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  1. Having docked boats in strong winds and currents for years, the only thing I think makes it easier is experience. I've learned to use the winds and currents to push me to the dock when that's possible and when it's not and I have to fight against them I've learned how to 'speed' (a few mph over normal docking) to the dock then suddenly reverse just before hitting into it. I don't like doing that as my motto is "don't go any faster than you want hit the dock", but sometimes it's the only choice (rushing tide and strong wind in the same direction pushing you away from the dock). I had a boat with two engines for years and it's a lot easier with two engines or a bow thruster to dock in adverse conditions. Now that I only have one engine it is more difficult. Sometimes I have to take a second approach if I've misjudged conditions and I've learned to accept it. I had a flat bottomed boat as a kid and I know how much harder it is to dock a boat like that, but that experience has sure helped me be better at docking. Good luck and enjoy your time on the water.
  2. You can also refer to the 'Panel Kits' for more in depth diagrams from 2010 back. Although they aren't kept up-to-date I've used them when I was troubleshooting a problem with my bilge pump on my 2014 R207. I'm assuming you have a negative and positive buss bar near your console and if so, that's where I'd start with a meter and check the voltage from your battery to the buss bars (or unhook the batteries and check for continuity). It's likely you lost either the ground or 12VDC connection to the buss bars. The battery switch provides the 12VDC to the buss bar and it would be where I'd start checking if you find you're missing the 12VDC on the buss bar. Good luck in your troubleshooting.
  3. I added a round V-lock ( https://store.v-lock.com/collections/v-lock-products/products/round-rail-mount-kit ) to the ski tow bar and bought a 2 rod holder V-lock ( https://www.boatoutfitters.com/v-lock-stainless-steel-rod-holder-straight ). Couldn't find a 3 or 4 rod holder, but you could make one. The V-lock allows me to remove it so it doesn't interfere when using the ski tow when pulling someone and I wired a red light to a V-lock insert so I can use it when casting at night. After taking some family fishing and not having anything forward I added two rod/cup holders ( http://mateseries.com/ ) in the bow area so people fishing in the front would have somewhere to put their rods. Also, added some inexpensive plastic rod holders on the lower part of the ski tow to hold the net or gaff and a small rod. I did add a heavy duty zip tie to hold that one in place. Almost forgot, added a rod holder for trolling to the ski tow. It's low enough it doesn't interfere when using the tow bar to pull someone, so I just leave it in place: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00E94LASY/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 And I can't recommend these (don't know anyone who has them), but there are bimini options too: http://oceansouth.us/product/ma-110/ http://www.komocovers.com/bimini-rocket-launcher-fishing-rod-holder.html
  4. I keep a fire extinguisher on the boat because it's required. However, every year 1 or 2 boat fires and or explosions occur in my area, and in almost every fire someone is burned. Sometimes seriously. Keeping that in mind, I advise all my passengers that in case of fire, grab a PFD and leave if we're on the water, or run away from the boat if at dock. Luckily having an outboard now, fire is less likely. Had a boat with two inboards and an automatic halon system and still took extra precautions when fueling including having all passengers leave the boat It may be inconvenient, but I gave the kids a few bucks for snacks and drinks and had the piece of mind knowing they were safe. Oh, I should add: We had a boat blow up a few years ago where I regularly fuel with the owner getting burned. Had a friend helping someone with a boat that wouldn't start - it burned to the waterline and he was in the hospital for months. Won't see him in short sleeves or shorts ever again. Just down from where I keep the boat, a mechanic and owner were working on his boat this spring before it caught fire. One seriously burned, the other badly burned. Shame is, I can't remember anyone telling me they put out a boat fire with an extinguisher. I guess it happens. I just haven't heard of it on any fiberglass boats less than 30 feet.
  5. Hadn't thought about using a strut to hold the door open, but I imagine it could be a help at times. Usually our head is where everyone puts their towels, bags, etc. and only used in 'emergencies'. I think the strut would be more of an issue (slower to open/close) than a help as far as how we use the space. As for the windshield, I use 'Rejex' and have used it on the entire boat instead of wax (had to remove the wax before the initial use of Rejex). It works a little better than RainX IMO. Also, seems to do a great job protecting the boat. Most people who don't know the boat ask if it's new (now 3 year old), so I'm happy with the way it's worked out. I thought about putting on a wiper (had one on my last boat), but after using the boat awhile have decided against installing one. Plus, with all the things I've added, I've run out of switches and would have to install another one somewhere on the already full dash.
