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  1. It hangs from the T-Top, overlaps the Boat and has drawstring to snug it up at the bottom. Also has loops to secure to a trailer if needed. It hangs about 6 inches or so under the T-Top to allow some air flow from under the cover. Large zipper on the Port Side. Mine also covers the engine.
  2. I've got a cover for my R200 w/T-Top that came from T-Top Covers.com. It's been on my boat almost 6 years in the NW Florida Sun. Cover still looks pretty good. No rips or tears. It's not one that you can use while towing your boat, just for storage. This thing has survived a number of severe thunderstorms and is still in good shape. They build a nice cover at a decent price.
  3. On my 2016, there is an access port inside of the fish boxes in the front. If you take this off, you can access the drain on the cup holder. If not, mine are installed pretty tight but you can work them out of the hole and get to it that way I had the same problem early on. Apparently mine was not connected well at the factory and came off.
  4. Ordered my R200 with Tabs and am definitely glad I did. Makes is really easy to adjust the ride regardless of weight distribution. Mine is used a good bit for family outings and it's a lot easier to adjust the tabs from the helm rather than adjusting the load. I also got the thru-hull transducer and it is great. I can read the bottom regardless of speed.
  5. Thanks! Got up with Ken and am working on it.
  6. I'm currently running the Yamaha Reliance 3-Blade 14.25 x 17" pitch Prop on my '16 R-200 with Yamaha F150. Boat performs well, but I would like to be able to stay on plane at lower speeds and have better mid-range performance. Slight loss in top speed is definitely not an issue as a I very seldom use WOT. Has anyone changed to a 4-blade Prop and if so, what did you get and are you happy with the performance?
  7. Haven't noticed this on my 2016. However, If it's like mine, I believe it's torsion bar suspension and it works a little different than regular springs.
  8. aandrews109


    Took a look under the back deck of my R200. I definitely would not tow from the cleats. Have used a float harness on mine hooked to the two tow eyes and pulled a three person "Hot Dog" with no problems.
  9. I have one battery on each side of my R200. Both are slid back and turned sideways. There is definitely enough room to add an additional battery to each side. My only concern would be the extra weight in the stern. I have a 150 Yamaha on mine and it does really well even when I have six to seven people on board. On this forum, there are also several posts that show different configurations with batteries for trolling motors in the console area. Hope this helps.
  10. You're probably going to think I'm crazy, but i had some pink discoloration issues on the upholstery of a Triumph 195 CC I had years ago. Couldn't get rid of it no matter what I did. I stumbled on a post (I believe it was on The Hull Truth) where someone recommended trying Acne Cream with Benzoyl Peroxide. It took a couple of applications, but it cured the discoloration.
  11. Actually mine came with everything pre-wired and ready to go. Dealer installed the batteries and I was good to go. Battery switch is mounted on the lower area of the center console. The only thing I didn't like was that the batteries were installed in the forward area of the rear compartments on each side. I moved them back as far as I could in the compartment. This made room for more storage in the rear.
  12. I ordered my 2016 R-200 with dual batteries and I have a Yamaha F-150 that charges both batteries. There have been some problems with the Battery Switch coming apart on some past models, but I believe the switch manufacturer has corrected that problem. However, if I remember correctly, Dual Batteries is an option.
  13. Finally got a chance to take a few pictured. Had to reduce the resolution a good bit to upload them. Hope you can get an Idea of what I did. I'll also have to do a couple of posts to load them.
  14. I've a '16 R-200 with a 150 Yamaha and am running a 17" pitch Reliance Prop. Have had 6 adults on the boat several times and it does fine. A little slower to plane that with 2, but that can be said of almost any engine. I too contemplated going with the 200, but the cost definitely was not worth it to me. Boat runs really well when loaded and will still crack over 42 mph by GPS with 6 on board if you like going faster. As someone else said, Trim tabs are definitely a must! It makes it very easy to keep the boat running properly in the water regardless of the load.
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