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  1. crashl

    R200 Storage ideas

    Mine is a 24x15, I think I got it at Boat Outfitters.
  2. crashl

    R200 Storage ideas

    I use a TackleWeb mesh bag on my leaning post
  3. crashl

    R200 live well pump

    No wash down pump, I replaced the original Bait Sentry with a new one. What's weird is that it wasn't making any noise then in the middle of a trip it sounded like a bearing going out, I made it easier to get to maybe ill pull it and grease it and see if it quiets down.
  4. crashl

    R200 live well pump

    Mine got really loud last year so I replaced it with the same brand and size pump but it's just as loud, I don't know what problem is maybe a vibration echoing thru the boat? I think I have to chase it down this spring, post something if find an answer.
  5. crashl

    Trim Tabs for R180

    9x9 should work well, 6x12 will work better for clearance with the swim ladder.
  6. Interested in more info regarding your install and performance experience with the trim tabs on your 180.   Thinking about adding to our 180 (with 115 yamaha).  

    1. crashl


      I added Bolts to mine and they are worth the money that you spend, plane time is faster, planing speed is slower, side to side balance is nice and the boat behaves like a larger boat when running.

  7. crashl


    Probably on some days but you'll most likely be replacing it with the longer shaft.
  8. When I picked up my boat and trailer the bunks were parallel to each other and I didn't think anything about it until I put the boat on for the first time and I had a hard time centering it, during my 5 hour drive home I figured out that the bunks weren't centering the boat when it was pulled up to the stop. When I got home I measured and marked the centers of the cross members and measured the whole trailer in general, I found the axle 3/8 out of square. The trailer company paid to have that fixed locally. Next I moved the front of each bunk in towards the center 1/2 inch and moved the back of each bunk out 1 1/2 inch so that now instead of the bunks being parallel there is a slight V between them. The boat centers itself when it's pulled onto the trailer every time.
  9. Is the ramp level under the trailer tires?
  10. The switch on the dash has a breaker next to it, push it in and see if it resets.
  11. crashl

    Cayman 226 Trolling Motor

    More = better when it comes to horse power and voltage. I have an 80 lb 24 volt on my R-180 and old real windy days 110 lbs would be nice, I can't see putting the 80 lb on that big of a boat.
  12. crashl

    Adding Trim Tabs to R200

    I installed Bennett Bolts on my R-180 and it completely changed my boats attitude, it feels like a bigger boat when it gets snotty out and it really helps in a cross wind. I installed mine in about four hours so the cost was the tabs a 20 inch long drill bit and some 5200 sealer. I installed hydraulic tabs in another boat and the Bolt's install much easier and less than half the time.
  13. crashl

    Ski tow

    I tossed the idea of the ski tow around for a while before I ordered my R 180 because I fly fish and the less stuff to catch a line the better. I ended up getting it and it makes a really nice leaning post and grab bar and it's out of the way most of the time.
  14. crashl

    Clear hose

    Speedometer sensor tube.
  15. crashl

    R180/R200 jump seat drain pipe

    The drain tube is ingenious