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  1. FullThrottle

    2019 R222 on the way!

    I had a 2014 R207 with almost 500 hours on it. As far as factory or dealer problems, lack of caulk caused a failure on the fish box hatch which was replaced under warranty. Other than that only minor problems. I did a lot of 'improvement' work to drainage into the bilge and installing seals to avoid water going into the bilge, but for the most part the boat was great. Sold it in June and the new owner is very pleased with the boat. Of course he's enjoying my improvements and additions (trim tabs, underwater LEDs, Autopilot, etc.).
  2. FullThrottle

    2019 R222 on the way!

    F/V Office Space, Hope you really enjoy the boat as much as I enjoyed my Robalo. I know it's fun to get a new boat and rig it the way you want. We'll be looking for the pics.
  3. FullThrottle

    ford 302 marine engine

    You might try posting this on http://robaloboatowners.net/forums/ . More owners of older boats over there.
  4. FullThrottle

    Stress crack on console floor

    Sad. The issue was most likely failure to caulk. Robalo is extremely weak in their caulking when they install screws. I removed every screw I could get to and caulked it properly after my screws fell out of my fish box hatch.. Had to replace the hatch due to lack of proper caulking. Since mine was a warranty issue I had Robalo/dealer replace the hatch. If yours is out of warranty it's your call. If I had a similar situation I'd replace it. It's going to fail, just a matter of time. You could try a wood hardener to slow down the rot, but whenever I've used hardener eventually I have to replace the problem. Beyond that, the only thing I can tell you is I've found un-caulked areas on my Sailfish and before that on my Albemarle. Proper caulking seems to elude current manufacturers and I can only suggest to all boat owners that they ensure the screws and openings are properly caulked.
  5. FullThrottle

    Yamaha Four Stroke Shortage

    I did my 20 hour maintenance last week. Amazed at how dirty the oil was for only 20 hours of use. I sure wouldn't put it off much over 20 hours.
  6. FullThrottle


    My new Sailfish has issues too, as did my Robalo and my Albemarle. Remember when everyone talked about cars like this? Fords, Chevys, all of them had quality issues. I used to go to a Ford plant and when an employees car was being made they put a sign on it saying employee car so that it would get the good parts. It was all solved when Honda, Nissan and Toyota came in with quality vehicles and started blowing away the competition. The problem with boats is there is no Honda, Nissan or Toyota to come in and create what is needed to fix the problem. Sadly, there isn't a robot army of boat builders to automate the building either. And OGR, as to the navigation and solidity of the boat - didn't you find this out on your sea trial or riding on someone else's Robalo? I made the salesman for my Sailfish take me out in 20 knot winds and 2+ foot waves for the sea trial. Yes, it was cold and wet that day, but before I bought one I sure as heck knew how it would handle a moderately rough sea.
  7. FullThrottle

    CC v. DC—help me decide

    Oh..about the selling part of a used DC - just barely had it on the market before it sold. Offer was a few dollars less than my asking and the new owner loves the boat. I will say Robalo boats hold their price pretty good. Not as many DCs in my area as CCs of course, but I do see more DCs now than I did when I first got the R207. Regardless of what you get, hope you enjoy the boat.
  8. FullThrottle

    CC v. DC—help me decide

    I'm on my second DC. I owned a 28' Albemarle for years, but my wife and grandkids didn't like the boat at all. It was great for offshore fishing, but little else and I replaced it with an R207. Family loved the boat and I added additional rod holders, autopilot and underwater LEDs to make it a better fishing boat. It was great, except when the family came down to visit it wouldn't hold enough people. So, at my wife's request on to a larger boat. I was set for an R247, but the wife fell in love with the Sailfish 245DC due to it's seating. Already filled it up with passengers a few times, so it was the right choice for us, but if the family was smaller, it would be the R247. Just finished adding an autopilot to the Sailfish (once you have one, you never want to do without again) and the outrigger mounts are in the garage just waiting for me to have some time to put them on the boat. I'll do the same as I did for the R207 - add all the fishing features I can for my use, while leaving the rest for the family to enjoy (spent 2 days pulling a towable, watching porpoise and hanging at the sandbar this labor day).
  9. You might also try posting this on http://robaloboatowners.net/forums . They deal more with older boats.
  10. FullThrottle

    Top dogs

    Forgive my lack of pronunciation skills, but I'd say it Rah-Ball-Oh with the emphasis on Rah. (guys, don't knock me too much on this one) Robalo makes a good boat at a good price. As for top tier, probably not, but not at the bottom either. And, in boats it's more about the 'tier' for the type of boat you are interested in. For example one manufacturer may be top tier in performance boats and bottom tier in fishing boats. So, when you are wondering about the tier, you first need to describe the type of boat and planned use.
  11. FullThrottle

    Rust on the Bimini

    I used Corrosion-X on all the metal parts after one of the aft pull-up cleats started showing rust. Seemed to keep the corrosion in check.
  12. FullThrottle

    R207 bouyancy

    If you mean foam filled to stay afloat - mine didn't have any foam.
  13. FullThrottle

    Menhaden Webinar August 31, 2018

    Never mind about the webinar. Just got this response to my email: The August 31 conference call and webinar is solely for stock assessment purposes. Specifically, the Menhaden Stock Assessment Subcommittee is meeting to discuss indices of relative abundance for the 2019 benchmark stock assessment. No management or policy issues are on the agenda. An agenda for the conference call will be posted to our website sometime next week.
  14. FullThrottle

    Menhaden Webinar August 31, 2018

    This article explains more about the issue: https://www.seafoodsource.com/news/supply-trade/asmfc-puts-virginia-on-notice-regarding-menhaden-limits-in-chespeake-bay
  15. FullThrottle

    Menhaden Webinar August 31, 2018

    I ran across this at the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries web site. Can't seem to find out anything other than they are having an open webinar on Menhaden. I have sent an email to ask what the purpose of the webinar is. It would be nice if it was to educate Virginia Legislators in fisheries management, but I'm pretty sure they are not educatable beyond counting Omega campaign donations. http://www.asmfc.org/calendar/08/2018/Atlantic-Menhaden-Stock-Assessment-Subcommittee-Webinar/1273