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  1. On my 227 I wired it to the blocks behind the helm.
  2. On my 227 they had installed Scotty 2 pin plug on the gunwales. I replaced them with regular electrical plugs and keep them tucked inside the gunwhale. When I need them I pull them out through the access hatch.
  3. I do not know. You will need to contact a local dealer.
  4. I have a 2008 R 227 with a vacu flush head. The fresh water tank in under the starboard storage area floor and the fill location is on the outside of the boat on the starboard side near the windshield. The fresh water hose at the back of the boat is beside the transom door and is hidden when the door is open. The raw water wash down is in the engine transom area as in the picture above.
  5. Full Throttle — what light did you install on the ski bar?
  6. The switch will turn on the vacuum and the key operates the macerator. The vacuum switch will not operate when the tank is full. If the full light is on you will need to have it pumped out prior to operating the toilet.
  7. I installed the custom bracket over the light hole. Over the winter I plan installing a light base in the anchor locker lid and buy a bow light pole I can plug open needed. I will post some pictures next week.
  8. Thanks for the information. I ended up installing a 72 inch Ulterra.
  9. I am installing a bow mounted trolling motor with a custom bracket that requires me to remove a the bow light. The bracket will be installed over the 1 inch hole where the light was installed. If water from the rain works it way under the bracket will it damage the exposed Fibreglass at the hole? Does anyone know how to fill the hole so water does not get in? I do not want to permanently fill it with fibreglass because I may take the motor off in the future and want to reinstall the light. When I bolt the bracket on should I fill the use 4200 to seal around the bolt holes. Any advice is
  10. My 2008 227 has a court light circuit breaker on the helm. Make sure it is turned on.
  11. Check to make sure the height of you motors are adjusted properly. My motors was running too deep and when I had them moved up on the transom my fuel mileage increased by about 20 percent.
  12. FullThrottle how did you caulk the screws. I noticed the screws on the stern seat are all loose. I need to add something so they will stop coming loose. What type of caulk did you use? Thanks
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