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  1. crashl

    Trim tab help

    I put 9x12 Bolts on my R 180 and it took me 4 hrs start to finish. It is a little tight at the ladder but nobody has pinched a tie yet. The ceramic is like drilling into wood but it will toast the drill bit. I drilled into the transom about an inch with a larger bit to accommodate the wires on the back of the actuator then I used a long 18-24 in to go through that hole up at approximately 45 degrees through the top of the flotation box, this made it easy to keep the wire out of the way and water won't get into the hole. I did have to trim the too of the mounting plates by 3/8 of an inch to fit the spot that Robalo made in the transom. Take your time and use lots of sealant it's easy to clean off later. Pm me if you have more questions
  2. I've had one of those caps in my lawn tractors has tank for about 12 years now with no I'll effects, not a boat but it hasnt done any harm. You can always wait until the tank registers empty and remove the sender to look for it.
  3. It's a Lowarnce 9 elite ti. My trailer bunks are spread out at the rear to make a slight V so the boat goes into that position with about 3\4 leeway to either side so there is very little danger of hitting the bunk. If you look you can see a pencil mark from where the bracket was originally under the inside edge of the bunk.
  4. The is a picture of my old set up and one of my new set up while I was installing it. After a couple tests the long transducer is raised all the way up in the adjustment slots.
  5. I did you raise the motor all the way up, the Rev 4 doesn't mind being all the way up, also you can ease the steering effort by moving the trim tab on the cavitation plate a fraction of an inch
  6. Carlos, that's a good question, I think if you're comparing numbers both props would look really similar but when you run them they feel a lot different, they both have long barrels so they both have good stern lift but at full throttle the Rev 4 feels like it's glued to the water and the Inertia runs a little looser, now that I think about it maybe the boat runs a little higher, I'm going to have to check next year. The Rev 4 definitely has better low speed control, way better. Having run both I would be happy with either, they are far beyond the Yamaha Reliance that came with my boat.
  7. 17 in. Rev 4. Contact ken@propgods.com he is a really good source for information.
  8. The prop that came with the boat is a Yamaha reliance, it rattled really bad at idle and had a serious case of porpoising at any speed. Top speed was 46 at 5800, 4200 was 31.5. The mercury rev 4 was 5800 and 47 mph 4200 was 33 mph. The mercury inertia rpm and speeds are pretty close to the same as the Rev 4. Which seems kinda strange but it works. Bennett makes a 6x12 to mount under the swim ladder.
  9. Your starting point should be raising the motor all the way up, my boat would porpoise really bad with the stock yamaha stainless prop and raising the motor almost stoped it, switching to the Rev stopped it completely but the 4 blade/ 4 stroke rattle drove me crazy so I installed the flo-torq 4 hub and the rattle is gone. This summer I tried a Rubex hub to see if there was any difference and it started rattling again so the flo-torq 4 is back on. I also switched over to a 17in Enertia, I'm getting about 5800 rpm and 48+ mph fully loaded. I added Bennett Bolt trim a few years ago so hole shot is never a problem, the tabs make a bigger difference then any of the props I've tried. The Rev 4 felt like the boat was glued to the water, the Enertia feels a little looser and faster trimmed out, but it's only 1-2 mph at the most. So, raise your motor and get trim tabs, then a good prop.
  10. I swapped the Rev 4 for a 17 in Enertia last year just because I wanted to see the difference. Ill have to look and see what I was getting.
  11. I've never seen anything like that, it looks like it's 10 years old.
  12. It shouldn't, trailers are pretty tough, just stay out of the way of the snap back.
  13. The torque or twist difference between the front and back wheel will cause the trailer to shift when you unhook it. Look at the last move you make when you back into your parking spot, it was probably a lot of turn and very little backward motion, that's what usually causes the twist in the tires.
  14. If you move the radio and the phone/ iPod mount you should have room, how tall is the unit?
  15. That's for bleeding that Sea star hydraulic steering.
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