  6. I got a backup plug for my R207 from Amazon to put with my keys. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B009CDYGRY/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Or, if you want a black plug you could buy this. I believe Robalo uses the same plug size on all boats, but I can't guarantee it. http://www.defender.com/product.jsp?path=-1|294|2345895|2345903&id=2051942 You can also go to Cecil Marine and get the same plug assembly Robalo uses. http://www.cecilmarineonline.com/garboard-drain-plug-black-h-2-o-34-00200-chaparral-robalo/
  7. If you don't get an answer here you might try http://robaloboatowners.net/forums/ or try Ken (very good guy to work with) at http://www.propgods.com I contacted Ken concerning my prop and he explained what I could expect at each cost increment, and that he didn't recommend making a change. He may have lost a sale with me, but now I recommend him to everyone. How many other sale people will give you that honest an answer?
  8. Hadn't thought about the bimini and I wouldn't want to damage it. Forward I added two cup/rod holders for those fishing from the bow (and additional rod storage) and AFT a V-Lock 2 rod holder to hold unused rods in the back and a trolling rod holder to the ski tow bar. Robalo's dual console 207 and 227 make nice dual purpose boats, but when fishing there just weren't enough rod holders. Also added a plastic 2 rod holder on the lower port side of the ski tow and that's where I put the net. Oh, almost forgot...I added a 3 rod holder in the center storage area for rods I don't use too often. I drag them out when the bite is on and lines have gotten tangled or reel backlash puts one out of use. Nice to have something I can quickly use.
  9. You might get an answer faster on http://robaloboatowners.net/forums/. More owners over there with older boats (not that 2006 is old, just not new).
  10. This thread should probably have been here. Maybe here someone from Robalo will respond to the questions and comments: http://forum.robalo.com/index.php?/topic/5293-customer-service/
  11. If that won't work, this may. Added bimini cleats on deck work great on my R207. Keeps the bimini up just high enough so it isn't touching anything.
  12. It seems with Robalo everything is tied to your local dealer. The boats are good boats, not perfect and when you have a question or want a part, it is all tied to your dealer. I tried to order trim tabs after purchase, and you can't do that. Tried to get the part numbers from my dealer, no luck. Called Robalo multiple times, no luck. Emailed Lenco, got the part number, diagrams, instructions and ordered my tabs. I've had several warranty issues and they were all handled well. No complaints about warranty, but my dealer is the key. I email him pictures of the problem, he emails his contact at Robalo, they agree to warranty and it happens. Not sure how it gets done otherwise, but I know this has worked for me. Done this for a Yamaha issue as well (leaking seal on trim pistons) and I think the pictures help a lot. Lastly, for information this forum helps as does http://robaloboatowners.net/forums/ and Hull Truth. I'm not sure why Robalo chooses not to provide any customer relations after the sale. I assume they did a study and decided the cost of doing customer relations was higher than the return purchase business profit they'd gain? Or, they're under the false impression that all their dealers are top notch and doing the job of customer relations for Robalo.
  13. On my 2014 R207 the USB is for MP3 playing on the Jensen MS30 radio. It doesn't have bluetooth, so I can play MP3s via the audio plug or the USB. I tried using it for charging my phone and I don't think it charges at all, or if so it is very low/slow charging. Here are the instructions for USB on my radio: You can connect a USB device directly to the USB interface at the rear of the radio for playback of compatible files. Playback begins automatically. Press the MODE button (8) to switch to USB mode from another source. Play/Pause (USB) During USB playback, press the MUTE button (9) to play or pause the selected track. Next/Previous File Press the l<< or >>l button (6, 7) to select the previous or next track. Folder Navigation Press the FOLDER +/- buttons (4, 5) to select the next/previous folder. Playback will begin with the first song file in the selected folder. Fast Forward/Fast Reverse Press and hold the l<< or >>l button to fast forward or fast reverse.
  14. No ideas myself, but you might try posting this at http://robaloboatowners.net/forums/ Read some posts there from 305 owners.
  15. Due to some issues, I've had 3 different fish finders on the boat. The Lowrance was the largest 7" and the Raymarine smallest. But, I doubt the 9" Raymarine will fit. If you want to totally redo the helm gauges you could probably make room for a 9", but you'd probably have to do some fiberglass work, add supports and find a different way to mount the gauges.