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  1. markmancini

    R300 Prop Numbers

    go to propgods.com for that, he will get you sized up. BTW, I was getting around 52 so it may be something else.
  2. My 2016 R300 has 1 tank - are you REALLY sure there are 2 tanks?
  3. markmancini

    R300 curtains

    I bought custom ones from my dealer. Do you have any pics?
  4. markmancini

    Fuel tank indicator

    yup, the fuel gauges on these SUCK! My new R300 was supposed to come with a full take of fuel but in reality it had about a quarter tank. Service after service - still about 1/4 tank off!
  5. markmancini

    R300 and battery switch positions

    My dealer was of NO help. When I am running, which battery knobs should be on besides port and starboard? When parking at sea for the night, what should I switch to?
  6. markmancini

    Boat Lifts and Storage

    I did a LOT of research and got a Shorelift inflatable. 3 minutes and it is up, 3 minutes and it is down $18k for my R300 and I'm the envy of the marina. No need to paint the bottom, save money save fuel, go faster.....no brainer!!!
  7. markmancini

    R300 curtains

    anyone have images of curtain enclosure for an R300?
  8. markmancini

    2 R300 issues I'd like to know if they are common

    well the sensor was bad, was WAY off.
  9. markmancini

    Robalo 26 CC

    Depends on how far offshore you go and those conditions. 150s on a 26 is rather light to me. I looked at a 265 and it has 225s. It won't handle rough weather well but you can leverage that with your price negotiation
  10. markmancini

    2000 Robalo Center Console or Walkaround

    I struggled with this same question, a used 265 or a new R300 and went 300 due to the fact I am in SC and the cabin would be painfully hot more time out of the year. If you are north of Virginia then the cabin is more practical. You lose space in the cabin, the 265 can hold about a dozen where my CC can easily hold 10 comfortably. Robalos are the bomb! They hold their value and are considered high end boats built very well.
  11. markmancini

    R222 vs Sea Hunt Ultra 225

    I've got to 2nd Scott on this. I looked at the Sea Hunt and Sea Fox and compared to the Robalo, I think it is a different boat. Resale on Robalo is strong and I talked with a guy at the boat show who sells used boats (stocks about 90) and he confirmed the difference in tiers. Get a good Robalo dealer! Mine in NC was GREAT. Everyone at the marina looks at my R300 and is amazed and the quality and features they put in their boat.
  12. markmancini

    2 R300 issues I'd like to know if they are common

    thanks! I have the dealer coming out to address but the fuel gauge issue is still getting dx'd. I filled with 300 gallons and have the consumption screen up to monitor and due to inclement weather only burned 38 gallons but it still shows full but 1 tick should be gone.
  13. First weekend with new boat and aside from a LOT to get used to, the obvious bugs were found. The rear door seems to open when in rough seas, is there no stronger latch or does this just need to be tightened? The table which collapses to more seating does not hold. You hit a wave and it drops down. Now I'm pretty sure it is in there correctly, but it doesn't appear to have enough to keep it in place. Anyone else experience this? My fuel gauge apparently doesn't function correctly so let's just say it was a LONG maiden voyage resulting in a tow and a neighbor driving us 45 minutes home by car.
  14. markmancini

    buying a Robalo help

    you can get it from any dealer, you just may have to drive. I got mine from Anglers in NC and would recommend them. Dealers are not Roablo so don't hold them accountable for the boat
  15. markmancini

    buying a Robalo help

    www.seedealercost.com is a good site. I found I got a GREAT boat show price from Anglers in NC and they are SUPER nice people!