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  1. Thanks for the links. I was able to find a stainless braided shower hose 8' long on amazon. Total cost less than $10. The nylon bag has made it difficult to retract the hose so I will reinstall without the bag but will secure the end of th hose to prevent it from straining the tank fittings...
  2. My fresh water wash down hose has just fallen apart. Does anyone know who makes the hose assemblies or have any advice for replacing the hose?
  3. No question. Get the trim tabs. They are cheaper coming from robalo rarher than having someone install them after market
  4. Did you end up with a 15 pitch?
  5. Finally got a 17 pitch and it did the trick
  6. A 300 percent s better. Mine routinely pulls a skier with 6 aboard.
  7. Pull the radio cover plate. Should be 4 screws.
  8. Download the parts list and look up the size And capacity. I replaced one and it was less than 30 bucks.
  9. I have an r227 with a 300. Get as much motor as you can. Trim tabs are a must in any chop. Mine handles the normal 2-3 foot chop on Tampa bay well. It also does well in the gulf. Enjoy.
  10. I have had an r227 for 1-1/2 years. It took some doing but I got it with a 300. It was considerably more expensive than the 250. Call the dealer direct. It makes a difference when the boat is fully loaded. I routinely have 6+ people in the boat and that is when it makes a difference. at wot at 6,000 rpm the boat will do 52 mph with 2 and 1/2 tank. Last weekend I had 5 aboard with 2 skiing at the same time. The boat pulled the load well make sure to get a 17 pitch prop. They sent mine with a 19 pitch and it took awhile and Lotspeich of calls to get the right pitch prop. Trim tabs abs are a must. Get them with the boat.
  11. My dealer was not very cooperative when I requested the 300 on my r 227. I would suggest contacting Robalo directly. There was a significant premium for getting the 300. Unless you plan on having a large group of people or heavy loads on the boat I would go with the 250. I regularly have 6 people on the boat while towing a skier or tube. Two weekends ago it was 5 people with two of them skiing at the same time. The boat performs well under these conditions If if you do go with the 300 make sure to get a 17 pitch prop max. They originally shipped mine with a 19 pitch which didn't allow the motor to hit full rpm's. it took lots of calls and emails to get that one fixed! the boat Will go 52 mph on flat wAter with 1/2 tank and two people. Don't look for the 300 to make your boat faster. It does help get it on plane faster specially with a full load. I would strongly recommend you get trim tabs. It dramatically enhances the ride and gives you much more control with a fully loaded boat. Even if you don't get the 300, get trim tabs. Over 300 hrs and 1-1/2 years old. We like our r227 with the 300.
  12. So I bought a new R227 about ten months ago. It has been back to the dealer twice; each time it has come back with issues created by the dealer. I will not go back to my dealer for repairs. I should have gone elsewhere during the purchase process because of the lack of customer focus and responsiveness to questions. I ordered a 300 HP motor with the R227 and it was sent with a 19" pitch prop. It is the wrong pitch. Motor is on the second hole; trimmed about 2/3 up it maxes out at 5400 rpm with one person and half a tank. Lots of cavitation and slow to plane. I have been promised a new prop on two occasions but have yet to receive one. I won't go back to my dealer for repairs; waiting for Robalo to tell me where to go. Have called and spoken to customer service, met them at a dealer event in St. Pete; still no answers. Looks like Robalo is as unresponsive as the dealer. I don't run my business this way. If I did I wouldn't have any business..
  13. I purchased an r227 with a 300 at the end of last summer. I attempted to contact robalo regarding the prop butgotno response. It came wit a stock 19" pitch and gets a top speed of about 52. It it cavitates heavily when fully loaded so I will be looking at a 17 for watersports and a full load. For extended trips I will probably use a 21 for better economy and higher speed. Based on my experience I think the 17" is the best fit for the 250
  14. I had an underpowered boat once in my life. That's why I ordered mine with a 300. I am told this will be the third R227 they have made with a 300. I will let you know how it performs when it arrives.
  15. I just ordered an R227 with a 300. It will be the third that they have made with the 300. I did it to make sure it had enough power. This puts the power to weight ratio at less than 11 lbs per HP. It sounds like Robalo doesn't pay much attention to prop pitches. Do any of you know what size and pitch prop came with your boats?