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  1. wildoats

    ford 302 marine engine

    I assume you changed the impeller on the merc outdrive,..there's a pump on the engine as well,... the 188 is a great engine, and does not run reverse rotation. If a salt water boat,.. exhaust manifolds may be plugged with rust.
  2. wildoats

    upholstery stickiness ? plasticizer migration

    ..Yes , nothing new here , My R180,....2012 had it as well back then !!.....except I had to pay for the new covers ..(at dealer cost ) IT keeps me from another Purchase...since obvious they still use the same vinyl.
  3. wildoats

    2015 R180 tilts to port while docked

    Eric....any updates ?....
  4. wildoats

    2015 R180 tilts to port while docked

    any new news on this Eric?
  5. wildoats

    2015 R180 tilts to port while docked

    hope he gets the Answer, ..that is a strange one,.. good luck Eric. Kev
  6. wildoats

    2015 R180 tilts to port while docked

    any luck Eric ???.... I'm still curious
  7. wildoats

    R200 dirty bottom

    I use "iron out" It's a rust remover for sinks etc....Home Depot sells it. Its a powder,....mix it with water,....Has like a oxolic acid in it, not bad on the hull, hey, it comes in a plastic container.....good luck
  8. wildoats

    2015 R180 tilts to port while docked

    ah,....bet your on to it, that area is foam filled on mine, as I remember needing a long drill to feed the trim tab wire through there. the transom area on these R180's ( probably the R200 too), leaves a whole lot to be desired....access is terrible.
  9. wildoats

    2015 R180 tilts to port while docked

    any luck upon Running bow up ?.probably no help,........has to be water trapped in there to tilt that much.....keep us informed. thanks
  10. wildoats

    Leak in R200 and no response from Robalo

    .....There (factory ).... poor/ to none customer svc is going to catch up with them.....Doesn't sound much better with your dealer using the wrong screws /no 3m sealer either. so sad... //// and yes any excess water does pool in the console,...sounds like your well aware of that. good luck Wayne.
  11. currently enjoying the" Mighty St Lawrence river" cottage, .. The 1000 islands resort area, just a breath- taking area, and  watching the beautiful freighters go by. I've enjoyed many types of boats, from go fast to the R180,  I competed in Hydroplane racing many years from outboards to inboards ..but that era has past and enjoying fishing, boating,  and watching the sunsets......and wanting a bigger center console !




  12. wildoats

    2015 R180 tilts to port while docked

    any updates ?....interesting topic as I own the same hull. Thanks
  13. wildoats

    R242 Incoming!

    Jay Bird, Keep us posted as Been looking to upsize from a R180,...Looking at the 242, and also Sailfish. do you like the center steering, (R180 same thing)That's my downfall / Wife likes to ride there, and Off- set steering would be so much nicer.
  14. wildoats

    2015 R180 tilts to port while docked

    I have a R180, ,,I agree you have something going on, Water on that side somewhere, ..Or weight of some sort....The Hull can't be warped, how much fuel on board,... or fuel tank Baffle issue. The tank is pretty centered... Mine lists to the Starboard some as of course the Dual Batteries are there. Keep us posted.