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  1. LJE141


    Take a bellows style toilet plunger, cut the end out so it is just big enough to fit over the water intake on the hull. Fill the plunger with antifreeze. Have someone inside of boat turn on livewell, washdown and run pump. Push plunger up as fluid starts to be pulled out. When plunger is empty turn off pump while you refill plunger. Be advised that it will create a suction and you have to break seal on hull to remove plunger. Repeat until antifreeze has come out through all outlets.
  2. LJE141

    Buying R227 - 200HP Performance

    I own a R227 with the F200 on it have ran it for two seasons now in fresh water. I can get a little over 40 mph WOT. It runs very comfortable at 28 to 30 mph. The boat handles the water great and love the boat. I did install trim tabs on the boat for when I have several people on the boat or in cross winds. I would really recommend getting them. Would a 250 be better not sure, I am satisfied with the 200 hard to justify the extra money.
  3. LJE141

    Removing Raw Water Filter/Strainer - '16 R227

    I took a bellows style toilet plunger (got a Lowes about $6.00) I carefully cut the narrow opening off so as to make a seal around the seacock on the hull. I then fill the plunger with marine antifreeze and push it up against the hull while someone in the boat turns on the livewell pump until the antifreeze comes into livewell. This might take a couple of times filling the plunger and slowly pushing it up from underneath put it does the job quite nicely. Of course once the livewell is done you have to do all other fresh water outlets such as the washdown or what ever is on the boat. I also pour antifreeze down each locker trap to make sure no water left in there. Not sure if the last step in necessary but I figure cheap insurance. You should be able to see the antifreeze inside the water filler when done. this works well on my 2015 R227.
  4. LJE141

    R227 Raw Water Or Livewell Pump

    On my 2015 R227 you reach into the livewell where the water is spraying in there is a shutoff valve on the pipe close it then the water pressure is quite strong from the hose I hook onto the raw water washdown outlet. As far as the water pressure switch I was told that was there if you had the fresh water shower option which I don't have. Hope this helps
  5. LJE141

    Trim Tabs

    This took a long time but finally have 6 X 12 Lenco tabs on boat. They look great will have more time this weekend to work with them. Did get out a short time they worked well. Thanks to everyone who posted their opinions.
  6. LJE141

    Replacing Fuse

    With some work I was able to get the wood holding the stereo in, out enough to reach a red wire and a yellow wire out both had fuses inline. the stereo was held in with a strap hooked to the back of the stereo the other end of strap was screwed to the case. Both fuses were good like I stated earlier. It turned out for me to be the battery switch had to be set so both batteries were on to work. There was a black round style fuse holder under the helm that went to the remote stereo control. you might look there. It did take a lot of pulling and pushing to get the strap moved enough to just get my hand in to the back of the stereo. Once I did I think I could have disconnected that strap with difficulty but wasn't necessary. Good Luck
  7. LJE141

    Trim Tabs

    Thanks Full Throttle, do you still have the part number for Lenco and if you don't mind where you ordered them from. Sorry for the bother. that's the way I am going to go
  8. LJE141

    Trim Tabs

    Just an update after getting the 9 X 12 trim tabs from Black Bear Sports. The marina I was having install them held them up before drilling and the 9 X 12 will not work on my 2015 R227. The tabs hit the swim ladder and make the ladder unusable. my boat has the recessed mounting area on transom so you cant slide them over like earlier R227. I am going to look at extending my swim ladder further out or getting 6 X 12 like Full Throttle did. How did they work Full Throttle? Any problems/ Thanks for the info people.
  9. LJE141

    Replacing Fuse

    I have a 2015 R227 my stereo wasn't working, It turned out the battery switch has to be set so both batteries are on, for the stereo to turn on. I hope this helps.
  10. LJE141

    R227 spray coming in boat?

    When I had the top up the spray came in on the starboard side it was a little heavier then a mist and over an hour ride you would get damp not soaked.
  11. LJE141

    R227 spray coming in boat?

    I have a R227 I don't get a spray in my boat I do not as yet have trim tabs on my boat. On my former boat I did get the spray you are getting mine came a transponder. This as you describe got way worse when the bimini and side curtains were up seemed to create a vacuum. Do you feel it is caused by the trim tabs?
  12. LJE141

    Trim Tabs

    I am going to talk with a marina about installing the tabs. I do plan after reading the replies of having them installed. Thanks to Scott Wheeler for mentioning the auto retract I wouldn't have known about that.
  13. LJE141

    Trim Tabs

    Thank you for the info I think that I will put them on.
  14. LJE141

    Trim Tabs

    I have a 2015 R227 I am thinking about putting trim tabs on the boat. When I have a few people on the boat and have the boat leaning to one side would trim tabs help with this so I dont have to keep having people switch sides to balance the boat? The other part will the tabs interfer with getting on the boat with the ladder from swimming?
  15. LJE141

    R227 Stereo System

    I bought a 2015 R227 it was ready to go with XM radio nothing else needed just activation.