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  1. The bilge pump should be wired directly to the battery and operate in the automatic mode even if the battery switch is in the off position. However I have noticed in my R207 that if I turn on the battery switch and manually turn on the bilge from the console it will pump out a decent amount of water. Also if there has been considerable rain between uses when I am leaving the dock and have the bow of the boat up in the air I will turn on the bilge and again it will pump out quite a bit of water. Look around in this forum for an entry on upgrades to the R207. There are notes o
  2. I agree what a great idea. have you been able to make any progress I would love to do the same on my R207
  3. Has anyone had any luck finding a source for the seat pin modification?
  4. JimKav

    Trim Tabs

    I am also considering installing trim tabs on my R207. Being new to trim tabs I have what is probably a dumb question. When you are out running do you still use the engine trim or just the trim tabs? Thanks for all the photos and comments its making my decision easier.
  5. Update. I took my R207 to the dealership for winterizing and some minor warrantee work. I asked them to check out the battery switches and told them the engine starts with the switches in the off position. They told me that was impossible. Anyway when I picked up the boat the dealership told me that the engine was wired incorrectly form the factory and they have resolved the problem. Unfortunately I can not check it out as the boat is now shrink-wrapped for the winter. Its only been a few weeks under the shrink-wrap and already I can’t wait until spring. Its going to be a long winter.
  6. Thanks.. Sounds like my boat is wired wrong.. Just to be sure I was not going nuts I tried starting it again with the battery switch off… and it started.. then I had someone at the Marina double check me.. I will let you all know what I find out… Thanks for your help..
  7. Best of luck with your new boat.. I hope you enjoy it. I took delivery of my new R207 in May.. I have over 30 hours on it already and couldn’t be happier.. Except when I put gas in it.
  8. Thanks.. I will be interested to see if other Robalos are wired like mine. I talked to a friend who is an EE he is going to help me see if we can figure this out.. My biggest concern is that if the engine starts with the switch in the "OFF" position what battery is it getting power from and if that battery goes dead will the switch really divert power from the remaining battery to start the engine.... Maybe I am way over thinking this, but given that the owner’s manual seems to be more of a guide than fact has me concerned. I just don’t want to get stranded because of a dead battery due
  9. I have a 2014 R207 with factory installed dual batteries and have a question on the battery switch. In the Owner’s manual page 3-2 has the following: If the switch is in the: “OFF” position then only Bilge pump, CO detector and Stereo memory has power. “#1” Position uses only number 1 battery “#2” Position uses only number 2 battery “ALL” Position uses both batteries It continues on to say that: The “#1” position will use battery 1 power but will charge both batteries when engine is running. The “#2” position uses battery 2 they recommend this setting for using power when the engine i
  10. Very nice, Thanks for the info.. I have not even pick up the boat yet and I think this is a modification I may make right from the start..
  11. I guess I missed something… How did you raise the seat?
  12. Thanks for the info on the 2014 R207. I just purchased one, it’s still at the dealer, But I have been wondering about how the water drains from the under seat coolers. At the Boat show the Robalo rep insisted they drain overboard. I guess in a way he is correct… after they go through the bilge. I will check my center hatch and the fuel tank cover when I get the boat home. It will be a few weeks as I still have snow in the yard.
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