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  1. I installed a Lumitec Caprera2 Bracket Mount Dual Color LED Flood Light White/Red 101103 using a V-Lock. That way I could reverse the light aft/forward and remove it when necessary.
  2. Based on what's happening, they can't predict when either a critical supply would become unavailable, or when they will have to close. Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina just shut down, so you can't blame them for not giving a firm date. I hope you get it when expected, but my boat is at a boatel that closed, opened under 24 hour advance reservations and I suspect based on today's announcements will probably close again. I'd complain, but this virus and it's rapid expansion is bad and I'd rather be without my boat that in the hospital fighting for my life. Let us hope this ends soon.
  3. You may get an answer here, but for sure you should contact your dealer and have them find out.
  4. I no longer have a 207, but my current boat does have a hardtop.
  5. I had mounted a red/white light to the R207 ski bar, but it was only for fishing around rocks at night. I never have used forward facing lights so I never mounted any. On my current boat I could have gotten a factory light for the hardtop, but I've opted instead to use a sionyx aurora sport camera and display it on my phone. Works great and won't give me night blindness. Between the camera and radar, I'm fairly comfortable on a moonless night. I just use a mount for off-road biking and attach it to the windshield support. The phone is strapped to the console (factory installed area for mobile phones, even has charger just below phone). I don't need anything at the marina as it's all lit pretty well.
  6. Why not come up to the back and step up to the platform by the motor? If it's too high up, drop the swim ladder and use it to get up to the boat. Just a thought. I almost always board from the back of the boat if it's possible, but all my boarding has been from the dock, or in the water.
  7. My aux switches weren't wired to anything until I used them for the Autopilot and underwater LEDs.
  8. Really looks good and good use of the space. What model boat? http://robaloboatowners.net/forums/ is another place to post your upgrades. Lots of repair and upgrade information there. I've gotten a lot of improvement ideas from the site.
  9. You should ask this on http://robaloboatowners.net/forums/ Many more owners of older Robalos over there. They'll know about the transoms in 2008. I do know some years of older Robalos do have transom issues, but I understand it's fairly easy to test for and they can also help with repairs of weak transoms. Good luck!
  10. I think most dealers fill the tank, but my last one didn't.
  11. At shore, it's easy enough. They install a hose in the waste pump out and suck it out. I always added additional water to help 'flush' it out at the end. Off shore (to be legal you must be at least 3 miles offshore and I only did it when over 50 miles offshore) you can use the macerater pump and turn your Y valve to pump it overboard. I only did it once due to smells while we were out fishing. That boat used saltwater for flushing and that is what caused most of the smell. My new boat uses freshwater and I haven't noticed any problems yet. Since you have a 2007, you might consider joining this forum. It has a lot of Robalo owners of older Robalos: http://robaloboatowners.net/forums/
  12. FullThrottle

    trim tabs

    I was hoping someone would answer that knows the R202EX. I can only tell you that my R207 used Lenco tabs. I couldn't get the information from my dealer or Robalo on what tab to get, so I contacted Lenco and they took the HIN (Hull Identification Number) and gave me the part number to order for the tabs and emailed me the documentation. I then ordered the tabs and tab controller and cables from a dealer in Florida and had them sent to me. Pretty easy to install after watching a few videos on youtube. As far as Bennett or Lenco, I went with Lenco since that is what Robalo was using.
  13. quick answer IMO - R222ex is more of a family boat than the R222. You can look at the Robalo site and view the differences. They both can be used as family boats or fishing boats, but the ex model is more designed for 'comfort' and fishing. Check out https://www.boattest.com/review/robalo/3622_r222ex-explorer A bit more aged, but still a good review of the R222 https://www.boattest.com/review/robalo/3078_r222 You'd probably enjoy either one, but depending on your family the R222ex might be the better boat. If fishing is more important you'd probably want the R222. Good Luck!
  14. Looks like a lot of the old messages were removed when the forum was down. Here's one that might help. Can't upload them here (too large). http://robaloboatowners.net/forums/index.php?/topic/6256-r207-improvements/
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