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  1. fishypete


    Mine as well. They are just not bedded correctly with silicone/4200. It’s crevice rust. Water gets trapped and sits and causes rust. Has nothing to do with the SS. It’s stain less not stain proof.
  2. fishypete

    R180 Dash/VHF Question

  3. fishypete

    R180 Dash/VHF Question

    I mounted on a piece of starboard on the top of the console using the U bracket. I though about mounting like the pic above but though it would be annoying be so low.
  4. fishypete

    T Top/Tabs on R180 Help

    I have both Ttop and tabs from the factory. Can’t comment on the Ttop as she’s wrapped up but install the tabs. They make a world of difference. Two different salesmen tried to talk me out of them. I’m glad I didn’t listen.
  5. fishypete

    R227 performance issues need help!

    As others have said either your engine needs to come up a hole or two or your not trimming up. Try trimming up under WOT until you get some blowout then out it a tic down again . If you still not getting 5800 plus then check engine height. Cavitation plate on the engine should be skimming the surface. I raised my f150 on my R180 and gained 400 rpm and 3mph. World of difference. You don’t want the engine laboring and only turning 5200 rpm.
  6. fishypete


    What does your dealer say. They should working with Robalo to fix these issues. Did you do a thorough pre launch inspection with your dealer. Did you launch and sea trial with your dealer. Your dealer is responsible to make these things right. Get on them. If your dealer was anything like mine they will be all over it.
  7. fishypete

    Clog water under console and will not drain

    Unfortunately a common issue. Just search here. My dealer was a pleasure to work with but it seems that yours is not. The garboard drain line right up with the aft bulkhead blockage. They put a long steel rod and cleared it. If it solid glass for you and you can protect the fuel cell maybe fashion some sort of long drill but through the garboard drain hole and slowly make progress through the glass.
  8. PS originally from LBI HOLGATE 

  9. I have a 2014 R180 and yes water in console. Always drained out very slowly while raised way up. Now water will not drain at all. Found the drain hole at first bulkhead headboard foam clogged that but took care of that bulkhead. Now the second bulkhead 1/4" away from the gas cell must be clogged. Used power washer in console are trying to clean out the clog from the area first. Nothing!! So I opened the round hatch at the gas cell and there was water all over gas cell from powerwashing, so a clog or no drain hole. Dealer Dealers First Choice Orlando & Daytona Beach I've been calling since nov 2017. NOTHING anyway was in touch with Robalo and they gave me some ideas but nothing is releasing the water. So I cut the bulkhead at the back of the gas cell. Could hardly get my hand in so I cut a little more. I'll glue another piece of waferboard after I figure out how to fix. I then took pics on inside that bulkhead and guess what????? Drain hole is fiberglassed over except for a 1/8" hole. Anyone have any ideas how to get a drill in there with a holesaw bit to make a real drain??? Water is 8" in the head compartment and I see a lot of breadboard foam precise floating around. I tried to use a snake to try and bang out the fiberglass but it too thick. 

    Should I put a bilge pump in there? But the again still a ton of water under gas cell. I worry because down in Florida we go out to Gulf Stream for dolphin, wahoo, tuna. 


    Please help



  10. fishypete

    Is it me...or is the 2018 R202 EX a big boat?

    Exactly what I do with my R180. Easy peasy. Id be concerned with the tow vehicle. A few miles to the ramp no problem. Longer distances I would think twice.
  11. fishypete

    Water in Center Console

    I had the same issue when I purchased my R180 a few years back. Wound up being a blockage in the aft bulkhead behind the fuel cell leading into the bilge. My dealer fixed it with a long rod through the garboard drain.
  12. fishypete

    2018 R160

    What dealer are you using in NJ? DnR was my dealer and great to work with. Like others have said you can’t negotiate the price but dealer adds can be negotiated. I purchased my electronics separate and they gave me a great deal on installation.
  13. fishypete

    How far offshore

    25-30 off in my R180. Buddy boat and pick your days very carefully. Plb, auto inflate on, and tether connected. Further I’ve had the family is 5 off on a glass calm day. Yes
  14. fishypete

    R180 150hp Performance

    Very happy with the performance with the 150. Tops out at 44mph with a ttop but the engine is too low. I think I can get another 2mph out of her after I raise it this season. At 4K I’m at a nice 28 mph 4.7mpg. At 4800 I’m at 35 and 3.8mpg. Very glad I spent the extra coin. Jumps on plane very quickly and the power is there if I need it. Get trim tabs. Very helpful with the chop kicks up.
  15. fishypete

    questions before buying R200

    I rode on a 23 Whaler outrage for 7 years and I can tell you I’m shorter because of it. I don’t know about the smaller whalers but she pounded bad. I’ve rode the 222 a few times and the have the 180 with the 150 for three years now. Doesn’t have the fit, finish, and resale of a whaler. Nope but I will take the ride of a Robalo 8 days a week. Trim tabs are a must on any boat and purchasing factory when ordered saves you. My 180 is dry. Very dry considering the size. She’s been put through the paces from skinny to 30 off and the ride is top notch for a boat this size. Are there some odds and ends like tightening and bolt in the console for the T-Top. Yep. Dealing with the poor design of the flip top back seats and draining. Yep. I will deal with those 9 days a week for a great ride and the price I paid over a whaler 19 which I’m sure is 10k plus.