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  1. jsanzare

    2017 R302

    GatorBait...Any chance you could take a pic of where it was calked on the window?
  2. jsanzare

    2019 27'CC

    ITs built from their best riding hull...the old 26'. They made the mold longer and wider but kept the same wave carving 23 degree dead rise at the transom!
  3. You can add friction hinges that are the same shape. I have not found ones that are an exact fit. The hinges that are close are from Boat outfitters. Here is the link. https://www.boatoutfitters.com/058-6044-stainless-steel-friction-hinge-2-5-x-2-5
  4. jsanzare


    For those who are interested in the bimini trip, please refer to www.robalobiminibash.com!!
  5. Hi all!! Ever dream about taking your Robalo over to the Bahamas but don't know where to start or are nervous to make the trip yourself? We at the ROBALO Owners Facebook page have an event scheduled in July 2018 crossing over to Bimini Bahamas! Check out our social media and web page for details!!
  6. I bought this one from Amazon...It was the EXACTLY one that was on my R222. https://www.amazon.com/ITC-97014CSS-KIT2-DB-Transom-Shower-Nylon/dp/B00ISLZLF2/ref=sr_1_1?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1426095761&sr=1-1&keywords=97014CSS-KIT2-DB
  7. jsanzare


    where are you located? Im thinking June 16th-18th if interested.
  8. jsanzare


    Any fellow Robalo owners interested in getting a group together to head over to Bimini in the Bahamas this summer?
  9. I assume you got the cover off?
  10. I have had my R222 for just over a year now and LOVE IT!! it performs very well. Since you are a south Florida person you will know what I'm talking about with these following comments..I have had it over to Bimini twice this past summer, had 9 adults and and accessories to lake Boca for Boca Bash, 10 people on it down in Marathon multiple times and it performed great!! Love the boat..
  11. Congrats!! I have an R222 as well! We have had it for a year now and love it! I have taken it from Ft. Lauderdale over to Bimini in the Bahamas twice this past year....ran great!!
  12. Sorry to hear about your issue. I assume you purchased from Bob Hewes in Miami. Why not try another dealer, say South Florida Yachts? I purchased from them last October and have had a total of three issues with my R222 in the year that I have had it. They were very responsive with my issues and (Kate) ordered the parts right away and not until they arrived did I bring my boat to them and the repairs were done in less than a day.
  13. jsanzare

    Eliot Key...

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