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  1. Thanks for all replies.Robalo contact me and they took care of all bills that i paid by myself. Let me clarify about claims made for my boat.I can not make any claim,is the dealer responsibility to do it.I sent all invoices and queries to them and i do not why they did not take care of me /neither sent the claims to robalo. Bob Hewes contacted as well as soon robalo was involved and looks they are happy to helps with my issues I am satisfied by the intervention of robalo .
  2. Thanks for all replies. unfortunately the dealer i purchased takes months to answer and looks that this will not resolve the problem.Where else can I go to fix issues that are under guarantee?
  3. I purchased a new robalo 305 in 3-2015 and i have had several minor issues with the boat.When I contact the dealer they blamed robalo and robalo warranty is impossible to be contacted(Dan Osborne).This person is impossible to reach and look he does not care about the prestige and reputation of robalo company. I have to paid for all service to fix my boat,even is under warranty. Is anyone in the same situation and How do you manage it?
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