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  1. I have the 227 with the 250 xca and love it. Also the trim tabs are a must in my book.
  2. i love my yamaha with digital controls. big chuck of money, but smooth
  3. spec sheet did not specify but came with the new rectangle LED screen. Love it
  4. I added the hook graphics and they look awesome with the ocean blue hull. Love the R227
  5. Does anyone know the cost of the Robalo Hook Graphics part number 14.01403 GRAPHIC - ROBALO HOOK 1 ST
  6. I have a 2017 R227 with the Yamaha 250xca being built. i can not find out what Yamaha gauges robalo is matching with this package. it appears Yamaha has a new command link gauge for 2017. i do have the trim tabs as well. It appears on the website that this automatically changes the package. can anyone confirm?