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  1. dhutchings

    2016 R200

    Loving my R200!
  2. dhutchings

    R200 Raw Water seacock

    My 2016 R200 has a tag attached to the raw water hose stating to keep it closed when not in use. Since its a direct hole from below the water line into your boat, I plan on keeping it closed when not using it - even though I don't keep it in the water. If the hose comes loose in your bilge, might get a little dicey!
  3. dhutchings

    R200 Raw Water seacock

    Thanks- my boat has the same access plate but is either in the water or in a dry rack storage. Trying to do it while the boat is in the water is impossible. Will give it a shot while its on the lift before it goes in the water.
  4. dhutchings

    R200 Raw Water seacock

    I have a new R200 and the raw water that goes to the live bait well and the flush has a large valve that is in the center of the bilge and is not easy to reach to open/shut. Anyone have a solution other than my arms growing another 2 feet!??
  5. dhutchings

    R200 bow rail

    I've had my R200 for a month and glad I didn't have them added.
  6. dhutchings

    R200 Electronics Box for T-Top

    I just ordered one through my local Robalo dealer and it will be installed during the 20 hour service.
  7. dhutchings