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  1. Empty net

    2005 227 Top Speeds

    I raised my 250 as high as I could on the transom and it likely gave me a few extra miles per hour - but it I was really surprised at how much the new position improved the ride and fuel mileage.
  2. Empty net

    Fresh water leak

    Haz. Thank you very, very much.
  3. Empty net

    Fresh water leak

    I have a 2008 R 227. My freshwater line has developed a leak at an elbow fitting. I am not familiar with this this type of water line. (Picture attached). Is this a compression fitting or a quick connect? Do I need to replace this or can it be repaired? I appreciate your help. Thanks
  4. Empty net

    Bottom paint

    Thanks. I am in Sarnia.
  5. Empty net

    2005 227 Top Speeds

    Yamaha F250
  6. Empty net

    Bottom paint

    I looked into having my 227 bottom painted few years back. I am inthe water 6 months in Lake Huron. Spent some time talking to the interlux dealer at the Toronto boat show and a few dealers. Everyone recommended VC17. I decided not to do it. Let me know how you make out. Are you in Canada?
  7. Empty net

    2005 227 Top Speeds

    I have a 2008 227 and my top speed is a bit lower than yours. I think my engine was a little low. I had the engine raised when I winterized the boat hoping it will give me some more top end. Is will know in a couple of weeks.
  8. Empty net

    Battery Charge

    Hi Otis. I was not able to see your picture. Do you have any issues with the electric blades hooking up when they are not in use and you turn hard or are water skiing? Where did they install your batteries? Thanks for sharing.
  9. Empty net

    R207 electronics

    I have a 227 and the biggest Simrad I could install in dash was 7 inch. Still trying to figure out how to install the trolling motor.
  10. Empty net

    R227 engine sit in water while docked

    The 250 on my 227 sits about 2 inches in the water. It has since the day I bought it, even when the fuel tank is empty.
  11. Empty net

    Vent on bow of R227?

  12. Empty net

    Antenna Mount (and cleat)

    The silver circular piece is the cap for the fresh water holding tank. The silver thing underneath is the tank vent
  13. Empty net

    R222es power?

    I agree with Fishhead.
  14. Empty net

    222ES Trolling Options

    I was advised against installing the riptide. I have a 227 and would likely need the double prop. They said if I planned to water ski and take sharp corners that the prop would catch on the wake on the corners and slow the boat down.
  15. Empty net

    Ski Tow Bar & Stock Cover? R227

    Mine does not impact the Bimini or the cover.