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    Trolling 40 miles offshore in my R207 when a thunderstorm in the distance kicked up the waves a bit.
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    From the album: Waves

  3. Lots of differences in our boat (mine is now a Sailfish 245DC) but I looked at the 247 for quite awhile and I suspect the differences in the hardtop are minimal. I've got a 24" Garmin Fantom and did use a 4 degree wedge. I was told by another Robalo owner that if you mount directly to hardtop you'll end up with cleaning issues and I did clinometer measurements while at cruising speed that assured 4 degrees was best. Mine is in the center (of course), but back a bit due to how Sailfish has channel raceways under the hardtop for cables and I didn't want to drill through those. Also, I orig
  4. X2. Since Robalo doesn’t have a customer service line, other owners were the best place to get help. Sorry to see it go even though I don’t have a Robalo anymore.
  5. See if this helps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8nW6SKwc-Q The trim tabs should be straight forward and is dependent on the tab manufacturer. You can look here for which type of anode to use https://www.defender.com/html/zincs_info.html
  6. You should try your dealer. Robalo doesn't respond much to customer requests of any kind as the dealers are your point of entry. And it appears this forum will be gone in a week. Suggest you try Robalo's facebook page (not sure how that works since I don't use FB). You could try posting this on http://robaloboatowners.net/forums/ but that site has more owners of older Robalos. Good luck!
  7. I have a 10 inch Garmin MDF and it does fine in split screen for having navigation, radar & AIS on 1/2 the screen and the fish finder & depth on the other half. The only time I'd like a larger screen is when trying to view boat names via AIS. On my boat the largest screen size is limited to 12 inches and somewhere down the road I may install a 12 inch one, but for now the 10 inch works fine. When determining what can go on the dash there are several things to consider IMO. The MDF, radio, VHF radio, Autopilot and engine display are all on the dash and it appears from the Robalo w
  8. Thanks Haz. Sorry to see the site go down and I refuse to use FB for a variety of reasons.
  9. Curt, suggest you post this on http://robaloboatowners.net/forums/ More owners of older boats there.
  10. I went to look up the Y valve zip tie requirement and found more than I previously knew about Coast Guard requirements. I have had the Coast Guard ask to see the discharge valve to verify it is 'locked' (zip tied) off on a previous boat. So, it it isn't tied off it could cause a fine of up to $2k! https://www.dco.uscg.mil/Our-Organization/Assistant-Commandant-for-Prevention-Policy-CG-5P/Commercial-Regulations-standards-CG-5PS/Design-Engineering-Standards/Systems-Engineering-Division/Mechanical-Engineering/msd/ Guess I was lucky they didn't ask for the toilet certification! I'm 100% s
  11. I can't find out if the R305 had an overboard discharge. You might post your question (and boat year) over on http://robaloboatowners.net
  12. https://www.simyamaha.com/accessories-1/motor-covers/ https://www.mercurydockstore.com/engine-covers-storage-s/1872.htm
  13. I agree with Jersey Shore. Get it checked now while in off season and your dealer should have time to do warranty work.
  14. John, You might get an answer here, but I'd suggest you try http://robaloboatowners.net/forums/ since your boat is older and you're more likely to find similar owners over there. Additionally, when you post it you might add where you are located as a lot of owners have someone local make the cover if the local shop is good and not too expensive. Welcome to the Robalo family and Merry Christmas.
  15. Sorry I can't help with the hull type. I've got a Airmar B60 and as a basic thru hull it works fine for depth, temperature and fish finder. That came on the boat and if I upgrade it would be to a B175M to get the improved CHIRP capabilities. I guess my question to you is: why change? I've had both and the only drawback I had with the transom mount (after I got it adjusted for best performance with least spray) was that it didn't work at speeds above 25MPH. So, I'd slow down to look for bait and fish, but when trolling or bottom fishing it worked great. The thru hull performance is simila
  16. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00FQ9O5AQ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 That's what I used. You could also try this one if you like expensive toys:-) https://www.boatoutfitters.com/pro-series-power-knob-stainless-steel
  17. I guess it's up to you what to caulk (I use Life Calk). My Robalo had screws that went into wood (yeah, really wood?) that weren't caulked and the wood rotted and ended up getting replaced under warranty. I started checking and I don't think anything was properly caulked, so I did it. My current boat did have caulk in most places it should, but I've probably ended up caulking or properly re-caulking about 10 items. It doesn't have ANY wood, so I won't face that problem again, but behind my dash is wiring and I sure don't want any water there if I can avoid it. I haven't tested by soaking
  18. You might try posting this at http://robaloboatowners.net/forums/ The site has more owners of older Robalos and I did find some about air conditioning on R265 so you may be able to get an answer there.
  19. I looked into that and the AP for the kicker looked fine, but add $$$s. Since I already had an AP for the main, I was planning to use that. Don't think I can help, but it should be possible to solve: https://www.usedvictoria.com/power-boats/33542378/photos?i=1 Of course in the pictures it doesn't explain the steering, but obviously he was able to get the kicker working for him.
  20. I'm not sure of your configuration (mostly what you're using to attach the kicker), but when I was planning a kicker before I sold my R207 the mounts I was considering were to insure the motor cleared the trim tabs. By moving the engine so far aft it appeared it would be easy to use a bar between the engines when using the kicker. I had an autopilot and wanted the kicker to utilize the main engine steering so I wouldn't have to steer while trolling. Perhaps a different mounting bracket would solve your problem?
  21. After fighting with the bimini supports when using the mid ship rod holders, I came up with two solutions. I added bow rod holders facing out like the mid ship ones. I added a brace between the aft and bow bimini supports and undid the rear support. Only did the latter when it was fairly calm. There are probably other solutions including a hardtop although I suspect you'd have to have one designed for the R207. I never found one when I was searching for it. I like the Admiral's solution - "we need a bigger boat". I leaned toward the R247, but it was her turn to pick and she was inte
  22. Can't find a way to add a PDF. Only options are add existing attachment and they removed it years ago. You'll probably have to join http://robaloboatowners.net/forums/ in order to access anything on the forum. There is a good amount of information on R207s there including the doc. If that doesn't work, PM me and I'll find another way. It is a large document and it probably won't email.
  23. You also have to switch captain and passenger seats to get the swivel knob toward the center. Not sure if that's it, but I know I had to swap them. You might be interested in this http://robaloboatowners.net/forums/index.php?/topic/6256-r207-improvements/ . I had posted here, but eventually it disappeared. The other Robalo site (mostly for older Robalos) still has the suggestions and document available. Good luck!
  24. That's a legal question. I looked at my last contract to buy and it appeared to be a simple "We'll sell you a 2021 boat with these features for $$$ and you agree to pay the balance upon manufacturer's delivery to us". I guess that would give them an out if they can't get the boat. I suspect you signed a contract that specified a 2021 boat and they aren't making any of those anymore. But, like I said it's a legal question and I'm not a lawyer. Look at what you signed and view it from the dealer's perspective of what the contract entails. You could also call them to see what they think is
  25. Some owners of new boats are paying for a boat surveyor to inspect the boat before they take delivery due to these kinds of ongoing issues with some manufacturers. If the windshield issue was mine, I'd do the replacement myself. My first Robalo dealer (they changed while I owned the boat) would charge $150 if I brought the boat to a public ramp so they could pick it up and drop it back in the water there. My second dealer charged me $75 to lift it out of the water and put it back while they did some warranty service. Only issue was it was a 5 hour trip to the second dealer by boat. $400
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