the 18gl tank was below deck instead of adding weight to the transom but that'll have to be on the next boat.
  2. My dealer installed the same stainless drains pictured on the porthole cover itself.
  3. My boat is stored for the winter so no pics till spring. Robalo's solution was to replace the bilge inspection port cover(the one under the fuel tank) with one that has two metal drains. This now comes standard on new boats but dealer replaced mine free of charge. Its important to note that your boat will not be self-bailing with anything bigger than a 70HP and you will need to plug the two scuppers on the transom.
  4. I haven't had any issues getting on plane and no nose stands so far. This engine has plenty of low end torque and I'm running an SS prop. The only times I've observed any noticeable impact has been in seas >2ft. But I think this is to be expected from this hull design.
  5. Too bad getting anything larger than 70 cancels the boats self bailing ability.
  6. Nice!
  7. I ran both moving the battery under the center console and trim tabs by the dealer. They told me that moving the battery would be expensive and manufacturer said hull design didn't allow for trim tabs. I'm now working with local boat guy that tells me both are possible without breaking the bank. Work is being done later this month. I'll post results. A full tank below deck would be so much better. I have the 18gl that's an additional 114 lbs.
  8. You're correct River Horse, the weight of the 90 cancels the ability to self-bail. Any water on deck then drains into the bilge via the perforated bilge inspection port cover(located underneath the gas tank). The perforated port cover is new to 2017. 2016 owners will have to either drill their existing or order the new cover from their local dealer.
  9. I've seen a thread on regarding installing a ladder. Think it was a retractable like the one on the R180.
  10. According to the Robalo website the height on trailer with windshield down is 6' 4". 7' 2" if you go with the ski tow. Going with the 90 adds 366 lbs and will nullify the self bailing cockpit. The 70 is 257 lbs so that gives you 109lbs to play with. Don't know how much of an offset a trolling motor on the bow would be. With regards to the step, I tested getting back into the boat last year and even with a rope tied to the cleat I needed help from a buddy to get back in. So I think you'll need a ladder.
  11. I had Nauticus trim tabs on my previous boat and they were great. According to Nauticus I would need the 9.5 x 10" Smart Tabs SX with the 60lb actuator.
  12. I use Tides Near Me.
  13. Anybody install trim tabs on their R160?
  14. Sorry, missed the date. What did you end up getting?
  15. Congrats on your purchase Orki. I had my R160 in rough seas several times last year. I agreed with you on handling you're not punching through any waves but 6-7 knots will get everyone back home nice and dry. I opted for the 18 gl tank and have never used more than 1/2 a tank in a single trip.