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  1. Had mine do the same thing on my 2016 r200. We were down in the Keys, luckily the Robalo dealer stocked the switches. They said it was a common flaw The plastic switches literally came apart from vibration. They claim the new ones won’t have this problem. They had a week wait for 5heir service department, so I had to do it myself. Had to ream the hole out with a file for the new switch to fit. So far so good!
  2. Found the exact Pentair pump, had it delivered to the house, looked exactly like the old one. Took the old one out, easy snap connection no need to cut the wires. Connected the hoses to the new pump and loosely attached it to the template from the old pump, even the bracket matched up, went to plug the wires back together with the attached OEM plug. The plug was slightly different! Had to take the new pump out change the plugs and then reattach everything. All good now but wasn’t too happy at the time and I’m sore today from working in that cramped area. How do boat mechanics do that every day? Should have checked all the details first!
  3. Anyone have to replace their pump? Mine had been making a lot of noise and lost pressure. Are there any things to watch out for? thanks, Steve
  4. That's where I had the two batteries for my trolling motor , on my R200, installed . Worked out well.
  5. Don't disagree with anything previous posts, that being said, I have a 2016 R200 with the 150 and absolutely no complaints. It does everything I want it to and more. It is certainly is not under powered with the 150. What is the difference in cost? I would recommend the trim tabs and bow seat backs as money better spent! Great boat, good luck!
  6. I went with Rhodan, 72 inch on my R200. You need to measure the distance from top of bow to waterline then check the manufacture. The Rhodan required the longer base on my R200.
  7. I've noticed my live well pump seems to be noisy. It's seems to be circulating water fine but is loud. Has anyone else noticed this? Thanks
  8. Steve19

    Trolling motors

    That was one of my thought, staying 24 volts. Couldn't find one with Moor Guideand had to Oder the Minn Kota. I'm in Cape Coral so the Rhodan was a pan easy pick up in Sarasota Good luck!
  9. Steve19

    Trolling motors

    I went with the Rhodan. 72", 80 lb. thrust, 24 volt. My neighbors recommended it. The factory is in Sarasota so I drove over and picked it up. The warranty was better and the price was about the same. So far so good. It has performed very well. Fished with it yesterday. The Rhodan performed great! I wish the fish were as cooperative!!
  10. Minn Kota or Motor Guide? Anyone have experience with either brand? I know that my Garmin will interface with the Minn Kota, not a huge factor for me. That being said does anyone know of a compelling reason to choose one over the other ? Maybe a different brand? Going with 24 volt, 72 inch shaft for my R200. Thanks for your feedback. Steve
  11. Steve19


    Thanks, I Am in Florida and will be using it for shallow water in flat water. I'm wondering if I can get away with the 60" shaft?
  12. Steve19


    Anyone know the measurement from the bow of an R200 to the waterline? Trying to decide shaft length for a trolling motor. Thanks
  13. I'm looking into adding a trolling motor to my 2016 r200. I read one blog on the site from someone who did this himself. He suggested getting a min Kota because my gps is a Garmin. Any other suggestions on shaft length, thrust or what to look out for, I'm going to have it installed. A bit out of my capabilities. thanks
  14. I bought b the Fall. The warranties were doubled, in the Northeast.
  15. Update: The boat and cushions were all cleaned an detailed at Waterfront Marine. They did a great job everything looks brand new. Very happy with the professional wY they handled the situation. Nice to do business with , highly recommend them.
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