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  1. Taz42169

    Vhf antenna on t top

    I have a 4' on the t-top of my R200. Great reception!
  2. Taz42169

    2018 R200 Delivered

    I'll have to measure my R200 sometime this week for you. Another option you could consider is deflating the tires vs cutting off the rod holders.
  3. Taz42169

    R200 150 vs 200HP real gains?

    Yes, Yamaha. I've had it running 52 (gps) flat calm.
  4. Taz42169

    R200 150 vs 200HP real gains?

    I have a 2016 with the 200. My rationale was having the additional hp available if I need it vs needing it and not having it. We have a lot of drunks cruising around and we tend to run offshore and I appreciate having the extra hp to get out of situations (drunks or weather). I find myself cruising between 3,500-4,000 depending on conditions. I get great fuel economy (in my opinion and comparatively speaking vs my last boat). In addition, I opted for the 200 for resale when we decide to go bigger (again). Its a personal choice based on your wants, needs, and means I suppose.
  5. Taz42169

    R305 breaker tripping

    May be a bad ground or a loose connection. Try removing the Shore power tie in and checking the connections. It sounds like it's a bad ground or it's arcing somewhere and blowing the breaker.
  6. Taz42169

    R305 breaker tripping

    Sounds like the marina has a problem that needs to be addressed.
  7. Taz42169

    R305 breaker tripping

    Did you check your Shore power polarity? It could be a problem from the supp,y.
  8. Taz42169

    White powder coating

  9. Taz, On my Coyote trailer I'm not real comfortable on how the trailer attaches to the tow ball.

    My old trailer, when you pushed the lever down to lock onto the ball the locking device that hooks around the throat of the ball was much larger than what is on the Coyote trailer.

    When I lock on the ball with the Coyote trailer, it seems to bearly catch the ball. Not sure if that's normal or do I have a defective trailer.

    Can you give me some input on this ?

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    2. Taz42169


      You may want to check your coupler. My trailer sits nicely on the 2" ball.  

      As for a lockout going from forward to reverse, no. You certainly can go from one to the other without pushing any buttons. I couldn't imagine messing with a button when trying to back into a slip.  

      As for going into neutral (and not gear) to increase RPM's, in the middle of the shifter, there should be a button you can press to keep the engine in neutral. 

      I hope this helps. 

    3. River Horse

      River Horse

      Thanks, You have been a big help

    4. Taz42169


      No problem, we're in it together!  Have a great weekend. 

  10. Taz42169

    R200 150Hp or 200Hp worth the 3K?

    YES! I opted for the 200 (with tabs) and couldn't be happier.
  11. Taz42169

    R227 - Chesapeake Bay Boater Experience

    Following this thread. I may be running out of Rock Hall this year. If I do, it would be great to meet up with you guys!
  12. Taz42169

    R160 in ocean?

    Not an R160, but I've run my R200 20-24 miles off of NJ.
  13. Taz42169

    Coyote trailer

    Yes it does.
  14. Taz42169

    Coyote trailer

    Surge brakes. My trailer has 4-pins and 1-ground, so 5 total.
  15. Taz42169

    Outriggers on R180

    Following, I'm interested as well.