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  1. FullThrottle

    Loctite 572 Thread Sealant

    Shouldn't be hard to find ( Amazon Locktite 572 ) but it is fairly expensive. Of course, I'd think one tube should outlast the engine.
  2. FullThrottle

    R180 thru hull transducers

    This could help ( http://www.airmar.com/uploads/SpecApps/transducer-installation-tips.pdf ). My transom transducer would break up above 23 knots and be worthless. I've had an in hull transducer and it worked good at all speeds and has the advantage of being moved if needed. My current boat has a thru hull and it works at all speeds. Had it installed by the factory, but there is a lot on the internet about selecting location.
  3. FullThrottle

    R207 Drink Holder/Tray for Head Compartment

    I like it and would have put it on my R207 after seeing it now. Seems like it should fit fine. Looking forward to seeing the final product once you're done
  4. FullThrottle

    Good bye Robalo

    I had no serious issues with my Robalo, or either of my dealers (Robalo changed dealers while I had the boat). Warranty work was handled great on the issues I had (just a couple). I did try to buy trim tabs. Dealer couldn't help, Robalo only answered the phone once and they guy promised to call back and never did. Finally a call to Lenco got me the information on what and how to order, a PDF of the tabs with part numbers, etc. My current boat and the boat I had before Robalo are different stories altogether. Dealers were okay, but I had names and phone numbers of customer relations, warranty, scheduling, etc. at the manufacturer. I can and have called for part information and gotten answers - in fact in one case they sent me the part directly since I was having trouble getting it. I like Robalo boats and I might even buy one again, but with the lack of direct manufacture involvement I can understand when there is an issue it can get frustrating fast.
  5. FullThrottle

    What are the Hoses For?

    A couple of things since I've installed a couple of autopilots and had to completely fill the lines and bleed out all the air. When you go to fill your partially drained steering hub try to make sure you don't create any bubbles. Move things slowly - don't shake. Once you get the fluid coming out (have the fluid held above the hub, I've used zip ties to hold it above the console), let all the large bubbles rise to the top of the container. Don't squeeze it in. When the bubbles stop appearing, move the steering wheel slowly all the way in one direction, then slowly to the other. Continue this until no more bubbles appear. Then you are finished. You could also do it the way the manufacture recommends, similar to bleeding brakes by using the ports at the engine cylinder. I always have 2 quarts when doing this, but usually only use one. Any air you don't get out can cause steering problems. If the air is only in the hub, you can just add fluid as above, but if air is in the lines you don't have much choice and will have to bleed it properly. You can do a search on 'purge boat steering' to find some videos on how to.
  6. Thinking of buying 1989 R2565 WA with 7.4 Mercruiser I/O. Looks like a well maintained freshwater boat. Great price. But can't seem to find any info on that model in regards to performance. Hoping that I can get some insight from a member of this forum.

    1. FullThrottle


      Suggest you try your question over at http://robaloboatowners.net/forums/ . Much more likely to get information on older Robalos over there.

  7. FullThrottle

    Additional Rod Holders

    On the r207 there are openings under the seats. Not sure how to handle utter on your boat.
  8. FullThrottle

    hinges for cover on live well

    You might try posting your question on http://robaloboatowners.net/forums/ More likely to get an answer on older boats over there.
  9. FullThrottle

    Lenco Trim tabs for 227

    Thanks for the credit Wesley8808..To wire it I took a fish tape from the console on my R207 and ran it to the back between the starboard hull and the gunnel. I attached several pull tapes to the fish tape and pulled them back. I used the pull tapes to run the wires for additions needing a run to the back (trim tabs, underwater LEDs, and a nite vision spot light. I think it still had one pull left when I sold the boat. You'll really like the tabs. World of difference when heading into waves or load balancing. Even helps come up on plane faster when pulling a towable.
  10. FullThrottle

    no boot stripe

    You could always add some art.
  11. FullThrottle

    Additional Rod Holders

    I got to the bottom through the front seat openings. Wasn't quite a contortionist, but close. They are 30 degree set at an angle to hold the rod over the water about 30-45 degrees off the hull.
  12. FullThrottle

    Robalo R227 Driver Seat

    The seat has to be raised to allow more motion. I can't post here due to space limitations, but I'll repost it on the other site. Not sure why it shows expired, but they had a serious problem at that site and maybe it caused a problem with the pdf. I'll put it at the end of the thread. It was created with Adobe 7 and I seem to be able to read it fine, but if you have problems again, let me know and I'll upgrade the version
  13. FullThrottle

    Robalo R227 Driver Seat

    You might find this helpful http://forum.robalo.com/index.php?/topic/2636-r207-swivel-seats/&tab=comments#comment-5461 . I got some 6063 T5 aluminum from Amazon and raised and swapped the seats and it worked great. I believe the R227 seats are similar, if not the exact same. You can see how I did mine and some other improvements here http://robaloboatowners.net/forums/index.php?/topic/6256-r207-improvements/&tab=comments#comment-31351 Not sure if they apply to the R227, but they may be helpful.
  14. FullThrottle

    Naugahyde Upholstery Cleaning Process

    One of the things to remember is Dawn is a de-greaser and therefore a de-waxer too. Some people use Dawn with a little bleach right before waxing their boat, and I would suggest you re-wax your boat after following the above instructions.
  15. FullThrottle

    New Robalo Owner, with a few questions

    When I look at the Robalo web site it shows you could have a vacuflush head or a vacuflush head with overboard discharge. So, you may not have a valve for overboard discharge. I'd hope the head uses fresh water as raw water will eventually cause odor issues. The specs also 'suggest' fresh water: ...Just checked the manual and it DOES use fresh water. Didn't find where to add the water however... Optional Vacuflush System: 6.50 gal Holding Tank Capacity: 3.80 gal Water Capacity: 9.00 gal I suspect you might have gotten a separate booklet for the head since it is an optional feature. RickR160 is right, the dealer should be able to help or find you some help. Hope he enjoys the boat!