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  1. I have a 2016 R207. I have tried multiple times to inquire about the vinyl through my dealer and no one has gotten back to me. I have seen multiple posts on this forum as well as others about this year being defective. Who do I contact about this being replaced? The vinyl has rust stains on the tan color and is sticky in spots. 

  2. Not familiar with Sebastion inlet, we are out of the St Lucie inlet. Its wide and fairly mellow. We are out quite often in our R207. Just check the waves, tides and winds before you head out. Good Luck
  3. @haz That's what I was trying to do, but gave up after numerous attempts. Thanks
  4. Well interestingly enough she had mentioned it to me because she saw a wakeboard boat with the ski arch and asked if we could do that on our boat. Naturally I said of course and the rest is history. I was looking in to a do it yourself arch but the price was only a couple hundred less. I figured for the time I might as well have the pros do it. Not only does she love the way it looks, but its a nice solid hand hold while standing and she really hated holding a spot light at night and hated plugging in the stern light. A few selling points. We were also fishing at night a few months back and I
  5. Here are a couple of pics (uploading pics to this forum needs to be more user friendly) I followed the directions for newbies and all I got was links of pics. I am not a computer guy oh well The guys at Bausch Enterprises in Stuart did the arch. Extremely happy with the quality of work done and highly recommended! They ran the wires and left a string to pull through additional wiring if needed. I installed the lighting and utilized the string to pull wire for the Nav Light. http://i38.photobucket.com/albums/e135/captainsteven55/20161229_132803_zpsnircbjpu.jpg http://i38.photobu
  6. Absolutely go with the 207. I looked at the Grady, Key West, Scout, and Sea Hunt. For the money the Robalo is the way to go. The fit and finish in my eyes is way better then the rest. The 150 is great, no issues, planes off quick great fuel efficiency, and quiet. I have a 207 2016 and shes in the shop right now for her 200 hr service, and some custom work. I am having an arch put on. pictures to follow soon. I take that boat all over like shes the family wagon. easy to handle, and can handle decent chop. I usually go out when its 1-2 and like full throttle said returning in 2-3 sometimes 4 is
  7. Those are great pics thanks. The design we came up with is a bit more of a traditional style arch and not as swept back, with a slight curve like the european styles. My concern is the height over the bimin top in order to be able to move the biminii both forward and aft. Maybe anybody from Robalo can chime in and add there expertise?
  8. I am having an arch made for my 207. I have not seen any pics of this done yet. Anybody out there who has done this and if so do you have any pics I can see. I am still under the design phase with the guys from Baush enterprises. I am going to install rear spreded lights, a spotlight and relocate the all around light as well as some rod holders and add my vhf antenna. I thought I saw a pic in the past but cannot sseem to find it. Any comments or suggestions?
  9. So I am happy to report that the taped over hole is no more than the Fuel Tank mounting hardware access and it is taped just to prevent water and debris from entering this cavity. It is on most if not all of the fuel tanks per the service tech that took a look at it.
  10. Anyway so I removed the Deck plate that says Fireport Cover the other day while I was doing some cleanup on my 207. This plate gives access to the fuel tank. I was looking around in there and to my surprise there is a hole cutout on the top of the fuel tank and it only has tape over it. I will be contacting my dealer regarding this. I am just curious to see if any other 207's have the same design flaw or any other Robalo's out there. This to me is definitely a safety issue and I would like all others to check this out. If any body from Robalo can chime in regarding this? I am not sure what the
  11. I do not have any pics but I mounted a Simrad VHF on the starboard side of the helm. On the lower portion below the radio where it is angled back. Good viewing angle and I used that phone holder that comes with her as the mic mount.
  12. Hey Guys and Gals, I am fairly new to fishing at least in Florida, I am on the Treasure Coast. Fishing here in Florida seems a whole lot different then in NY. I fished for Strippers, Blues, Fluke and Flounder up there, My bait was always Clam Bellies, Bunker, Squid, Spearing or Killies depending what I was fishing. How do you catch fish here in FL? I usually use shrimp (frozen and live), squid , and sometimes whatever I get in a cast net. My problem is we never seem to catch anything worth the bait used. I enjoy my time out there and all but I do need some serious help in how its done here. I
  13. I just saw the pics on your previous post of the missing foam to seal the storage locker and I believe I am also missing foam in the same spots. I am going to take a look and reseal as needed.
  14. Thanks for the advice, I was thinking the same regarding filling the sides of the storage locker. I mentioned it to the service technician and he was supposed to get back to me on this and I am still waiting a reply from him. As for all the other drains you had mentioned, I am pretty sure most of them drain to the bilge on mine as well, I dont have any other issues except the center storage (knock on some wood here) I love the boat! I also raised the seats, added a fixed mount VHF with dcs, and added a light in the helm console storage area.
  15. Hello All, I have contacted my dealer regarding this issue already and we are waiting a response. I have a 207, I love this boat more then my truck (that is what my girlfriend says) I took delivery in September of 2015 and I already have 80 hours on the Yamaha 150. The issue I am having is the ski locker holds water. There is a center drain the works, the problem is there are two recessed channels about 3/8 inch deep on both the port and starboard side of the ski locker that run the whole perimeter of the locker forward/aft. Water sits in here and does not drain, the other issue is the amount
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