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  1. LFW

    R180 Trailer

    Robalo doesn't show it anymore but they used to--I believe it's 7'-4"
  2. That is some of the reason I've been looking into Cobia--MBG seem to communicate directly with owners, unlike Robalo.
  3. Agreed. I mentioned the poor implementation of the foam in my updated customer survey and recommended they use molded foam purpose-made to fit the cavities. Since they've been using this same poor design for quite a while (mine is a 2019), I doubt they'll change.
  4. They are flotation foam that is intended to keep the boat upright when flooded. The port side of mine seem to be shifting while the starboard side have remained in place. The two half cylinders to the outside of the aft jump seats are poorly planned and keep the upper rod holder very shallow. The port side jump seat foam block completely fell out and dropped down to the battery tray. I have since removed that loose block and plan to drill a hole that aligns with the upper rod holder and glue it back in place. The forward block on the port side seems to have come loose as well and has started i
  5. The ability to re-power (or order new) with the 425 XTO would be awesome. It's less weight than the twin 200's and only 25hp more. If people can put HO or SHO models on boats rated for the non-HO version of the same HP rating, a 25 HP bump should be OK. For instance, I know people were ordering R180s with 150 H.O. Etec G2s, which have an output rating of 165hp but are still listed as a 150.
  6. I think I have this problem as well. I use the raw water wash-down quite often to clean the deck and water sits in the area between the stainless cover and the fiberglass floor. I've actually noticed one of my stainless covers is developing some mild rust staining at the lip, so I was planning to remove them to buff off the rust and reinstall but when I reinstall, I'm planning to add some 4200 around the perimeter to remove the valley between the floor drain depression and the cover plate and get rid of the standing ring of water. I clean the boat after every trip with copious amou
  7. Plan for 3 months. Also, look over everything--EVERYTHING--very closely at the dealership prior to taking the boat home. I have the 180. Purchased in early 2019, took delivery of it late April. I looked it over when at the dealer but I missed a few things that I found later. Crooked decal on console dash Yamaha gauges crooked right side accessory button panel crooked Lid to bow fish locker installed crooked Sloppy gelcoat around the fuel filler -- easily sanded smooth and buffed You get the idea--nothing major but all issues that are easier addressed at the d
  8. I've found more things like this on my 180. Starboard jump seat came loose one trip--all the screws from the hinge to the seat fell out. I was lucky and they all stayed in the boat and I put them back in. Just this past Sunday, I came back from another trip out and noticed the seat loose again, but this time it was the screws from the hinge to the fiberglass--two of them tightened but one of them just spun. I'll need to take a closer look to see if it's a thru-bolt or a threaded insert. it's little stuff like this that over time wears on people because it was needless. The front storage/fish l
  9. LFW

    Fuel vent

    Not to be argumentative, but how do you know it came in through the vent? Fuel, especially with ethanol, attracts water and will create water in the fuel tank from the moisture in the air. If water built up over time, that suggests that you haven't changed the 10 Micron fuel/water separator that lives under the starboard jump seat. Yamaha recommends changing that separator at 10 hours (engine break-in) and every 50 hours thereafter. https://www.westmarine.com/buy/yamaha--mar-fuelf-il-tr-fuel-filter-water-separator-10-micron--13165451?cm_mmc=PS-_-Google-_-GSC>NonB>Product%20Type-_-1
  10. This seems very much like it should be covered under the 5 year component warranty. I would press the issue or maybe talk to another dealer and see what they say. You don;t list where you are located but dealers are scarce on the west coast. If Robalo doesn't make good on this, I would review your warranty documents and make sure you don't have a claim. If you happen to be out of warranty for some odd reason, you can always get a quote from a boat/fiberglass repair shop.
  11. I noticed some annoying quality issues on my R180 but nothing like what is mentioned in these posts. There is some play in the anchor locker lid--the rubber stops aren't quite tall enough to meet up with the underside of the lid just as the latch latches. In other words, the lid can rattle--I will shim the rubber stops. There was a rubberized "ROBALO" decal on the console that was installed crooked--I removed it. The right side button switch panel is installed slightly crooked--I'll adjust later. The rod holders are installed in the gunwales with one thru-bolt and wash
  12. I have a 2019 R180 with the 115 as well. Got it with the port-pottie, bow cushions, raw water wash-down, stereo, steering wheel upgrade, footrest insert, and Garmin 742xs. The porta-pottie is never used because my wife does't want the hassle of cleaning it. Instead, we have an old child training toilet that we still have from when the kids were small and she and the kids use that and dump it over the side (urine only). The 742xs is a decent unit but the included thru-hull Airmar B619 transducer doesn't have CHIRP and is a bit weak. I'm looking to upgrade to the B75M soon but I'll nee
  13. LFW

    Clarion GR10BT

    My 2019 also suffers from this problem.
  14. I have a 2019 R180. I've had the plastic drain plug and thru-hull swapped out for bronze after the boat was rear-ended by a car while on the trailer a year ago (minor nicks in the gel coat and broke the tab off of the plastic plug). I wrap the bronze plug with Teflon tape most of the time. The one time I tried without tape, I noticed a lot of water coming out after pulling the boat out of the water (never triggered the bilge pump). I've had some days where I haven't noticed any water coming out, other days where some water comes out, and yet other days where a lot of water comes out. The only
  15. I have the push buttons and think they’re pretty flimsy—have dents in some of the more used buttons and I haven’t been doing anything abnormal with them. They also don’t light up so it’s easy to forget that things are left on when pulling back to the dock. I’m actually looking to swap mine out for some that light up when depressed.
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