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  1. Empty net

    R227 Head Light

    My 2008 227 has a court light circuit breaker on the helm. Make sure it is turned on.
  2. Empty net

    R300 Horrible fuel burn

    Check to make sure the height of you motors are adjusted properly. My motors was running too deep and when I had them moved up on the transom my fuel mileage increased by about 20 percent.
  3. Empty net

    Stress crack on console floor

    Thanks Fullthrottle
  4. Empty net

    Stress crack on console floor

    FullThrottle how did you caulk the screws. I noticed the screws on the stern seat are all loose. I need to add something so they will stop coming loose. What type of caulk did you use? Thanks
  5. Empty net

    2005 227 Top Speeds

    SWF227 I am interested in hearing how the new prop changed your performance.
  6. Empty net

    227 engine/prop resource

    A couple of things that may explain the difference are the relative weights. There was redesign of the motor in 2009 which dropped the weight by 50 lb and likely increased performance. I also heard that the weight of the R227 dropped by about 300 to 400 lbs over the years. My boat is a 2008.
  7. Empty net


    Thanks for the pic.
  8. Empty net

    227 engine/prop resource

    Actually it turned much better on wide turns. If I am pulling a tube and need to turn really sharp I will trim tab down.
  9. Empty net

    227 engine/prop resource

    I have a 2008 with 2006 F250. My top end is low 40’s. I noticed a significant difference in performance when I moved the motor to its highest position. I think I have mercury 19.5 prop but don’t know for sure.
  10. Empty net


    Interesting. Do you have a picture of the planer trees? What are they connected to?
  11. Empty net


    I have stress cracks and I use big johns which are more flexible.
  12. Empty net

    R 227 Fuse for macerator

    My macerator is not working in my 227. Does anyone know where the macerator fuse is located? Thanks
  13. Empty net

    R200 trim tab zinc change in water

    I sat on my kids ski tube and changed it.
  14. Empty net

    R 207 Trolling Motor

    It has been a few years since I posted this. Perhaps there are a few new members who have a trolling motor and can answer the question.
  15. Empty net

    What is under the Helm Seat of a R227?

    Good idea. Did you install one?