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    1994 Robalo 2120 - Steering Equipment Question

    It was easy. I removed the cylinder but didn't need to. Get the wrench. No other tools needed. I read that the aluminum brackets on the ends of the ram are hard to remove. Mine were cnot to bad. Good luck.
  2. I have a 1993 robalo 2120. I am trying to figuire out how the livewell was originally plumbed. currently all the hoses seem to be there but no pumps or strainers. There is 2 thru hull fittings with valves on them. 1 in the bottom and 1 on the lowest part of the transom. the livewell has a drain in the bottom. it looks like it had a pump or something mounted next to it there is 2 wires there also. (may not be factory though) there is also a overflow near the top. also there is a thru hull fitting with a hose on it . so im not sure. i have read about a livewell pump with a stainer and a y to the washdown and going to the livewell. and water freeflowing out the top overflow to the other strainer? then i read about a maciator (mispelled) pump to drain it. im confused, not enough ports.
  3. groupergulper

    1994 Robalo 2120 - Steering Equipment Question

    That is a seaestar hydraulic cylinder. looks just like mine on my 93 200hp mercury. i just resealed mine. the part #is HC5340-42. Just google the part number or go to seastar.com.