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  1. fishypete

    Is it me...or is the 2018 R202 EX a big boat?

    Exactly what I do with my R180. Easy peasy. Id be concerned with the tow vehicle. A few miles to the ramp no problem. Longer distances I would think twice.
  2. fishypete

    Water in Center Console

    I had the same issue when I purchased my R180 a few years back. Wound up being a blockage in the aft bulkhead behind the fuel cell leading into the bilge. My dealer fixed it with a long rod through the garboard drain.
  3. fishypete

    2018 R160

    What dealer are you using in NJ? DnR was my dealer and great to work with. Like others have said you can’t negotiate the price but dealer adds can be negotiated. I purchased my electronics separate and they gave me a great deal on installation.
  4. fishypete

    How far offshore

    25-30 off in my R180. Buddy boat and pick your days very carefully. Plb, auto inflate on, and tether connected. Further I’ve had the family is 5 off on a glass calm day. Yes
  5. fishypete

    R180 150hp Performance

    Very happy with the performance with the 150. Tops out at 44mph with a ttop but the engine is too low. I think I can get another 2mph out of her after I raise it this season. At 4K I’m at a nice 28 mph 4.7mpg. At 4800 I’m at 35 and 3.8mpg. Very glad I spent the extra coin. Jumps on plane very quickly and the power is there if I need it. Get trim tabs. Very helpful with the chop kicks up.
  6. fishypete

    questions before buying R200

    I rode on a 23 Whaler outrage for 7 years and I can tell you I’m shorter because of it. I don’t know about the smaller whalers but she pounded bad. I’ve rode the 222 a few times and the have the 180 with the 150 for three years now. Doesn’t have the fit, finish, and resale of a whaler. Nope but I will take the ride of a Robalo 8 days a week. Trim tabs are a must on any boat and purchasing factory when ordered saves you. My 180 is dry. Very dry considering the size. She’s been put through the paces from skinny to 30 off and the ride is top notch for a boat this size. Are there some odds and ends like tightening and bolt in the console for the T-Top. Yep. Dealing with the poor design of the flip top back seats and draining. Yep. I will deal with those 9 days a week for a great ride and the price I paid over a whaler 19 which I’m sure is 10k plus.
  7. fishypete

    R222 Stay with Garmin Electronics or Switch

    Very happy with my Garmin. I didn’t get factory installed but purchased and had the dealer install because I wanted the latest and greatest at that time which wasn’t offered from the factory. They have a good electronics installer otherwise I would have found one locally. I would agree to go the largest you can on the R222. I have the 7inch on my R180 as that’s the largest that would fit. Get everything the same so it can all be networked together along with the VHF and motor. I did look at the Simrad but utilmately decided on the Garmin for ease of use.
  8. fishypete

    Vhf antenna on t top

    Same here. Ratchet rail mount on the ttop with a 4ft digital antenna and reception is stellar. There should be a wire chase already in the ttop that goes down to the console.
  9. fishypete

    R180 Under Gunnel Rod Storage

    I have problems on the starbord side only. I can just get six foot jigging rods in.
  10. fishypete

    R160 in ocean?

    I've had my r180 25-30 off the coast on NJ. Wind 10kts or less and no chance of Tstorms. I check every weather/wind service available. Plb and vest stays on. Hoping to get some sharking in next two weeks. Be smart, be safe and try to work with a buddy boat.
  11. fishypete

    Outriggers on R180

    I was debating purchasing as set of carbon fiber quick draw retractable outriggers from Marsh Tacky. They were adjustable and went right into the ttop rod holders. He has them at 10, 13, or 17 feet. Lots of good reviews of his outriggers on the hull truth. I didn't want to deal with welding on plates.
  12. fishypete

    R180 f150 Engine Height

    Thanks guys. Looks like you figured it out for me. Can only get 5500 rpm with light load and trimmed out with the stock 17M aluminum prop. Top floor she goes.
  13. fishypete

    R180 f150 Engine Height

    My engine sits too low. Cavitation plate is under water when on plane. What hole does everyone have their engine at. I'm at the third hole so I can go up two. Also what SS props are you guy running.
  14. fishypete

    Automatic Trim Tabs

    I have the factory installed tabs. I believe they are Bennett. I can look Monday as it's about that time to come out of hibernation. Money well spent.
  15. fishypete

    Does anyone from Robalo monitor these forums?

    Joebalo has always responded promptly on the hull truth forum. Yes it would be nice to have someone here but at least we have him there.