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  1. haz

    Trim Tab Wiring

    This recent discussion indicates some Robalo models may include trim tab system connectors in the standard wiring harness. Good luck!
  2. haz

    no boot stripe

    You're right, wildoats -- No Boot Stripe!... Good luck!
  3. haz

    hinges for cover on live well

    Ruben: You are perhaps describing a broken mounting bracket (red arrows) for the gas spring support on your R260's topside live well cover?... The 2004 R260 Parts Guide (PDF Download), on page 21, lists the several gas spring mounting brackets used on the R260... The following retailer website links provide illustrations with dimensions to help you determine which part number is the bracket you need: Ameritool BR-204-32, Ameritool BR-209R-32, Ameritool BR-211-32. Good luck!
  4. haz


    The R200's factory canvas T-top does not include outrigger mounting plates. Link to hi-res online image of this 2019 R200 canvas T-top framing... Good luck!
  5. haz

    R200/150 Prop Size

    The Mercury Revolution 4 (14-5/8 x 17 pitch) stainless 4-blade with a Flo-Torq 2 hub on our R180's Yamaha 150 produces the stern lift you describe. Forum member Crashl describes Rev 4 performance on his R180's Yamaha 150 using a Flo-Torq 4 hub in this past discussion. Good luck!
  6. Recently, on the Robalo Owners Facebook Group page (Group membership required for access), the owner of a 2019 R200 posted images showing "brownish spots" of unknown origin which appeared on Naugahyde Beauty Gard Supreme upholstered bow cushions and forward bolster pads two days after the boat was delivered and stored on its trailer outside the owner's home [Photo #1, Photo # 2, Photo #3, Photo #4]. The owner described using the cleaning method contained in the Naugahyde brochure Robalo supplied with the boat, but that the spots were unaffected by his cleaning efforts. The owner contacted his dealer, the dealer contacted Robalo, which provided the dealer a cleaning guidance document that the dealer e-mailed to the owner as 'Uniroyal Cleaning Process'... Another Group member, the owner of a 2018 R222, shared a photo of a stain of unknown origin on his boat's gray Naugahyde that has also not been cleanable. The Uniroyal Naugahyde website offers these informational brochures: Beauty Gard Supreme (PDF download), and Care and Cleaning Instructions (PDF download). The website's 'Frequently Asked Questions' page offers this additional cleaning advice... Uniroyal has also posted an online video demonstration showing the successful cleaning of many everyday substances from Naugahyde Beauty Gard Supreme upholstery fabric. Forum members are invited to add to this discussion ownership experiences with Naugahyde Beauty Gard Supreme fabric upholstery on their Robalo boats. Good luck!
  7. haz

    Gelcoat Repair Kit

    This gel coat repair kit should provide you a good color match. Others here have recommended and used this kit on various model years and models with satisfying results. My experience... Good luck!
  8. haz

    R222 Switch Panels

    If it's truly a 2005 Robalo you're inquiring about: Link to 2005 Panel Kits document (PDF download) showing electrical panels & wiring diagrams. If your R222 is actually a 2015: Link to 2015 Robalo R222 Parts Guide (PDF download) may be useful. Good luck!
  9. haz

    back rest on back seat 2018 R222

    The lack of response from R222 and other Robalo owners whose boats feature this transom seat design suggests this is not a wide-spread problem. It's unclear from your description whether your R222's transom seat backrest movement at-speed is occurring when the seat is deployed... ...or when the seat is stored... In your August 2018 post on this same topic, you describe strapping down the backrest in order to control its movement when trailering. Based upon your earlier comment -- and the likelihood that windage against the stored seat face would lift the seatback lip across its pivot width to its aft hinges (second photo), as compared to windage lifting the seatback with its full weight in it down position with a wider swing arc and more narrow pivot distance to its aft hinges (first photo) -- I'll presume the problem you describe is occurring when the seat is stored (second photo). The 2016 R222 Parts Guide (PDF download) indicates the transom seat assembly includes a magnetic latch... ...the striker & spacer plate of which is evident on the forward face of the seat cushion in the deployed seat photo (red arrow)... ...and in this photo enlargement... Typically, performing a web search of a part description from a Robalo Parts Guide yields the manufacturer and/or an online seller of the component, but not in this case -- though a web search did reveal this latch is used in a variety of applications on Robalo and Chaparral boats. The magnetic catch components are clearly installed to hold the seat back down onto the vertically-stored seat cushion assembly (second photo). So the question is: Does your R222 have both components of the magnetic latch installed -- the striker plate on the seat cushion's forward face and the magnet mounted on the underside of the L-shaped seat back cushion assembly? Good luck!
  10. haz

    New Boat Coming - Problems to look for?

