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  1. The issue of the boat striking the fenders while trailering appears to be confined to the R-180, as I have not seen seen this complaint with other Robalo models. The 2017 modification, which gives greater clearance over fenders, should resolve this.
  2. Much has been written about the design flaws for the R-180 coyote trailer. If your damage is occurring directly above the fenders, it is due to inadequate clearance between the fender and the boat. While trailering, the boat moves up and down some when you hit bumps in the road, and the fender is striking the boat. It took me several trips on my R-180 to reach this conclusion. At some point Coyote figured this out, and now uses an improved bunk attachment bracket that is 1.5 inches taller than the previous one. I obtained these brackets by calling Coyote trailer and speaking with Dalton Money, the warranty manager. He required me to send photos of my damaged R-180. It required an additional phone call to him 3 weeks later to get the brackets sent. I have installed them. Be advised that they are taller and wider, and will require you to drill new holes in your bunks. I moved my bunks back 2 inches, so that all the drill holes would not be aligned. That would create structural weakness on the bunk board. When my bunk carpet needs replacement, I will replace the bunk board with a longer one. I have also made several modifications to the trailer to prevent damage from fenders. Home Depot flooring dept. has a rubber baseboard material that is about 5 in wide and 1/16 thick. Comes in 4 ft pieces. I cut a strip about 3 inches wide by about 20 inches long. I then glued it to the top and inside edge of the fender. This requires clamps and removal of the fenders. I unsuccessfully attempted to post photos of this in a prior post. These modifications should prevent most future damage from trailer while loading or trailering. An additional modification was to add another cross beam about 30 inches forward of the existing forward beam. This beam has a center roller, which will provide additional stability and support while loading. I have noticed that the trailers for the 184 Mako and the Sea Hunt 188 both have 4 bunks instead of 2, and also has an additional forward cross beam. The additional bunks are to provide more forward support, which the coyote R-180 trailer lacks. Note that the 2017 R-180 sits higher on the trailer, and the fenders are now being mounted from underneath the I-frame. FYI Spectrum Gel coat, made in robalo arctic white is an excellent color match for the current robalo white hull. A 2oz repair kit is about $30. It is a time consuming, but relatively easy repair. You can get it from Hope this helps!
  3. Check out Just posted today is performance data for a 222es with a 200 yamaha.
  4. I too have a 2016 R180 that has been dinged by the fenders of the coyote trailer. Most of the damage has occurred to the hull directly above the fenders. Some owners, I believe, have inaccurately diagnosed the problem as occurring only while loading the boat on the Coyote trailer. The chrome fenders, while attractive, have a textured finish shaped like diamonds, which chip or scratch your boat. While you can certainly damage the boat while loading it, I believe that most of my damage occurred while trailering and going over bumps, causing the boat to move up and down, resulting in strikes to the fender due to inadequate clearance. With some feedback, Coyote trailers realized this, and have made 2 modifications to the trailer for the R180 2017 models. You can see photos of 2017 R-180s on boat trader with these changes. The first was to increase the height of the bunk fastener bracket by 1.5 inches to improve clearance. The second was to change the fender mounts to the underside of the I-beam. The fender mount change was apparently due to complaints about the weld breaking. Mine has not broken, I don't stand on the fender, although some say it might break due to road vibration. Dealers seem to be clueless about these problems. I obtained the taller replacement brackets by calling Coyote trailers directly and talking to Dalton Money, the warranty manager. He required me to send him a photo of the damage. It required an additional phone call from me, but I was shipped new brackets at no cost. I have not installed them yet. I presently have the fenders removed from my trailer to do gelcoat repair and modification to the fender. The fender photo where I have glued a rubber material to a portion of the top and inside edge. This will prevent further damage from impacts while loading or otherwise. The material came from the flooring department at Home Depot. It is 4 inches wide and about 1/8 inch thick. I cut about 2 inches off the width of the strip when I applied it. You must clamp it at the edges and apply weight on the topside after you glue it. Diver weights worked perfectly. I obtained from amazon some 1/2 inch thick rubber blocks that will be used as a gasket material when I re-attach the fenders to the trailer. This will serve to move the fenders out from beneath the boat, and provide a small amount of shock absorption. There is adequate tire clearance to accommodate this. I must give credit to my brother for these ideas, as he is also a R-180 owner who dinged his boat on the first trip. He has reattached his fenders and reports the rubber gaskets cause the fenders to flex almost nil, as the rubber is very stiff. For those of you needing gelcoat repair the spectrum color gelcoat repair kit is excellent. The robalo arctic white is a perfect match for my white R-180. It is also match for the white portions of the colored hulls as on my brother They have other robalo colors as well. The cost is about $30 for a 2 oz kit. Hope this info is helpful to you and others with this problem. I was going to attach photos, but the file sizes are too large for this site. Took them with my nikon at lowest resolution setting. Sorry!
