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  1. jacereyes

    Taking on water

    water test in plant only done to boats with cabins. center consoles don't go thru that test. That what happened when I toured the plant.
  2. jacereyes

    Taking on water

    i had water going into bilge through the live well wasn't sealed properly. dealer took care of it.
  3. jacereyes

    New Owner of a R300

    approximately 13 feet high.
  4. jacereyes


    I'm interested. Plz. advise. (Miami).
  5. jacereyes


    Leaving halover sandbar.
  6. jacereyes

    R222 bow backrests

    I wish I had them on my r-300. Had them on a previous boat and my wife misses them.
  7. jacereyes


  8. jacereyes

    MiCura R300

    Robalo R300
  9. jacereyes

    Robalo 227 vs. Cobia 220

    Roberto better built!
  10. jacereyes

    2014 Robalo R300

    bottom rear of hull where rear bilge pump is.
  11. jacereyes

    Owners Events

    ???????????? Anyone?
  12. jacereyes

    New Owner of a R300

    I trailer it. Triple axle. Pull it with F250 6.7 diesel. Easy pull.
  13. jacereyes

    New Owner of a R300

  14. jacereyes

    Uploading Pics

  15. jacereyes

    Uploading Pics