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  1. fishhead

    Has anyone fished an Explorer?

    There is no perfect boat, that being said, the Explorer is an effort to make the fishermen and the family happy. And the non-explorer R200 or R222 can be ordered with a full width seat that folds down when you want more fish mode in the cockpit.
  2. fishhead

    Lenco Zincs?

    Yes that is correct!
  3. fishhead

    R180 Ski Tow--Anyone have this option?

    I just measured with the tongue all the way up and it was 7' 4" tall by the way!
  4. fishhead

    Plant Tour

    Yes that is correct, and no deposit required for a tour.
  5. fishhead

    Trolling Motor Install on R200

    I didn't see any covers over your batteries, it is required by the Coast Guard that the batteries have covers over them by the way.
  6. fishhead

    R207 "Rust" on Tan Vinyl

    The vinyl is defective, call your dealership, Robalo will replace it for you.
  7. fishhead

    Securing a 242 Explorer to trailer

    The bow eye strap and two transom straps is normal.
  8. fishhead

    Lifting the boat off the trailer

    That method is totally safe for the boat.
  9. fishhead

    R202 bilge pump

    It is not on a timer, so you do have to turn it off if you turned it on. It does have an automatic float.
  10. fishhead

    Tongue swing

    I just looked at many trailers, many swung to the left, and many swung to the right, so I would say yes you can change it and it won't matter.
  11. fishhead

    R207 Boat on Trailer weight?

    Approx. 5000#'s
  12. fishhead

    R222 dock line size?

    For ease of attachment 3/8 is the better choice.
  13. fishhead

    New to me R180...

    Curious how much you spent total on fuel and motels for the trip over and back.
  14. fishhead

    Freight Cahrge On New Boat

    Don't feel bad it would be over $4000 in Washington.
  15. fishhead

    pulling R200 CC and putting on its robalo trailer

    Depends on the ramp, some do not allow power on.