  5. AO, this prop is the solas new saturn. It is 13 1/2 diam x 15 pitch. My robalo R180 with this prop turns 6300 rpm at wot, which is top of 5300-6300 range spec. My brother recently bought a robalo r180 with the 115 yamaha and identical prop. He has 4 batteries and a trolling motor. His wot rpm is 6100 at 38 mph with 2 adults and 40 gal of gas. He has the equivalent of another adult in the boat with the extra weight of the batteries. I have debated about getting the same prop in a 17 pitch, which would drop my rpm at wot about 400, per rule of thumb. That would still have me at about 5900. I would expect to pick up another 1-2 mph with that, with some loss of acceleration. A 16 pitch might be ideal, but solas prop not available in that pitch. I want to stick with the solas, as it is a well-made prop, and other brands of props, even at the same pitch, can behave differently due to design. The solas was available at my robalo dealer as an alternative to the yamaha stainless props, which are very expensive. I don't spend much time at 4k rpm, but as I recall, I get about 24 mph at this throttle. I am a newbie on this site, but have owned several boats over the years. I hope this info is helpful. Btw, I really like the 115. It is very smooth and quiet. The fuel economy is excellent.
  6. I have the 2016 Robalo R-180 with the 115 yamaha. My boat full of gas with 2 adults, one battery, will run 39 mph with gps with optimum trim. 38 on boat speedometer. I am turning a 15 pitch solas stainless prop, model# 3431-135-15. This prop turns at the top of the rpm range, which will give you quick shots out of the hole. I once had 4 adults in the boat and it still gets out of the hole quickly. I couldn't full throttle it then due to speed restrictions in the river. Unless you are going to get a t-top, pulling multiple skiers, or otherwise heavily weighing it down, I think the 115 is adequate. My primary boat activity is fishing offshore in the gulf of mexico. Seas permitting, I like to cruise about 30 mph. I have no use for the extra speed of the 150, which is reportedly in the upper 40's. Hope this helps.
  7. If anyone is running a stainless prop on their yamaha 115 powered R-180, I would appreciate performance information that would include max speed and rpm at optimum trim, and the prop brand/model, with pitch and diameter. Load characteristics, such as # persons on board, and whether equipped with T-top or not would be helpful. Thanks!
  8. I recently took delivery of a 2016 Robalo R-180 with 115 yamaha. Does not have a T-top. The dealer allowed me to trade the supplied yamaha aluminum prop for a Solas 13 1/2 x 15 stainless prop. I took the boat to a lake, put the required 2 hours on it, then full throttled it. Trimmed midway, the boat ran 38 mph at 6100-6200 rpm. At max trim, it ran 39-40 mph at 6300-6400 rpm. Two people in boat with full tank gas. I'm thinking that I should move up to the 13 1/4 x 17 pitch, which I anticipate would drop my max rpm to around 6000, and maybe increase my top speed. Any other R-180 owners with the 115 yamaha done any experimenting with different props? I have seen the review of the 2014 R-180, where an unspecified 13 1/2 x 19 prop was used.