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  1. Set it for no lower than 3'.
  2. No they do not have that option, all of the optional Garmin's are thru hull transducers.
  3. It depends on the age of the boat, but if it is fairly current, yes the factory/dealer can help you.
  4. No worries, always glad to help!
  5. Don't disconnect anything, you are fine like you are!
  6. This was done at Canvas Supply in Ballard, WA.
  7. It is safe to tow it upright.
  8. Nope that is the truth, a very crafty way to make sure dealers order anchors!
  9. After salt water use and it is on a trailer, yes flush it with ear muffs for 5 to 10 minutes. If the boat is still in the salt water you can flush the power head by attaching a hose to the left side of the power head. Both applications the engine should be down.
  10. Do NOT disconnect it if you are storing it in the water. If it is on a trailer it will not come on and drain your battery.
  11. Yes batt's off and plugged in!
  12. Yes the charger is a smart charger, and it will turn off when the batteries are fully charged.
  13. YAMAHA 115XB (115 HP) 3.34 4000 23.80 4.10 41.10 YAMAHA 150XB (150 HP) 2.70 4000 31.40 6.00 47.60
  14. If the area you are talking about is the above pic it is 18" wide x 12" high.