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  1. Hvactroop

    upholstery stickiness ? plasticizer migration

    Here's what I got so far. I joined a Robalo owner Facebook page and first post was about the seats. Turns out multiple 2016 R models have bad vinyl. Robalo is taking photos and hull numbers and ordering new kits and will replace the seats.
  2. Hvactroop

    R242 Fueling problems

    I have the same problem on my R180, i have to meter the fuel in nice and slow or else I get a fuel eruption. I have found no kink and have no blockage in the vent tube. Sorry to say I didn't get this resolved. I just stand way back when I think its going to blow.
  3. Hvactroop

    upholstery stickiness ? plasticizer migration

    Yup, got the exact same problem. It's gotten really bad lately. I used some starbrite mold removal and it got clean but now its sticky as hell. My wife's shorts got ruined from leaning on the edge while fighting a fish. I was just talking to another boat guy in my shop and he's saying I need to be beating down Robalos door, I dont't think they will do anything for me now.
  4. Hvactroop

    R180 livewell problems

    I just got the pump in and will have it installed and on the water this weekend. The pump I got was a Johnson pump Aqua jet 3.5gpm. So far it looks like a good pump. I will update once its up and running.
  5. Hvactroop

    R180 livewell problems

    So after having a perfectly functioning live well/wash down pump since last September. Mine started having trouble pumping on my last trip. I would smack it to start it up and it would fluctuate and stop all together. I pulled the electrical and had steady voltage did a Amp check and it fluctuated like crazy. Did some research online and found the mixed results as far as the quality of the Shurflo pro blaster 2 pumps. So I ordered a new pump from a different manufacture. Has the pump been replaced yet?
  6. Hvactroop

    Outriggers on R180

    How do those clamp on mounts work? How long of a pole do you run, have you had any issues with the t-top?
  7. Hvactroop

    Outriggers on R180

    Do those mounts sandwich the t-top canvas between the 170 base and a plate hugging the bars? Are those clamp on mounts on the edge?
  8. Hvactroop

    Outriggers on R180

    I don't want to deal with the welding either, i'll look into those Marsh Tacky deals.
  9. Hvactroop

    2017 R242

    My R180 has wood around the fuel tank. It's a new boat so I would imagine that's just what they do.
  10. Hvactroop

    1st time boat buyer, thinking R180, engine and trim tabs?

    I have a 2016 R180 T-top with 115hp and fish out of Pensacola. She is no speed queen but it does all I need it to do and sips on fuel. The T-top on a windy day keeps the engine working in the 4400 RPM range. I usually fish with 3 adults on the boat. I have the dual battery setup and its nice insurance but haven't needed more than one battery. I wish I had gotten the trolling package because I am curios where they plan to stash the 2 extra batteries. I haven't ever "needed" the 150 HP motor but I sure wanted it a few times.
  11. Hvactroop

    Live Well

    I have a 115 on my R180 and once I pull the center out and cruise back to the jetty it will drain down to an inch or so till it comes on the trailer. Well, except for now since the pump quit working but thats another issue.
  12. Hvactroop

    2017 R242

    R242 with twin 150's is my dream boat. I compared it to a Sea Hunt Gamefish 25, and Cape Horn 24 OS and while I think the Sea Hunt is a little better in fit and finish, you cant beat the fact that Robalo's almost 20K cheaper.
  13. Hvactroop

    Best transducer location?

    Had the dealership install mine and mine are installed in the same spot Full Throttle has his. I have structure scan on my boat and it throws a huge rooster tail, turns out it doesn't need to be below the boats bottom. I moved it up a 1/4" and rooster tail doesn't spray the motor or my passengers. I can snap a photo next time I am at my boat if you want.
  14. Hvactroop

    Outriggers on R180

    Does anyone in the R180, R200 world have any advice on running outriggers? I was looking at having some plates welded on to my t-top and have Taco Grand slam 170's put on. I had also seen clamp on type mounts but wasn't sure how stable they would be. Anyone running outriggers on these small boats? Thank in advance.
  15. Hvactroop

    Auto pilot on R180

    I did some research and found a youtube video showing an install and bleeding of the steering system. I have the HDS and wished I had went with another system. The unit wouldn't load the maps and got stuck in a reboot a few times last summer but after the firmware update it has been working good. The support for Lowrance was no exsistant. The reviews of the autopilot suggest that the pump is of cheap quality and the system drops out if it has to make to many course corrections. Thats just stuff I found while looking into it, I myself only can speak for the HDS unit.