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  1. Hope someone with a 200 will respond, but I have the same hull as as the R200, but as a dual console (R207). I'd say it's fairly dry for its size and I put it in 2 to 3 foot waves regularly. If they are steep I'll get some spray when heading into the waves, but most of the water is diverted away from the boat. I use the boat year round and had it out in 37 degree water a couple of weeks ago, so I'm happy with how it handles the waves. I have a 150 and I'm happy with it. You can check out the performance data at https://yamahaoutboards.com/en-us/home/owner-resources/all/performance-bulletins . Trim tabs help a lot in improving the ride and coming up on plane when I'm puling a towable. I'd say tabs should be standard. Really helps when heading into the waves. The bimini on the 200 is the same as the one on the R207 (or at least it appears to be). I can remove the back brace and have it leaning forward and use the cover and everything is out of the way in the back. Only complaint about the bimini was having it all the way down. I had bimini cleats installed in the deck so I had somewhere to secure it safely when fully down. I also created a flexible brace enabling me to have the back braces up when out trolling so the brace is not in the way of the mid ship rod holders and I can still have the bimini up. Not sure about the R200, but you might try some searches on this forum to see what others say. Hope this helps.
  2. I may be mistaken, but I think at 2016 is still under warranty and the dealer should fix. From Robalo's facebook page: January 12, 2015 ยท Robalo's 5 Year Premiere Protection Component Warranty Promotion is going on now as well as Yamaha's 5 Year Engine Warranty. There's never been a better time to buy your brand new Robalo. Act fast. As for doing it yourself, I removed my power panel due to a bad circuit breaker. After having worked on electronics for 30 years, the only difficulty was in not having double jointed elbows to get to parts of it easier. I think if you do your own car maintenance or house wiring it wouldn't be too hard to do. Just remember to label or mark cables so you know where they go back (unhook battery cables first!). Also, if it was me having to change it, I'd probably opt for a different switch manufacturer ( Blue Seas ). I think the Amazon Blue Seas switch is probably the right one, but check first.
  3. Suggest you ask this on http://robaloboatowners.net/forums/ You're more likely to find answers on your 1993 boat over there.
  4. First, no, I haven't been on a boat with glass like the 302 so I cannot speak to how good/bad it is. I did a bit of research and only looked at boats similar to the 302 and some had full glass, others not. Same for the wipers. I did see several with full glass and no wipers, so Robalo isn't the only manufacturer doing that. I could see missing the lack of a wiper in the sea trial, but I would sure add a wiper if I felt it was needed. I came close to adding one on the R207, but the Rejex gave me good enough vision in hard rain and in light rain I just look over the windshield if I need to. No Wiper Sea Hunt Gamefish 30 (looks to be full glass) Key West 281 Billistic (looks to be full glass) Key West 351 Billistic (looks to be full glass) Mako 334 CC (partial) Tidewater 320 CC Adventure (looks like full windshield, no sides) Calcutta 263 (looks like full windshield, partial sides) Cobia 301CC (looks to be full glass) Edgewater 320CC (full glass wraparound windshield) North Rip 30 (partial) Regulator 31 (partial) Wellcraft 302 Fisherman (almost full glass - slight opening at top) With Wiper Boston Whaler 280 Outrage Southport 282 Everglades 295 Grady White Canyon 306 Scout 300 LXF World Cat 320CC
  5. Bodee, I agree with RickR160. I've had boats with and without windshield wipers. The wipers are helpful, but every boat I had with wipers ended up with wiper problems. Nothing quite like having a wave destroy the wiper while you're in a storm, but somehow we survived without it (due in part to GPS). My R207 doesn't have wipers and yes I can look over the windshield - but not when its raining hard in my face, or when having spray come over the bow with each wave. Then I duck down below the windshield and look as best I can (I use Rejex, a product like RainX and it helps the water sheet off the windshield) and follow the GPS. I've gotten caught in some nasty storms and in fog. Windshield wipers wouldn't help in either since I usually couldn't see much past the bow regardless. Learned long ago about following my past tracks on GPS to get into the dock. FLIR, Radar and wipers can help in some conditions, but GPS shows me where I need to be. I just go slow, follow my past track and I keep a proper watch out for other boats or ships. Never much fun, but it gets me home.
  6. I'll grant you there isn't much difference in the cruising and WOT between the two. However at the low end the 150 does a couple of things I like. A slower trolling speed is one and I need that for a couple of species of fish. The other is a better fuel burn when trolling at most speeds. Since they are so similar at the higher speeds I looked to the lower because a lot of my time is spent at lower speeds. I have a few miles of no-wake to get in and out of the dock, a run of 5 or so miles, then if I'm trolling the beach front or Chesapeake Bay Bridge a lot of the day at low speed. Granted when I run offshore it ends up about 50/50 between running and trolling, but even then the 150 does what I need. If I was always packing the boat with people on each trip the 200 would probably make more sense, but finding people to go on fishing during the week can be challenging (that's why I added an autopilot). Guess the 150 vice 200 is an individual thing and for me the 150 was the way to go.
