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  1. FullThrottle

    R200 livewell doesn’t work

    Chris, it should be toward the port side under the deckplate by the engine. See page 19 of the parts manual at http://robalo.com/publications/uploaded_files/partGuides/2013/2013 R227 PIG.pdf Hope you have long arms. On my R207 I could just barely reach it.
  2. FullThrottle

    Ski tow

    I mounted rod holders on my ski tow as there weren't enough on the boat. Also installed two rod/cup holders aft for fishing from the bow. I wish I'd done this http://forum.robalo.com/index.php?/topic/5660-r207-modifications/ but I hadn't seen these rod holders when I did mine. As far as the bridle, it should work fine with a 200. I had no problems with a 150HP. I did use the trim tabs to plane off sooner when pulling a towable with multiple people.
  3. FullThrottle

    Error message from Garmin

    In my experience, only the dealer can or will help you. I'm not sure what your Garmin issue is, but I had to configure mine for the correct transducer, the dealer didn't. I had paint bubbling around the gauges myself. I sanded it down and painted it. The screws on the gauge panel were corroding and I replaced them with 316 stainless screws and painted them at the same time. If your panel bubbling is like mine, it appears the screws had a reaction with the aluminum and caused the bubbling. My boat was dry stored. My original dealer had offered to put the boat on his trailer for $150 to do warranty work. Before I had any warranty work needing that dealer, Robalo changed dealers. I then had a one way 4 hour trip by boat to the new dealer. Luckily I only had to take it in once to the dealer.
  4. FullThrottle

    Ultimate newbie questions: how to shop for a Robalo?

    As a previous R207 owner, I'll try to help a bit. 1. Not all dealers will do this. Part of the issue is the 'new' owner won't want many hours on his boat when purchasing, so I know they tend to limit sea trials to those purchasing the boat. When I sold my R207, it was the same way. Only the guy who bought my boat got the sea trial and that was to allow him to ask for any 'fixes' he thought might be needed (there were none). Before he bought the boat I had compression tests done and documented, etc. so he knew the boat was in good condition. 2. I went to a local (Virginia Beach) boat show, but there are good videos from boattest (https://www.boattest.com/review/robalo/2787_r207 ) and on Robalo's website. You can see where shows will be held at http://www.robalo.com/Content.php?content=boat_shows 3. I didn't order mine, I got it off the showroom floor. If I was ordering it, I'd be sure to get the ski tow and trim tabs. 4. I didn't have downriggers, but I did replace the holders with rod/cup holders. I'd say they could handle downriggers fine. I did use them for planers at fairly high speed and didn't have any issues. 5. With most new boats you have to use the dealer you purchased the boat from for any warranty work. Very important that your dealer has a good reputation. Good luck with the boat. I really liked my R207 and it's new owner likes it as well. My wife wanted a larger boat, so we sold the R207.
  5. FullThrottle

    Lenco Zincs?

    Since my boat is dry stored, I've never replaced an anode. However, to my surprise they are supposed to be replaced yearly on a boat kept in the water, or when 50% has been worn away. Pretty good reference here https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2245/5025/files/Corrosion_Card_2014.pdf I would replace them with aluminum anodes if you can get them. Should last longer and provide the same protection as zinc.
  6. FullThrottle

    Robalo Rod Holder

    If you want rod/cup holders try these https://mateseries.com/product-category/stainless/ I used the closed ones so I could put a drain tube on them and run it to the bilge. Boat Outfitters has these https://www.boatoutfitters.com/stainless-steel-rod-holder-15-degree or http://www.gemlux.com/catalog/rod-holders .
  7. FullThrottle


    I hooked up a piece of clear hose to the gallon of antifreeze, jammed the other end of the hose up the raw water intake, poked a hole in the gallon jug and put higher than the intake. Then I turned on the raw water switch and ran the raw water hose and livewell until pink water/antifreeze came out and shut everything off. Best I could figure out to do. Worked great although you're going to spill some antifreeze.
  8. FullThrottle

