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  1. I have a R227 and I have two Super Hooker anchors (http://tiedown.com/pdf/a693-7.pdf). I have the #8 for the front (9lbs) and the #4 for the back (4lbs). These are fluke anchors and they work great in the sandy beaches in NC. #8: http://www.blackbearsportinggoods.com/Anc_Hooker_p/elltied95040.htm #4: http://www.blackbearsportinggoods.com/Anc_4_p/elltied95035.htm You can also find them on Amazon.
  2. I ordered this for my 2015 R227 (I only wanted an extra plug): http://www.amazon.com/Shoreline-Marine-Garboard-Plug-Brass/dp/B004UOTXA0
  3. To others who own a R227 with the F200XB: what prop are you running? I bought my R227 used (only 97 hours) from up north from a non Robalo dealer. I'm beginning to wonder if they put the right prop on the boat. It is a Yamaha Reliance 14 1/2 x 15. I've only been out on the boat once so far and it was loaded down with family (3 kids + 4 adults), full tank of gas (~100 gal), coolers, chairs, etc. Not really ideal conditions for testing performance but we were just super excited to get out to the beach :). My first impression of my boat I would describe as slow, heavy, and a super smooth ride. However, my only comparison is to my Dad's 18' Stingray :).
  4. smithgotsurf

    Trim Tabs

    Here comes some more pictures. tabs retracted: notice how it's close to the step: tabs fully extended, it now allows better clearance for the step: here I have my fingers on the power plug for the control box and the orange wire: here my middle finger is showing the connector I plugged the orange wire in to. trace the yellow wire to the connector in the center of the screen, not sure what it is exactly but appears to go up to the Tach: annnnnd one last picture, the control pad installed at the helm: Hope this helps!
  5. smithgotsurf

    Trim Tabs

    Just want to share an update with the thread. I completed the install on my R227 this weekend. I went with the 9x12 tabs with LED indicators. It took my most of Sunday with breaks for food and a few distractions. The tabs look great and I'll find out how well they work this weekend. The starboard side does clear the boarding ladder. BUT, the gap is about 2 inches and with the tab fully retracted it is higher than the second step on the ladder. So I have to avoid stepping on it when getting on the boat. SO depending on how you look at it that could be bad news. Some GOOD news though is that when they are fully extended the starboard tab is below the second step and should be just fine when boarding from in the water. I've also ordered an emery cloth that I will use on the edges of the tabs. That was a suggestion I found elsewhere online (I think thehulltruth). I will attempt to go one step further and add a door edge guard as well. I'll share the results of that soon. After I snaked the wires up to the console I discovered that there was already a power plug for the control box. The tricky part was then figuring out where to plug the orange wire to. I tried various plugs until I found one that powered them when the switch was in the "ON" position. So when I turn the key to the off position the tabs retract. Just what I wanted. I share all this info because I know I was searching for helpful information like this.
  6. If you find something out, I'd be interested to know as well. Also have an R227.
  7. I will be getting my 2015 R227 middle of next week. It has the 200. Once I get to use it I will let you know what I think of the 200.
  8. ROB - MIC for Robalo L0103 - Hull Serial # F415 - F for June, so 6/4/2015
  9. I have a two part question on the Hull ID. My hull id starts with "ROBL...". I'm not 100% sure what the next character is. It's either an "O" (upper case letter o) or "0" (zero). To me it looks like a 0 (zero). 1. Which is it? A "O" or a "0"? 2. What, if any, do different parts of the hull id mean? My hull id is either: ROBLO103F415 or ROBL0103F415. I'm guess the "15" is because it's a 2015. 103 and F4 I'm just curious what they mean. Thanks!
  10. smithgotsurf

    Trim Tabs

    Thanks for the suggestion on Black Bear Sporting Goods! They do have a good price on the complete kit. I just ordered the 9x12 kit with LED indicator switch.
  11. ..I just finished putting 9x12's (lenco) , I needed a 24" x 3/8 drill to get through the transom ( Filled with foam back there on a R180)..your hull may be different back there..... then the wire poked through fine.

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    2. smithgotsurf


      great to hear.  I'll keep you updated when I get my and start looking at what the job will take.

    3. wildoats


      Thanks !.What color did you order?....what HP?...I bet you get some great fishing there....(.I have a drill bit.)

    4. smithgotsurf


      Where did you hook in the orange wire?

  12. smithgotsurf

    Trim Tabs

    So have others put the 9"x12" lenco tabs on a R227? The 6"x12" are not a standard option listed on lenco's website. I want to purchase and install myself so I want to make sure clearance is good. I would imagine the 4"x12" tabs wouldn't perform that well.
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