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    How to buy R222 with Evinrude Etec Motor

    Howdy, I purchased a new 2015 export version of the R222 from local Palm Beach Robalo dealer and installed my old ETEC 200 H.O. myself. There is something the industry calls " Transom Lock " where contractual agreements with boat manufactures controlled by engine companies prohibit any other type of power plant to be installed on a new boat , except theirs. Robalo is independent of this Transom Lock agreement, that 's why I bought one ! Check out YouTube.com and search , Robalo R222 how to remove boat from trailer Time Lapse , you'll see it as it came from factory !
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    Evinrude E-TEC powered R222

    Alternate Evinrude outboard powered Robalo "DIY"
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    R222 Sea trials

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    Robalo R 222 Evinrude E TEC G1

    From the album: Evinrude E-TEC powered R222

    The  new G2 E TEC 250 HO will be next prime mover to be added.