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  1. crashl

    Coyote trailer bunks

    I've never seen anything like that, it looks like it's 10 years old.
  2. crashl

    Trailer shifting question

    It shouldn't, trailers are pretty tough, just stay out of the way of the snap back.
  3. crashl

    Trailer shifting question

    The torque or twist difference between the front and back wheel will cause the trailer to shift when you unhook it. Look at the last move you make when you back into your parking spot, it was probably a lot of turn and very little backward motion, that's what usually causes the twist in the tires.
  4. crashl

    Garmin GPSMap 1242 in R180

    If you move the radio and the phone/ iPod mount you should have room, how tall is the unit?
  5. crashl

    What are the Hoses For?

    That's for bleeding that Sea star hydraulic steering.
  6. crashl

    Trim Tab Wiring

    I installed Bennett Bolts on my R-180, it took me right at 4 hours start to finish.
  7. crashl

    Jack Plate

    Northern Midwest lakes have lots of shallows, big fish like to lay on the edges of these shallows.
  8. crashl

    Jack Plate

    Has any one added a jack plate to a R-180 or R-200? Atlas or Bobs?
  9. crashl

    Water in my R 200 port hull

    Can you post a picture?
  10. crashl

    R200/150 Prop Size

    I really liked the rev 4 on my R-180 but I wanted to try the Enertia so after talking to Ken at prop gods ended up with a 17 in. Pitch. The Enertia runs a little loser when trimmed out, has more rpm and a few more mph, the hole shot might be a little slower by maybe 1 second or so. It seems like a good fit on the R-180, the one draw back I have found is the slight side to side wander that mostly went away with the Rev 4. I still have the flo-torq 4 hub but I'm going to try the rubex hub on my next trip and see what the difference is. I installed Bolt trim tabs on my boat a couple years ago, it took me around 4 hours start to finish and it's worth the time and money, it will completely change the way your boat handles sloppy and windy days.
  11. crashl

    Gelcoat question

    The state's should be on one side or the other of the bunks not riding on top of the bunk.
  12. crashl

    R200 Water in Head Area

    Take a picture and post it if you can
  13. I swapped my blue ones for Amber, you can get several on Amazon.
  14. crashl

    R180 Trailer

    I wasn't aware of the changes, thanks
  15. crashl

    R180 Trailer

    You can order parts and the fenders from karavans website.