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  1. I agree do it yourself, ....But if the motor decides to blow a rod or spin a bearing, my question is will Yamaha step up to the plate...hate to be in that position if not... okay to sue, .lawyer fees/ hassel to go through I bet.
  2. ..I agree, They are Difficult to communicate with...I had some part number questions awhile back, beyond the dealer help.
  3. Thanks for the input, I'll get back on it this Spring, I did not know the breaker was 6A... thanks !
  4. I installed a new Shurflow pro blaster, (4gpm),..It seems to stop after 15-20 seconds when washing the boat at times, ...It was season end and I didn't troubleshoot it very through,...I'm not sure if The breaker is 10a ?...or it has a different problem going on....thanks !
  5. update, I tossed the "mini pump" the factory put in ( gees, once I reached it R180,) and just installed a new shurflow 2,.. wow, works great !,.. I mounted it under the port seat bulkhead so I can easily access it for maint. and or if ever needs replacement,,.What a improvement.
  6. Thanks Haz, ...I'm not at the cottage so I can't compare your nice photo, mine is way over on the port side, not directly under the inspection plate. I'll be there tonite and study it, plus get a photo.
  7. R180 (2012) do I need to pull the boat to replace this pump , (IF I can reach it)....Does it have a quick connect plug dc plug?
  8. Getting back to cust. svc. , I purchased my R180 used no dealer around (3hrs), I had big time trouble reaching them as well, ( Vinyl Issues ), (there vinyl is "not good at all" in my opinion).. Finally went through a dealer they sent me new seat covers at cost, I had them installed myself, and really being careful covering them,.. There is a protectant on them to help keep the "pinking" from occurring.
  9. My R180 only drains when on plane, I wish it would drain at will, ... But seems the heavy engine is keeping the hole to low (actually too high)
  10. ...anyone up Enjoying the fishing .....?
  11. ken you been fishi'n the River ?......

  12. ... perhaps true, ..I know mine is a 2012, and did not come with them..but so nice now with the pop-up type.