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  1. FullThrottle

    Leak in R200 and no response from Robalo

    I've had warranty work done on several boats over the years and in no case did the dealer (or manufacturer) cover transportation costs with one exception. I had to truck my large boat to the factory for repairs on my dime, but the same hull failure occurred again and they paid the freight on the second trip (and did an excellent job of repairs too). As for getting Robalo involved on warranty work - search this site and you'll find it is almost non-existent. The dealer is your ONLY point of contact.
  2. FullThrottle

    Water in Center Console

    I do hope the dealer takes care of your problem and hope they let Robalo know about the issue so Robalo can track it down and insure it doesn't happen to anyone else. I know that on each of my warranty issues I took pictures and watched the dealer send them to Robalo. I tried to contact Robalo on an issue I had and found it is almost impossible to directly contact anyone. Robalo does seem to respond to the dealers.
  3. FullThrottle

    Dealer gave wrong plug

    I believe this is the actual plug http://www.cecilmarineonline.com/garboard-drain-plug-black-h-2-o-34-00200-chaparral-robalo/ but you could also use this one (I have one with the boat key, for emergencies) https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B009CDYGRY/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Rather like your emergency plug and I can think of one sure way to get one. Good news is every trip you'd have to get a new one.
  4. FullThrottle

    2017 R222ES Bilge Pump

    Just a guess, but when you ran it water that was collected elsewhere in the boat drained back to the bilge.
  5. FullThrottle

    Current build time

    A lot depends on the dealer, timing and the manufacturing schedule. If your dealer is due to get a boat model you want and there is time to get your features added, it might not be too long to get it. However, if they aren't due to get one and manufacturing is already committed for months, it's going to take awhile. Perhaps Joeballo can fill us all in better, but from my own experience I believe what I've said holds pretty much true. I know it did for my newest boat. I couldn't get all the features added as it was already in manufacturing, but I was able to get a few of them added and with that I will add the rest myself.
  6. FullThrottle

    2001 Cuddy 2240 Transom weight question

    I'd suggest posting on http://robaloboatowners.net/forums/ but they are still down. The administrator had an operation and was hoping to be back to limited work by the end of the month. You might try checking occasionally to see if it's back up. They have more of the older boat experts and owners.
  7. FullThrottle

    Robalo 2440 Walk Around - Forward bilge full of waste.

    First thing I'd do is take it to a pump out station and pump out all I can, then add lots of water to the toilet/waste tank and pump it out again. Add some bilge treatment that is colored so you can track it if it leaks. Clean up as planned and then check for leaks. If none, then keep adding water to the toilet/waste tank to see if there are cracks or leaks when it gets more full. I'd tell you to post this on a different site ( http://robaloboatowners.net/forums/ ), but they've been down for about a month. I know the administrator had some major surgery and I'm assuming he isn't up to working on it yet, but check every once in a while. That forum is full of owners with older Robalos and they'll be more than happy to help. In the mean time, they have some manuals too and this may help: http://www.robaloboatowners.net/manuals/1993-RobaloManual.pdf Good luck
  8. FullThrottle

    247 DC purchase

    Looks like a great boat. We were very close to getting one when we up-sized as we really liked our R207. I'm sure you will like it.
  9. FullThrottle

    R302 Taking on water

    If this is a change since your dealer worked on it, I'd ask them to send someone out ASAP. No valve I can think of that should let water into the bilge or fill up the livewell when it is turned off. And, I wouldn't take it out until either I find and fix the problem or the dealer does. You shouldn't be dependent on you bilge pump while just sitting at the dock.
  10. FullThrottle

    Underwater Lights Wiring

    My R207 did not have any unused wires leading aft. The boat's new owner does as when I ran the wires for the trim tab and underwater LEDs I also ran one for a light that isn't installed. Could be in new boats wires were run, but on my 2014 there were not any 'extra' wires.
  11. FullThrottle

    What prop for R207 with 200hp?

    I'd call Ken at https://propgods.com/ . He's the best I know at prop selection. I'd agree you have a problem as I could get to 42 with my 150. Engine height is another consideration and this chart might help you to see if that was set correctly: http://features.boats.com/boat-content/files/2016/01/progressive-engine-height.jpg
  12. FullThrottle

    Ordering Parts

    I don't understand the logic of not selling parts. Try building a car from parts and the cost is astronomical. They mark up the parts to cover original cost, storage, handling, taxes, etc. and profit. You'd think boat manufacturers would operate the same way and be happy if you buy the parts. I had an issue as Robalo wouldn't sell me trim tabs and wouldn't even give me information on the unique Robalo sized trim tabs so I could order them somewhere else. I called Lenco and got all the information I needed including diagrams and where I could purchase them in short order. I realize this issue isn't isolated to Robalo, but some manufacturers are better than others. My guess is most boat owners buy a boat that's in the showroom, not one they ordered with all the features they wanted. That being the case, boat manufacturers could do much to improve their sales profit and customer relations by selling parts for their boats.
  13. FullThrottle

    Ordering Parts

    Try http://www.cecilmarineonline.com/logo-robalo-chrome-1/ for the chrome Robalo logo or https://garzonstudio.com/boat/robalo.html for some of the other decals. Can't help you with the drink holder.
  14. FullThrottle

    2015 R180 tilts to port while docked

    Again, it's a different boat, but normally the pump would be located near the lowest point in the boat. The switch for automatic pumping will be very close to the pump. I would take my gaff and lift up the switch to check that the pump started. Usually there wasn't enough water in the bilge for anything to pump out as my boat didn't stay in the water, but I could hear the pump start. The list on your boat is fairly severe and it should be corrected. Based on how low the port side is I'd say you have well over 100 pounds of something on the port side that shouldn't be there. Could be water, but your port is too low and starboard too high. Without being there, I can't think of much else to tell you. What's it look like when you completely pump out the bilge? If there are no changes, then try and locate the extra weight on the port side. If the port side comes up (and hopefully starboard down a bit), then fix the automatic bilge pump so it keeps less water in the bilge. Good Luck
  15. FullThrottle

    2015 R180 tilts to port while docked

    Hopefully you've checked to be sure the pump does start automatically when it should. My circuit breaker for the automatic part of the pump failed and the pump would work manually, but not automatically. The switch can also fail and it won't work automatically. I usually checked the switch every month or two and I know several people who check it every trip. I don't know about the 180, but my R207 had a lot of things that drained into the bilge. However, none of them would have put water to one side or the other - just the center of the boat. From the factory it did tilt to starboard, but it was only about 1/2 to 1 inch. I guess with extra water any tilt would have been magnified, but 3 inches is a lot. After you've run the pump, does it list to starboard by 3 inches, or does the boat level out a bit?