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  1. Enjoy! and welcome aboard. Had my R207 for a couple of years now and thoroughly enjoy it.
  2. Sadly I don't think anyone from Robalo who could help monitors this forum. Rumor has it that joebalo over on the Hull Truth (https://www.thehulltruth.com ) is a Robalo rep and has been know to provide assistance. Might try seeing if doing a PM or posting something there helps. The dealer is your best chance at getting good Robalo warranty work. Mine has been great and I've had 3 or 4 issues they took care of. Robalo sent the parts quickly and I'm very happy. However, you are not alone in not being happy with your warranty work and it is all dependent on the dealer. I did get to talk to someone at Robalo when trying to find a part number for trim tabs and he was nice and said he'd call me back with the Lenco number since Robalo doesn't sell them except when ordered with the boat. I"m still waiting for Robalo to call back (really not, got Lenco to give me the part number in about 1/2 hour). Sorry you've had so much trouble. You might remind the dealer he would be held as negligent and responsible for any freezing damage if he doesn't allow you access to winterize the boat or do the winterizing himself. GOOD LUCK in getting everything resolved.
  3. Hope this helps. It leaves me just enough room to crawl under the bimini if I'm exiting out the back of the boat.
  4. I'm not sure if it would help you or not, but on my R207 I put bimini cleats in the deck to hold the bimini when not in use. Mine is dry stored and it has to be down before they will take it in and on the R207 it meant putting the bimini against the gunwale. I knew something was going to get damaged eventually so by putting mounts on the deck it holds the bimini up just high enough.
  5. You'll probably have better luck on http://robaloboatowners.net/forums/ More likely to find someone there who has the information you're seeking and several people have upgraded their engines. When asking, you might include the engine weight of the engines you are considering as that is fairly critical.
  6. I'm not a dealer, so I can only guess at their how their financial model works. I know my dealer has a sales floor and sales people and office staff and a yard full of new and used boats. 10k sounds unreasonable, I agree. However, what is the dealer's overhead on the days he's not selling a 242? In order to cover his costs there is a minimum he must make per sale and I can't tell you if it's 5k or 10k, but I know it is there. And most manufacturers force them to take boats even if they can't sell them in short order, so they sit, take space, sales time and cost taxes. Like I said I don't know their financial model, but I also know their profit is probably not 10k average per boat once you deduct the costs. The boat I bought had been on the floor for 6 months or more based on its manufacturing date. I had two salesmen work several hours each to get the deal I wanted. They added about 2-3k in 'free' additions (I'd like to believe it was more like 5-6k, but realistically I know it was lower). They delivered the boat and spent a couple of hours with me going over the boat and doing a final sea trial. I'm sure they made a profit and I wanted them to. I want them to stay in business to handle the warranty work. Lastly, I agree, NADA doesn't know what I can get for my boat. I just used it for comparative purposes between boats. I think I could get more.
  7. Well put. Before I bought my Robalo I went to NADA and checked the price on 5 year old Robalos and compared their loss of value with other boats I was considering. I was surprised how well Robalos hold their value. And part of that is due to the fact their listed price is the price you'll pay so discounting doesn't effect the resale later on. The weight is important depending on where you're going to be using the boat. I have a friend with an old 21 foot Contender. It is very light (their new boats are heavy). It's fine if you want to skip across the top of the waves when the waves are small, but in heavy seas it gets knocked around much worse than my R207. With my tabs down I can nose through the waves when running into them, or tabs up when running with the waves and keep the ride comfortable. The lighter boat rides great with the waves, but into the waves you'll get bounced around.
  8. If you don't get an answer here you might try http://robaloboatowners.net/forums/
  9. I replaced the aft rod holders on my R207 with rod/drink holders. I don't think I'd have much concern with the aft holders. I caulked the mid rod holders and they don't appear as strong, but I wouldn't worry too much. I just know they're not as strong. It may be a pain, but if I was you I'd remove the rod holder you're thinking about using and check it. My aft holder had a very solid marine plywood with multi coats of fiberglass on top and bottom. None of the rod holders were caulked, so I added caulk to screw holes and holder openings (my previous boat had un-caulked screws and the fiberglass sandwiched wood rotted). I wouldn't have any concerns about using the aft rod holders on the R207 for what you are thinking about, but I'm not sure how other Robalo's are constructed.
  10. I'm into 3 years on the batteries on my R207. The seats are very similar (mine aren't hinged, they lift off). I also have a drain in the corners that originally dumped water directly on the starboard battery. I fixed that by adding a 1 inch diameter hose and running it to the back of the bilge. But, lots of water still goes around the seat and dumps under the seat and onto the starboard battery (the port battery is further back and gets water too, just not as much). Like I said, 3 years and the same batteries. I haven't put them in a covered holder, so they get wet. From previous boats and similar batteries I don't think the water is causing an issue with battery life. I don't like always having water in the boat and I get mildew in the bilge area since it stays wet most of the time (it is boatel stored, so it doesn't air out much in storage). I have to clean it out once or twice a year, but otherwise the water is only a minor nuisance. I store a couple of Type I PFDs beside/behind the starboard battery and I put them in a huge zip lock so they're not messed up if they ever have to be used.
  11. You got it right - trim DOWN when you start. http://www.boatus.com/magazine/2014/june/staying-in-trim.asp
  12. I can't be sure. Thought it was an 8lb, but it might not be. I read up on the FX-7 and it should do the job. I bought my anchor at West Marine a couple of years ago, so it is possible it's the FX-7. I don't have the receipt anymore, so without weighing the anchor (unintentional pun) I can't be sure.
  13. From my own experience and reading what others have said on the forums, discounts aren't normal due to the contracts dealers have with Robalo. However, getting additions in the deal is fairly common. I didn't get a whole lot of stuff, but if I had paid full price for what I got it would have cost over a thousand, maybe more. And, you might check on resales of Robalos. You'll see that they have a good resale value and I'm guessing part of that is due to the fact of the hard price up front. As far as size and price, check around. Boats seem to go up a little at a time until about 21 feet. Then they start jumping in price. Much more fiberglass, reinforcing, etc. needed as the boats get larger. Weight of a 222 is 23% more than a 200, so based on weight alone I would assume a fairly steep cost difference.
  14. You might try http://www.marineglassspecialties.com or https://www.sandersreproglass.com I haven't used them myself, but was following the thread on the forum http://robaloboatowners.net/forums/ and was interested in where to go if you should need a windshield. Hope they can help.
  15. I've got a 207 and put a 150' 3/8 line, 15' 1/4 chain and 8lb Fortress anchor (i cut about 1 inch off each side to get it to fit in the anchor holder). I've used it in 3 foot steep waves at 50 feet with no problems, but I think that's about the limit I'd try and if it had broken free I had plenty of open water behind me. Usually when anchored I'm in 30-40 feet with less than 2 foot waves. I think the R207 locker with hold 250', maybe 300' of 3/8" and if I was changing out the rode that's what I'd opt for. I'm happy with the 15' of 1/4" chain and I use the same size and length of chain on my wreck anchor. When you're putting or pulling the anchor over the side the 15' adds some work, but it really seems to help in setting the anchor and holding it. Depending on where you're planning to anchor you might consider a longer chain, but I don't think I'd use a shorter chain.