    Trolling Motor Install on R200

    It's difficult to find the exact regulations, but it would seem that batteries for outboard motors only require a 'box' to contain electrolyte spillage and post covers to avoid metal contact. My Albemarle had enclosed boxes and it was an inboard. My Robalo and Sailfish came from the manufacturer with spillage boxes only.
  9. FullThrottle

    Kicker for 202 Explorer

    Possibly, but you could always use something like this (there are quite a few different styles and manufacturers): https://www.amazon.com/Davis-Happy-Troller-Folding-Trolling/dp/B00MYSOYM6/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1540581370&sr=8-3&keywords=trolling+plate+for+outboard+motor My R207 with a 150 would go fairly slow but I'm not sure if it would go that slow. Most of the trolling I do requires a higher speed.
  10. FullThrottle

    Retro items on 2019 build

    Should look good. Post some pics when you're done.
  11. FullThrottle

    Build it prices

    When I went to the build it pages for a R247 it showed the prices. It does say to get prices from the 'local dealer', but on the build it page it shows the "NAP' .
  12. FullThrottle

    2019 R222 on the way!

    You are right that the Dealer is what makes the sale and their non-communication would be a deal breaker for me too. Because Robalo is owned by a large corporation some see this as better than being owned by a single owner or LLC. Who owns the company isn't as important to me as how easy it is to get them to respond to a problem and I concur that Robalo is tough to get through to, but they will respond. However, have never read of them getting involved in a dealer/consumer issue. As far as the quality issues - remember when someone is not happy they tell everyone, but most happy people keep quiet. I really liked my Robalo and my dealer took care of any issues I had. There are many other happy Robalo owners. Robalo could have done a better job when making my boat, and I feel the same way about my new Sailfish. They both have had some quality issues, but they were small and for the most part I fixed them (lack of caulk, trash in the bilge, etc.). I have no idea why things aren't caught before delivery, but the good news is all the major items were fine. Good luck and hope you get the boat you want.
  13. FullThrottle

    R 302 - Read Before You Buy

    My latest boat a Sailfish 245DC was ordered with a wiper, but due to some screw up on the salesman's part I didn't get it. I ordered one from Sailfish and have installed the switch, and plan to install the wiper motor and wiper when time allows and fish aren't biting (February - April). I had one on my Albemarle and yes, they aren't like a car's wiper and yes, I had to adjust it on the windshield fairly often. It caught the rags when washing the boat. It would smear things around unless there was a lot of water on the windshield. But, more than once when caught in a hard rain or wind driven spray it was all that allowed me to see ahead. I can follow the GPS and radar will allow me to see other boats. However, fish nets, crab pots and floating debris are better found with my eyes. I probably only used the wiper about once a year, but over the 10 years I had the Albe there were a couple of times I was very glad I had a wiper. With my R207 I'd stand up and look over the windshield and wipe my eyes a lot while getting soaked, but the Sailfish windshield is taller so my only option would be to open the center windshield and try driving while standing in the center of the boat. So, I'll be installing a wiper on the Sailfish and hope I don't need it, but I'll have the piece of mind knowing it's there if I do need one. Right now the Rejex on the windshield has worked great for light rain and occasional spray but I haven't had it out in a driving rain or constant spray yet. Almost guaranteed to have that once I start taking the boat offshore more. So in my opinion, the resolution to the wiper issue is more based on what the owner wants, not that everyone should have a wiper on their boat. I want one due to my boat's windshield design and my use of the boat. Never thought about getting one on the R207 and probably would have only used it 1 time in 3 years if I'd had a wiper. For most boats under 35 feet, but over 20 I'd say the manufacturer should offer one as an option.
  14. FullThrottle

    Yamaha Fuel Water Separating Filter

    My 2014 R207 had one and I believe all the Robalos I've looked at have one as well.
  15. FullThrottle

    R207 modifications

    i hung a net from the rod in the head to dump in my keys and wallet and whatever else I needed to not have in my pockets while on the boat. I had thought about getting a something to attach to the back of the door for the console, but I didn't want it out if I used the door for a windbreak. I thought about trying to attach something to the head door, but never could find anything I liked. Hope you have better luck. AO, like what you did for rod holders.