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    2016 r222 Has list to port under way.

    Torque from the propeller is likely the primary cause of the list. Trim tabs would correct for that.
  2. Lumos

    buying a Robalo help

    Yep, I paid a $2195 destination charge on-top of $895 dealer prep -and- a $395 "make ready" fee.. It probably cost them around $300.00 to ship my boat to the dealer. I was also disappointed that my dealer-prep did NOT include any of the basic safety items, just oil and a partial-tank of fuel. I suppose my make-ready was a $400 boat wash. I guess that's what I got for taking them up on their $500 discount. I guess I should ask: Robalo, is that normal for your "no haggle price" or was I misled and donated profit to the dealer? Was I supposed to receive a basic coast-guard safety kit? They added nothing.
  3. Lumos

    R200 bow rail

    No, the R200 has high gunwales and doesn't need them. I've never felt unsafe at the bow, even with kids. The bow rail would probably get in the way when tying up to a dock or anchoring. I don't have one on my 2016 R200 and I don't miss it.
  4. Lumos

    R200 Porta Pottie

    I recommend it. I have a 2016 R200 with the porta-toilet and use it every trip (with 4 girls and 1 guy). I prefer using the toilet in the console over standing at the stern in the open. There's enough room for Adult use and it's VERY easy to manage. I add a bit of the citrus solution to the waste tank (2-4 oz) that's very cheap in the Wal-Mart RV section, add a bit of water, and there is never a bad smell. Clean-up is trivially easy. The entire toilet comes out and the top-seat separates from the bottom waste-tank. The waste-tank is sealed and easily opens to dump down into a real toilet with no mess. I use a garden hose to clean everything, let it dry, and reset for next time. Whole process takes less than 5 minutes. Everything is sealed and locked-down while running in the rough so there's no fear of leaking nastiness in your console. (I ask that folks hold their deuce, however. It's not yet handled one, although it should do fine.)
  5. Lumos

    2016 R200

    Hi, I, too, should be receiving my new R200 in the next week or two! Some of the options I ordered were: Stainless Prop, 150 HP, tilt steering, t-top, Garmin 741XS, Trim Tabs, Dual Batteries, pull-up cleats, ski tow, toilet (for the girls), spare tire. When I ordered, the dealer wasn't completely familiar with all options and there is a new one out that I'd like more info on: --Port and STBD Removable Bow Backrests How do these attach to the bow seating area? Can they be added after the boat is delivered? (I actually asked my dealer about them because I had access to the parts ID guide but he said they weren't available) I notice they are now added to configuration list on the Robalo site. Any ideas?
  6. Lumos

    Lumos R200

    Pics of my new R200