  7. I bought my R207 in early 2015. Very happy with the boat in general, but like all boats I've owned there could be improvements. I've got a 150 and I'm happy with it. Cruise about 23-26 and top end around 40 or so in ocean waters with light chop. I've added several 'features': Trim tabs (a must in my opinion), Autopilot (I need for trolling while fishing alone), Underwater LEDs (for fishing at night). Two V-locks 1. on the gunwale for mounting a cutting board. 2 on the ski bracket for adding extra rod holders. Using the V-lock allows me to remove the items when taking the family out to the beach so they're out of the way. There is more of course, but those were important to me. The boat handles great. When I first got it I took in out in steep 4 foot waves to see how it would handle them. It did great. Since then I've taken it offshore several times as I know it can handle the waves pretty well. I've also had 5 people in the boat and 2 kids on a towable. Using the trim tabs I was able to get it up on plane fairly fast, so the 150 will handle most normal use. The 200 might do better, but I haven't been in an R207 with a 200. Only design negatives are related to handling drainage. The front cup holders drain into the center storage causing mildew if you can't get it dried out regularly. I added length to the cup holder drains to take the water all the way to the back of the center storage so it would get into the bilge before causing mildew. The small storage areas under helm and passenger seats drain into the bilge (not much of an issue, just thought they drained overboard before I got the boat). Rain or wash water will go under the back seats into the bilge after getting everything wet in those storage areas(again mildew issues, wet batteries, etc.). Rear rod holders drain into the same area by the rear seats. I swapped out the rod holders for rod/drink holders and added a hose to take their drainage directly to the bilge. Of course, it is a boat and you've got to expect things will get wet. Just was disappointed Robalo didn't make some minor changes to handle the drainage better. I was only interested in the head for my grandkids use and for some storage area. I doubt many adults could use it due to the very low height. In an emergency I could use it, but it would be difficult. Grandkids have had no issues when they've needed it. I'm not sure where you intend to use it or how you'll use it, but I've put mine to good use (about 500 hours in 3 years) in everything from offshore storms to calm shallows. Unlike my previous large fishing boat, my wife and grandkids love this one. That alone makes it the right boat for me, but I like it too. Handles well in all sorts of conditions, is comfortable for passengers, and is still a good fishing boat. Hope this helps with your decision.
  8. This non-service is getting to be old with Robalo. I fully understand warranty work being a dealer issue, but Robalo has failed more than once when a customer has an issue with the dealer. I really don't understand why they don't stand behind their boats better than they do. I'd think it would be a matter of pride to provide good customer service, but Robalo has made it clear they only see service as a cost and customers a a nuisance if they try calling for help. Your complaint is just another example of poor customer service. I have to admit, I've been treated well by my dealer(s). Robalo changed local dealers a year after I bought the boat and both have been great. However, my calls to Robao for information have never been returned. I had an Albemarle 28' before the Robalo. It was a good boat for many years, but I had some issues my dealer thought should go to the factory and I called Albemarle to discuss. They have a CUSTOMER SERVICE person and they answered the phone. Got the boat fixed and I know Albemarle stands behind their boats. I downsized to the Robalo after looking at several other boats and the dual console Robalos seemed to be the best for what my wife and grandkids wanted and that would allow the fishing that I wanted. It's been a great boat and like I said, no complaints about warranty work by my dealers. However, I shudder to think what would happen if I was unsatisfied with how my dealer handled an issue. I know trying to escalate it to the factory would be very difficult if not impossible based on my earlier attempts to get information and from reading on the forum about those with a warranty issue not being solved by their dealer. I hope everyone that buys Robalo gets a dealer at least a good as mine have been. I wish that Robalo would realize the importance of good customer service and take some of their advertising dollars and move them to the best advertising anyone can have - "excellent customer service". Having customers say that to their friends would probably sell more Robalos than all their other advertising.
  9. Not sure if your 'exhaust' work includes impellers. If not, they should be replaced. Hope you enjoy the boat!
  10. If the ladder is a deal maker/breaker there are several other manufacturers to look at. I really like my Robalo, but that's because it meets most of my needs and I was able to add on the rest. I know Carolina Skiff has a nice boarding ladder on their 15 foot boat. Key West has an option for a swim platform and boarding ladder on their 15 and 17 foot boats. My suggestion is to look around, find the boat that seems to meet your requirements, read the reviews in Hull Truth or other non-manufacturer sites, etc. Then find a local dealer and check them out before purchase (a dealer with a bad rep is a deal breaker for me as that's where you'll have to go when you have warranty issues). Every boat I've owned ends back up in the shop at some point and with most manufacturers your dealer is your only avenue for warranty work. Good luck and I hope you find the boat you're looking for.
  11. Beautiful boat. Sorry about the leak problem. You might see if someone at this forum can help as I expect you'll find more 2006 owners over there: http://robaloboatowners.net/forums
  12. Enjoy! and welcome aboard. Had my R207 for a couple of years now and thoroughly enjoy it.
  13. Sadly I don't think anyone from Robalo who could help monitors this forum. Rumor has it that joebalo over on the Hull Truth (https://www.thehulltruth.com ) is a Robalo rep and has been know to provide assistance. Might try seeing if doing a PM or posting something there helps. The dealer is your best chance at getting good Robalo warranty work. Mine has been great and I've had 3 or 4 issues they took care of. Robalo sent the parts quickly and I'm very happy. However, you are not alone in not being happy with your warranty work and it is all dependent on the dealer. I did get to talk to someone at Robalo when trying to find a part number for trim tabs and he was nice and said he'd call me back with the Lenco number since Robalo doesn't sell them except when ordered with the boat. I"m still waiting for Robalo to call back (really not, got Lenco to give me the part number in about 1/2 hour). Sorry you've had so much trouble. You might remind the dealer he would be held as negligent and responsible for any freezing damage if he doesn't allow you access to winterize the boat or do the winterizing himself. GOOD LUCK in getting everything resolved.
  14. Hope this helps. It leaves me just enough room to crawl under the bimini if I'm exiting out the back of the boat.
  15. I'm not sure if it would help you or not, but on my R207 I put bimini cleats in the deck to hold the bimini when not in use. Mine is dry stored and it has to be down before they will take it in and on the R207 it meant putting the bimini against the gunwale. I knew something was going to get damaged eventually so by putting mounts on the deck it holds the bimini up just high enough.