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  1. Anyone having issues filling the tank with Fuel? On my 2018 R222, and my previous 2016 R180 every 3-5 seconds the fuel pump stops thinking it's full of fuel. I have to do that over and over for about 30 minutes to fill the tank. Sounds like vent issues. Anyone else have this going on?
  2. I too have the Robalo R180. Went with the 150 and the ttop. I highly recommend both. Really makes it a nice boat. Can't imagine it with a 115 and no ttop. You won't regret your purchase. We love it.
  3. msan4d

    Service Issues

    Awesome. Thanks Fishhead. I called the dealer and complained so they finished my boat today. 2 weeks and all it was, a clogged filter for the live well and added adhesive to a couole screws. They gave me the boat back a complete mess. Grease everywhere even on the apholstery. Assholes. I don't think Robalo would approve of this place and their service.
  4. msan4d

    Service Issues

    Scott. How do I contact Robalo to let them know? I'm sure they would not be happy with this dealership, I hear nothing but negative things about both sales and service. Thanks.
  5. msan4d

    Service Issues

    Thanks Fishhead. My local dealer doesn't deserve to sell or service Robalo boats. They have been horrible.
  6. msan4d

    Service Issues

    Hey guys. Anyone have issues with their local warranty repair shop? I bought my 2016 R180 from the best sales and service shop in town, and about 2 months later they sold and moved the Robalo service contract to the worst dealership in town. My boat has been sitting at their shop for well over a week and they haven't even started the repairs. They are rude and nasty about it too. It's almost like they don't want to do the repairs. I need some advice please. Can I take the boat to another dealer for warranty work? I love my boat...and after years of owning other boats and researching new ones, Robalo makes one of the best boats out there, but this service experience is killing it for me. Thank you!!!
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