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  1. fishhead

    R202 bilge pump

    It is not on a timer, so you do have to turn it off if you turned it on. It does have an automatic float.
  2. fishhead

    Tongue swing

    I just looked at many trailers, many swung to the left, and many swung to the right, so I would say yes you can change it and it won't matter.
  3. fishhead

    R207 Boat on Trailer weight?

    Approx. 5000#'s
  4. fishhead

    R222 dock line size?

    For ease of attachment 3/8 is the better choice.
  5. fishhead

    New to me R180...

    Curious how much you spent total on fuel and motels for the trip over and back.
  6. fishhead

    Freight Cahrge On New Boat

    Don't feel bad it would be over $4000 in Washington.
  7. fishhead

    pulling R200 CC and putting on its robalo trailer

    Depends on the ramp, some do not allow power on.
  8. fishhead

    New Stereo Remote - R245

    Sorry but new stereo............new remote!
  9. fishhead

    Dealer gave wrong plug

    Nope that is clearly not the drain plug, that plug is for a compartment on the inside of the boat.
  10. fishhead

    Dealer gave wrong plug

    Can you post a pic of what he gave you?
  11. fishhead

    2018 R160

    Go to the website, they are already showing 2019 models.
  12. fishhead

    2018 R160

    I couldn't agree more!
  13. fishhead

    R222 vs. R200

    As my Dad would always say........"It's in the cube!" as in all dimensions increase!
  14. fishhead

    Robalo Boats

    Yaaaaaa finally a factory guy on here! Thanks Joe!
  15. fishhead


    LF15 to get the raw water wash down to work you need the switch on and then turn the black lever in the live well so that it does not pump water in the well. You can not have the wash down and the live well working at the same time, the pump is not strong enough for both.