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  1. Buying new or used? reason I ask is that the new R302 kills the 300 it replaces in many ways. Yes the R300 is a great boat that can take a pounding and the ride is great.
  2. I am sure there are performance numbers from Yamaha, ask your dealer to get them. I love that boat.
  3. I have a R245 with a single Yamaha 300 digital and I will never go back to cables. I back my boat into the slip easier than when I had a 18' center console. The Command Control+ gauges are great as well. About safety I am with Rich, worst case Sea Tow is always near if need be. Maintenance work on two engines will get expensive if you do not wrench your own engines, water pumps alone every 3 or so years will run you 400-600 dollars. My boat is heavier than yours and I get to 44 knots with 90 gallons on board and 500 pounds of man on board. My vote is the single 300.
  4. Take a multimeter and see if you are getting 12vdc to the light not working. If you are getting power you have an issue with the light, no power check the switch connection.
  5. I spoke with a pro guide that is sponsored by my dealer that has a new 302 that was at the Hartford Boat Show and he cannot say enough good things about it, the updates are fantastic and loved that boat. You are a lucky man.
  6. Oh fire up the grill! Nice bull!
  7. I have an R245 walkaround with a single Yamaha 300 and WOT she will hit 42mph with a 1/2 tank of fuel and two 200+ guys on-board. My bat is heavier and have not thought that I need more power. BTW the 4.2 V6 Yamaha has been around for awhile and if maintained is bullet proof.
  8. Yeah do not use Dawn to wash your boat. Since you trailer and are not in a marina you could use any car soap that you have that is safe on wax. While in a marina you should be using a EPA safe soap like West Marine boat soap.
  9. Scott Wheeler

    2017 R242

    Need more input. Fishing rig or family boat with some fishing intended? How many people on-board? Where are you and what waters are you going to sail? First impression for me would be to go with the 300 digital if single engine, that hull is similar to my R245 and Robalo makes a heavy boat.
  10. I own a 2014 R245 with single F300 Yamaha with digital controls and will never go back to cables. Forward to reverse you feel and hear next to nothing with Yamaha's new lower end and while docking I am able to handle this boat better than I did with a 18' Mako cc. No more fishing around for that sweet spot when the water is rough and the trolling feature where you can add 100rpm is a must. Hand at the bottom of the binnacle and two fingers are needed to bring your boat dockside. Me I would pay that extra $4000 for digital.
  11. Robalo and Yamaha should have performance reports for both setups.
  12. Where do you live? Is your boat in a marina or dry slipped under cover? Covered and you trailer? Honestly it is the time you put into waxing in my opinion that makes the difference. I just use West Marine boat soap but I wax my boat on the top side several times a year and use Starbright non skid cleaner and protectant to help with the blood and salt. I need to try this stuff called Rejex for the topside as it was recommended by someone here that has had great results.
  13. My 2014 R245 has the mount in the floor for the pedestal pole to slip into. Go where FullThrottle directed you to go and provide pictures as they will ask for them.
  14. From the website you will have fly by wire digital controls, not cables, and Command Link+ gauge. It should be plainly stated on your build sheet as well.
  15. The 100 hour on a Yamaha includes the water pump and I think the thermostat as well as fogging, lower unit gear oil, and an oil change. My 300 takes over 6 quarts of oil alone. I used to do all work on my last outboard but due to having a 5 year warranty on the new 300 and it costing over $24,000 to replace I have my dealer do the work for now with all Yamaha oils and lubricants so there are no arguments about preventative maintenance. All work is performed by Yamaha certified techs. Looking at the manual 100 hours is also plugs and do not forget fuel filters, water fuel separators, ch
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