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  1. LF15, yes you have the basic concept. RichR160 is right depending on what live bait you have. In the winter going after stripers, I generally put eels in the livewell with ice and water. I only run the pump enough to keep them alive until the ice is gone, then I run it most of the time. Cold eels don't knot up as much and makes it much easier to put them on a hook. With other baits I either run it a lot, or all the time to keep the bait alive. Good luck, and good fishing.
  2. No. The seacock can be left open. It closes in case you have a leak and need to stop water from coming in. The only time I've ever closed mine was to check that it closed and once to work on a leaking (barely) hose.
  3. Contact Ken at https://propgods.com/https://propgods.com/ He analyzed what I was had and advised against getting a new prop - can't beat that for getting good advice from someone who sells props.
  4. Make sure the seacock is open. They tend to ship them with it closed.
  5. Couple of thoughts: at low speed your transducer is probably about 1/2 foot underwater, so the max depth would be 2 1/2 feet. A 3 foot depth alarm (as suggested by fishhead) would be right for most conditions, giving you time to change course or tilt up the engine in shallow water.
  6. You could also try http://robaloboatowners.net/forums/ A lot more there about older Robalo's.
  7. Raymarine EV-100. Works good and wasn't too difficult to install.
  8. Not sure what's caused your rust spots, but to get rid of rust stains I use MaryKate On and Off then rewax.
  9. I've have a 7 inch Raymarine A78 flush mounted. Not enough room to install anything much bigger. I originally had a Lowrance Elite 7 and it was a bit larger than the Raymarine and it just barely went in the space.
  10. I bought the West Marine performance 2 anchor kit and cut about 1 inch of each end of the stock to get it to fit properly. Works great! I have no idea why a boat manufacturer would have such a unique size unless it benefited the profit line. I'm sure a lot owners bought from Robalo to get the 'right' anchor, but from experience the West Marine kit will work fine as long as you don't mind cutting a little bit off yourself (hack saw worked fine).
  11. try https://www.ttopcovers.com/
  12. If you haven't already, you might try posting on http://robaloboatowners.net/forums/ . They have a bit more focus on older boats, but there are plenty of members with newer boats. Sorry for the problems with Robalo corporate. Best hope for that would appear to be a new owner that understands the value of satisfied customers. It also seems their current owner (Marine Products Corporation) is only interested in talking to shareholders from what I saw on their web site. Guess the only way to get help from them would be to buy a bunch of shares and bring it up at a board meeting. I got spoiled with my previous boat - they have a customer service number and someone answers or calls you back when you leave a message. And, they follow up to make sure your problem has been resolved. Foolishly I though all boat manufacturers worked that way. I've been lucky as my Robalo dealer was great, but once when they could get not an answer from Robalo I wasted weeks calling Robalo and leaving messages that were never returned. Finally, I got hold of Lenco who makes their trim tabs and got the right answer in less than a day. My next boat is coming from a company that is privately owned and has a good reputation for working with customers from what I can find out. In any case they'd almost have to make an effort to be worse. I was so lucky to have had a good dealer with Robalo and except for the trim tabs they came through for me every time. Did I mention - they're no longer a Robalo dealer. Perhaps they too were experiencing the same kind of problems we owners have had. Not what they'll say officially, but I can't help but wonder.
  13. From what I read the problem started occurring many years back. Seems it's a bacteria not a mold. You can find info online and a couple of places say they can fix it, but I can't verify that. It seems nothing you do will 'cure' it. Only known preventative I can locate is limit exposure to sunlight. For sure, do not use bleach or other products for mold. They will get rid of the color temporarily, but it seems to come back with a vengeance afterwards and damage the vinyl to boot. If you can find more, let us all know. Nasty problem and only 'cure' I know of is replacement. Best I could do on preventative is limit sunlight (on a boat?) and that is only because covered boats seems to have the problem less than exposed vinyl. Another I found was to use Head and Shoulders on it ( https://specialtyfabricsreview.com/2016/10/20/beating-the-pink-stain-problem-in-marine-fabrics/ ). Wish I had better news to report and hope Robalo comes through for those with the problem.
  14. Try this https://store.marinebeam.com/un-hesive-3m-5200-sealant-and-adhesive-remover/ On another boat forum a boat owner had a similar issue and this fixed it. Made me feel better about where I've used 5200 when adding features per manufacturer's directions. Let us know if it solves your problem.
  15. Glad you're happy with your R207, as I am with mine. Only minor issues except had to have the fish box hatch replaced due to wood rot. None of the screws were caulked. After that I took everything apart and caulked it correctly. The ski hatch in the center has wood and I caulked around the latch. There's more, but you get the picture - caulk it. There's more wood in the R207 than I would have believed (new boat will not have any wood). Otherwise it's been great offshore, inshore and on the beach. My issue with corporate was trying to get trim tab information since my dealer couldn't (they tried for a week). After much frustration and over a week's worth of my effort I emailed Lenco and had the part number in a day. Calling corporate Robalo for support is a useless waste of time and too many others have said the same to believe it was unique to me and those experiences have lead me to a different manufacturer.