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  1. I do. I used stainless torx style screws instead of the thumb screws to attach the radio to the mounting bracket so it's not easy to remove. Also, it's trailered and covered at my home so there's not much opportunity for anyone to have a chance to remove it.
  2. I installed a piece of black starboard to the T-top Box mounting tabs and mounted the radio there. It works great and didn't loose any headroom
  3. I'm not 100% sure, but I believe the Indicator Switch has a different control unit than the ones you currently have. However, Lenco's are pretty much plug and play. I would like to do the same thing but its a little expensive.
  4. I did the same thing as Full Throttle and it works great!
  5. Ordered mine to get it like I wanted and received it in the fall of 2016. Quality has been pretty good. Only had a couple of small issues when delivered. I also have the backrests on the front seats and they did begin to loosen up a little. Access to the bolts is very easy through the front fish box. Put larger washers on the bolts and changed over to stainless nylock nuts and they have been very secure since. Did have to replace the battery switch because of a broken housing. Not a huge issue and I'm sure my dealer would have done it under warranty. However, they're about 75 miles away and at less than $40 for the part, I could do it and save a long trip. Have about 75 hours on mine now. Didn't get to use it much this past summer. Still very happy with the boat.
  6. Good evening. I've got a 2016 R-200 with T-Top. It does ride fairly dry even on a 2 to 3 ft. sea. Depending on wind direction, you sometimes get a little bit of spray, but don't normally get wet unless its really blowing hard. The hull does direct most of the spray out to the sides. As for the trim tabs, they are a definite advantage. I don't have any issues getting on plane, however, depending on the wind, sea conditions and weight distribution in the boat, they allow you to make adjustments for a better and dryer ride. I ordered my from the factory with the tabs and they work great. On the 150, my boat does excellent with the Yamaha with a Reliance 17" pitch prop. It gets up on plane fairly quickly even with 6 to 8 people in the boat. There are lots of people who prefer the 200 instead, but as I said, the 150 get the job done well for me. Good cruising speed is between 28 & 32 mph by GPS at about 4000- 4200 rpms. WOT it will run about 44 mph with 6 people on board. i don't normally run it that fast and have only done so a couple of times. I live in the Florida Panhandle where the weather can change rather abruptly and have been caught out in 4 to 6 ft. seas a couple of times. Got home safe with absolutely no concerns about the boat's ability to get me there. Hope this helps!
  7. Mine did basically the same thing. Since my dealer is about 75 miles away, I went to West Marine and picked up another switch. Install was pretty straight forward and it took about 30 minutes at most. As it was installed, it looked like there was quite a bit of tension on the housing which could have caused the breakage. I used a couple of larger washers as backing plates for the screws that holds everything in place. No issues since then. Don't remember the exact price, but best I can recall it was about $30 to $40 for the switch.
  8. Mine is trailered
  9. Check out ttopcovers.com. I got one from them for my 16 R-200. Cover fits great, not to difficult to install and is holding up well in the Florida Sun for just over 2 years now. Fairly Light weight. I got the 8 oz fabric for mine.
  10. There should be a rocker switch on the side of the housing. That's how it is on my 2016 R-200
  11. Can't give you exactly what you want, but I have a 2016 R-200 with the 150 Yamaha and a 17" pitch Reliance Prop. Have had 6 adults and two to three kids on the boat several times and it still gets up out of the water just fine. I usually cruise at about 4000 rpm & 26 to 30 mph by gps depending on water and trim angle. The 150 does a good job without being overkill or anemic. Top speed is about 43 to 45 mph depending on water conditions and trim. I have factory installed trim tabs and I would certainly recommend them to anyone else purchasing an R-200. I also debated about stepping up to the 200 and decided the difference was just not worth the extra money. Hope this helps!
  12. M
  13. My 2016 R-200's drain is connected to a hose that goes to one of the rear scuppers. It drains completely and doesn't go into the bilge. Sounds like someone definitely forgot to install the hose.
  14. Can't remember the brand, but my R-200 came with a Garmin 741 xs and the factory installed transducer. It's not a Garmin, but it is a thru hull and it works very well at all speeds.