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  1. Same here. Ratchet rail mount on the ttop with a 4ft digital antenna and reception is stellar. There should be a wire chase already in the ttop that goes down to the console.
  2. I have problems on the starbord side only. I can just get six foot jigging rods in.
  3. I've had my r180 25-30 off the coast on NJ. Wind 10kts or less and no chance of Tstorms. I check every weather/wind service available. Plb and vest stays on. Hoping to get some sharking in next two weeks. Be smart, be safe and try to work with a buddy boat.
  4. I was debating purchasing as set of carbon fiber quick draw retractable outriggers from Marsh Tacky. They were adjustable and went right into the ttop rod holders. He has them at 10, 13, or 17 feet. Lots of good reviews of his outriggers on the hull truth. I didn't want to deal with welding on plates.
  5. Thanks guys. Looks like you figured it out for me. Can only get 5500 rpm with light load and trimmed out with the stock 17M aluminum prop. Top floor she goes.
  6. My engine sits too low. Cavitation plate is under water when on plane. What hole does everyone have their engine at. I'm at the third hole so I can go up two. Also what SS props are you guy running.
  7. I have the factory installed tabs. I believe they are Bennett. I can look Monday as it's about that time to come out of hibernation. Money well spent.
  8. Joebalo has always responded promptly on the hull truth forum. Yes it would be nice to have someone here but at least we have him there.
  9. I have an r180 and bought a Digital 4ft antenna mounted on the ttop with a rachet lay down mount. They also make a 8ft. The higher the better. I have taken her out 30 miles and the range is fantastic. Also get the VHF networked to the gps for full DSC capabilities.
  10. I haven't tried the Yamaha app. As for tide I use my navionics. Great backup gps and tides info. I find the charts more accurate than Garmin. Love my garmin but hindsight I should gone with unit with better mapping.
  11. I have them in the 180 and they are money well spent. Just ask my old mans back.
  12. Get the 150. I am very happy I did. You will never complain about too much power. Shoot me an email and I can send you the 150 bulletin. That goes for anyone. They actually have one for 200hp. My dealer had it but it's too large to post.
  13. The console drains into the bilge. I had issues with my 2015 r180 as well. There was a fiberglass blockage in the drainhole for the stern fuel tank bulkhead. Dealer fixed it. The cupholders on the console drain in there as well. Now with a canvas console cover I get very little water from into the bilge from the console. As for the battery area I have no issues on either side.
  14. Yep its the bulkhead butted up to the tank not the bilge. Worse senario because you cannot get to it. I cannot imagine that bulkhead being raw plywood though since that is the main thorofare for water to escape from the console. We are waiting for Robalo now to provide a solution. On a positive note my dealer has been great to work with.
  15. Just providing an update on the issue I posted last month. Looks like the bulkhead drain hole was never put drilled. Dealer came down and confirmed. Ugh. My question is what is the material they will have to drill into and what is the right way to do it.