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    Cracks under 30 hours

    Called dealer to see if they heard from Robalo. They were actually fixing the spider cracks at the time and fixed some other crack/issues I didn't even know about. Got the boat back and looks great. Taking it out for a run Sunday. THANKS ROBALO!!!
  2. rmorris

    Cracks under 30 hours

    New to the forum. I have a R200 just bought in May this year. Sept 20, headed for the keys for the first real week of fishing. While there, I found battery selector not working right, got it to work in one position and continued fishing. Every so often, boat would shut down just like someone pulled the plug. Boat would start back up until departure day when attempting to head to ramp. Had to keep moving selector switch to get current. That was the last time I cranked it. After loading, nothing would power up. Not the tilt, gps, tilt, nothing. On the way home, stopped to check things out and saw stress cracks on the rear starboard side. Not real happy about that. Got home and called shop. Took it in to be checked. They found the battery selector to be bad. Replaced under warranty. Film on horn grill separated and horn got wet. Replaced under warranty in the side. The rub rails show no damage where I'd think the SS rails would bend some. Dealer said stress cracks were checked by their fiberglass guy and said the stress cracks were from impact and is evident by the arc'd shape cracks. Didn't happen. Don't loan the boat and if it ran, I was driving it or sitting beside the driver and know nothing was hit to put cracks in the side. Spoke to the Robalo warranty approval guy Wednesday this week and he's going to check into claim and see what will be done. I'm not enjoying paying this much for a new boat that is having this many issues. I'm concerned about after a year and the warranty is up. I just hope the replacement parts hold up well. Except for the stress crack issue, they've taken care of issues easily. Just not liking the issues for a new boat with the small amount of usage (about 50 hours). I want everything to work out as I like the boat more and more when all is well. Anyone else seen stress cracking on the side? Elon
  3. rmorris

    Fuel Tank Sender Unit Issue

    Scary feeling to see a gauge showing empty when you just filled up. My 2013 R200 did the same thing. Shop said it was due to float sinking. Didn't sound right cause I could turn off key for a second then turn back on and it showed a full tank for a few minutes. To my knowledge, turning key off does not affect float position but rather than just the sensor.