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  1. The 250 on my 227 sits about 2 inches in the water. It has since the day I bought it, even when the fuel tank is empty.
  2. Horn
  3. The silver circular piece is the cap for the fresh water holding tank. The silver thing underneath is the tank vent
  4. I agree with Fishhead.
  5. I was advised against installing the riptide. I have a 227 and would likely need the double prop. They said if I planned to water ski and take sharp corners that the prop would catch on the wake on the corners and slow the boat down.
  6. Mine does not impact the Bimini or the cover.
  7. Hi Smoke. I was wondering if you could share some pictures of your trolling motor set up?
  8. I think it was about 2k. I fish Lake Huron. It will extend your season.
  9. I have the EV 100 an use it in Lake Huron an my 227. It works fine. Ensure it will work with your GPS. My older raymarine fish finder would not hook up directly to the unit. I understand lowrance now has a cheaper unit available.
  10. I have a full enclosure. I also have drop curtains that I can install that come straight down off the bimini that enclose the cockpit but leaves the back open for fishing. Can get pictures until the spring.
  11. My 227 is in storage so I cannot measure the ski tower until l the spring. I typically leave my Bimini up all summer. The clearance between the Bimini and the tower I tight when I unfold it. I need to slide the back Bimini supports down in order put it up and down.
  12. I have 2008 with sea star steering. When the motor is trimmed down it easy to turn the motor
  13. I have installed ce smiths on the ski tow bar, and a gimbal mount with Bert tracks and rod holders. I am trying to find some good rod holders that fit my ski tower.
  14. What was the issue with trim tab?
  15. cayman

    I have a Valve between the wash down and live well pumps that must be closed to maintain proper pressure to both. I also need to clean the strainer regularly b