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  1. thanks for reply. been looking at Cobia...240's ..rock solid quality if you go through one.
  2. congrats on the R180,... Love mine ! ...glad you found a cooler,. ..I'm thinking moving up to a cobia 240...only for company and room,.. new one's are rock quality solid hull.
  3. Correct, Mine does as well,... I'm not sure how it even gets in,... I have the rear seats covered as the Batteries were getting get soaked, they still get water on them some how,.....,. my cup holders I have plugged,..still rain water collects, the design lets it go to the bow,...and there's no stopping it,..I just live with it...
  4. ..My Girl friend rides next to me, as shes loves not sitting up front or in the stern,...and she likes to see the gps and ..it is the best seat in the house, ..and just loves the boat but the wheel gets in the way, ..we have tested other centers ( pusuit, Sailfish, scout}.. and enjoy the off-set steering wheel at least for us any way.
  5. Ah yes ,...boats are cheaper with you stay away too... I wonder how the fella made out with the other 222.... I get nervous as I've been looking at 222's
  6. checking to see if issue corrected
  7. My First opinion,.....I don't see a transom Door ..for access swimming.. etc.,The stern seat looks like a ugly uncomfortable couch... .plus The steering wheel is still in the "CENTER". > ( Robalo is only modern era cc I've ever seen this with}...... No arm rests on the leaning post...( a classy feature)... The foward backrests should fold away..not lift out to get damaged in storage. a positive, 23' always a nice length...
  8. cant buy it's the battery weight,..seems quite a few folks mentioning the tilting hull issue,..as if the factory mold getting the hull released to soon,..causing a "hook"..(warp) in the bottom.
  9. imo,..some of you may have water on board,.. but if if its persistant,... I believe the hull has what they refer to a "hook"in it...from pulling it out of th mold before its cured.
  10. ...Does not sound too normal to me having to ballast a new or nearly new ,..a 20-22 ft boat,..the hull seems it must have a twist to it,..perhaps pulling from the mold to early.
  11. looking at R222 ,...hull stripe not even offered...... Hull looks like tupper-ware without accent to me... of course one could apply yourself...But not even a option.....
  12. Thinking 242or 222 with a bimini Sometimes enjoy the “convertible” as my current R180...or am I nuts ...
  13. Did you ever get a top? Or ?? I'm pondering myself,.this is 7/2019... looking for Bimini (it’s bigger)..I think....
  14. I’m not sure how much plywood is in it....perhaps someone can ring in on this ...I understand there is some....I leave mine in 6 months per yr ( fresh water)...and keep the bilge as dry as possible. ...I would be careful and get a “good” surveyor...
  15. ..makes you really want to go to the Boat show and buy one.....I'm past it all though... Ole' saying sticks..what goes around comes around.
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