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  1. fishhead

    which trim tabs for 2019 R200

    I don't know the model number, but the 12" x 6" is the size you want.
  2. fishhead

    Storage for table leg on R247

    I know the R247 comes with a table and leg, what I don't know is where is the table leg stored when not in use?
  3. fishhead

    Good bye Robalo

    Sorry to say that your issues have VERY little to do with Robalo, and a whole LOT to do with the dealership!
  4. fishhead

    R200 Power Suggestions

    I agree with Sam, the only reason he would say that is because he has a 150hp R200 and not a 200hp. You can never have too much hp, but you sure can have too little hp...............go with a 200hp!
  5. fishhead

    Trim Tab Wiring

    I can tell you that the boats are not pre-wired for trim tabs.
  6. fishhead

    rod holders

    No they are not adjustable on the T-Top.
  7. fishhead


    You need to step up to the R222 where you can get a fiberglass T-Top if you want outriggers.
  8. fishhead

    New Boat Coming - Problems to look for?

    "It's coming with minimal options because I can do them cheaper myself using my local sources and fabricator." Don't forget, if the options are installed when you ordered the boat, they are covered under the 5 year component warranty.
  9. fishhead


    You should have got a tag that can be scanned, or has a web link for the boat manual. You should have also rec'd manuals for the Coyote trailer. Where did you buy your R180 from?
  10. fishhead

    Garmin 742

    This unit is awesome, it is VERY easy to use!
  11. The 150hp is the only way to go!
  12. fishhead

    Gelcoat question

    Yes repair it!
  13. fishhead

    Gelcoat question

    Yes you do asap!
  14. fishhead

    R200 - 150 or 200HP?

    I would say you need the 200hp because you can never have too much hp, but you certainly can have too little hp.
  15. fishhead

    Fire extinguisher location

    Close to the helm as possible.