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    Coming up on our 1 year anniverssary with our R180. Wanted to give a plug to Jack at Tilly's Marine in Huntington Beach, Ca. Super honest guy, very patient and now, a good friend. A great place to pick up that New Robalo......
  2. ffr2608

    How far have you gone out in your R180?

    Backside of Catalina....27 miles out and 4-5 foot seas....
  3. ffr2608

    R180 with Yamaha 115 or 150?

    We have the 2015 with the new 115. Very happy with the performance with 3 adults, 1 child, t top. Had the earlier Yamaha 115 on an 18 Seaswirl and really noticed the noise level have dropped with the 2015 model .