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  1. Steve19

    Battery Switch Problems

  2. Steve19

    R222 Stay with Garmin Electronics or Switch

    Tried that, it still shuts off. Maybe there is more to the problem. Dealer is going to look at it before Spring.
  3. Steve19

    R222 Stay with Garmin Electronics or Switch

    I went with the Garmin. I will see about the warranty. My gps keeps going off and on. I believe it is the power cord. It seems lose on the back of the unit. It won't tighten up. Hopefully it will be taken care of. We will see...
  4. Steve19

    questions before buying R200

    I use a hand held radio. They are surprising good, if you get a good one, a bit pricey. We trailer from NJ to Florida in the off season, the boat is easier to trailer long distance without the T top. We have some low bridges on the bayside of where we live. To get under them I can just lay the bimini down, if I had the T top I would not be able to get under them at high tide. We have only opened it up twice in three years, it covers the cockpit well and is very secure. We prefer the sun anyway! Enjoy!
  5. Steve19

    questions before buying R200

    2016 R200. We have totally enjoyed the boat Our dealer, Waterfront Marine, Somers Point, NJ, have been great. No T top, just a Bimini top, happy with that choice. Trim tabs, great option, especially in rough seas. We have trailed her to Florida, three years in a row (bought in the fall, better warranties). Quality trailer, Coyote. We have the 150 and more than satisfied. Bow seat backs, family loves them! Couple negatives,. Bow seats keep coming loose. Battery switch had to be replaced, poor quality, new one is heavier. Garmin is a great unit but now has a power cord problem. Poor connection. We are just turning 200 hours, so some of those negatives are simply from use and not necessarily poor quality. happy with our Robolo!
  6. Steve19

    Battery Switch Problems

    Thanks for the replies. I am far from my home dealer (in the Keys). Found a dealer down here but had no way to get the boat there. (Back on the rack at the house rental). Service department was familiar with the problem, must be a common one. It would have been covered if I could get the boat to them and would have to wait. I decided to try and fix it myself they had the switch n stock. After getting the old switch apart ( took pictures of he wiring first) the new switch was slightly bigger so had to ream out the hole in the template in the console . After a lot of filing, it fit and got everything back together, all seems good. I will test it out today while chasing Yellowtails!
  7. Steve19

    Battery Switch Problems

    2016 R200 Coming yesterday cruising along on plane and the everything shut down! Tried going to battery two, nothing. The switch felt loose so I checked inside the console . The back of the battery switch was cracked all the way around and was loose. I got it to hold together and made it the dock. Inspecting it at home the whole back of the switch fell off in my hand (cables still attached) I obivousijy need a new switch. Has anyone replaced a switch? Is it something I can do or do I need mechanic?
  8. Steve19

    2016 R200 check your nuts and bolts!

    I have about 165 hours on the boat. Nuts on the bow seat backs were loose last summer. Guess its vibration and going to be common maintenance.
  9. While on the boat yesterday I heard a new rattle. Found that the grab rail around my center console, port side, bottom was loose, not attached! I went inside the console and found that both bolts that keep the rail tight to the console fiberglass had fallen out. After searching the inside of the console I found one of the bolts. It's threaded on both ends, no head, it screws into the rail then you tighten down on the washer and nut. Going to the hardware store today for a ss replacement for the lost one . Hope the threads on the inside of the rail aren't stripped! Then I'm going to tighten every nut and bolt I can see.
  10. Steve19

    Transom Saver for F150

    Spoke with Yamaha dealer and ordered directly from the Yamaha book. Ordered one of the wedge, trim support.
  11. Steve19

    Transom Saver for F150

    No. Where can I get a "transom saver, motor support "? Thanks, Steve
  12. Steve19

    2018 R200 Console Improvement

    Good luck with your new boat! Word of caution, the small storage areas on top of the console. When fishing I used to keep sinkers of various weights there so I could change weights as the tide strength varied. The sides of the area are very thin and having left several sinkers there on a rough ride in they broke holes on the side walls.
  13. Steve19

    R200 head light

    Dr. Pat Can we order this panel from Robalo?
  14. Steve19

    R200 new owner-on boat storage

    That is where they put my second battery!
  15. Steve19


    Ended up being an easy fix. Thanks!