    In my above post, clicking on the underlined words 'Naugahyde upholstery' will lead you to a recent discussion containing links to online photos of a new R200's Naugahyde upholstery which developed spots of unknown origin two days after the new owner received the boat, as well as a link to a photo of a year-old R222 with Naugahyde upholstery which also developed a stain of unknown origin -- with both owners unsuccessful at cleaning/removing the spots/stain. These are the first negative reports I have seen involving the new Naugahyde upholstery. The linked discussion also includes general cleaning guidance for the Naugahyde upholstery which Robalo provided to the dealer of one of the owners. Good luck!
  11. haz

    Yamaha digital control speedometer frozen

    This online video may be helpful. Good luck!
  12. haz

    New Boat Coming - Problems to look for?

    Be observant of your new Naugahyde upholstery. Good luck!
  13. haz

    Need some help

    The 'SLK' prefix the hull ID number indicates Slickcraft was the manufacturer of your R200, as evidenced by the following image from an online 1978 AMF Slickcraft brochure, which includes specifications you are seeking... You should join the other Robalo Boating Forum, which specializes in earlier model year Robalo boats like yours, and where several other 1978 R200 owners participate and have posted restoration photos on the Center Console Forum. Forum Administrator 2-N-TOW is especially knowledgeable and Forum members are mutually supportive. Good luck!
  14. haz

    T Top/Tabs on R180 Help

    The Lowrance is an Elite-5 with a 3.6" x 3.6" (5" diagonal) screen. The Humminbird is a vintage new-old-stock Wide Panorama 3D with a 3" x 4" screen. Both are puny, but satisfy our needs. VHF antenna is mounted on the starboard gunnel, as described with photos in this past post. Good luck!
  15. haz


    Like you, I enjoy researching and understanding the workings of our R180. The best sources for information on our Robalos' systems are the individual component manufacturers' websites. Most offer downloadable PDF-format manuals and other reference documents that we enjoy. The lack of documentation provided may be the result of Robalo receiving components in bulk packaging for their assembly process, rather than as single items in retail packaging containing product manuals. It would be nice to receive a disc containing digital documents, but I can imagine running changes by component manufacturers and/or supplier changes that Robalo may institute, adds complexity to the task of compiling and digitally sharing documents to new owners. I received an Owner's Manual with my new vehicle, but I still need to seek out fuller information if I want to a deeper understanding of components supplied by third-party original equipment manufacturers. Good luck!
  16. haz

    Reverse Trailer Winch

    Rope-A-Boat, maybe? Good luck!
  17. haz

    ISO/WTB 2004-2006 Robalo 225/225FX

    You would do better to join the other Robalo Boating Forum, which specializes in earlier model-year Robalos, and to post your 'In-Search-Of/Want-To-Buy' message on their Boat Yard (Classifieds) Forum. You may also enjoy reviewing their Walk Arounds Forum. Good luck!
  18. haz

    T Top/Tabs on R180 Help

    We bought our R180 after owning dual console cuddy cabin boats equipped with biminis & camper canvas. Before our R180 was delivered, we had a dealer-recommended canvas shop build a custom bimini, color-matched to our R180, crafted for the addition of a full curtain enclosure that we eventually had them build for season two. The Strataglass forward curtain allows us to run without the console-mounted windshield. Because we regularly trailer our R180 and prefer to tow with our bimini secure and standing off the gunnels, I added 90-degree Tee rail fittings to the aft top supports, along with outside eye ends, and deck hinges on the gunnels. Our R180 passes beneath an 8-foot garage door opening, thanks to the cut-down & coupled console grab bar that's more easily removable. Good luck!
  19. haz

    Fuel gauge reading 1/2 a tank

    Refer to page 22 of the Command Link Plus LCD Display Manual (PDF download) if your R207 is equipped with this gauge... Refer to page 40 of the Command Link Square Gauges Manual (PDF download) if your R207 is equipped with this gauge... Good luck!
  20. haz

    R160 Trailering Cover

    Fell Marine's man-over-board protection system is quite impressive. Good luck!
  21. haz

    Fuel gauge reading 1/2 a tank

    We experienced a similar problem less than a year after taking delivery of our 2013 R180. As shown in this photo from the 2014 R200 Parts Manual, the fuel sending unit (red arrow) is mounted atop the fuel tank... ...and -- if you've not looked yet -- it is accessible thru the deck plate beneath the leaning post... Our original sensor was a Royce Industries Flexi-Sensor sending unit. You may be able to accomplish some diagnosis by unscrewing the black cable attachment and withdrawing the reed switch array slowly from within the sealed stainless steel tube, while a helper observes the fuel gauge bars for any change. You could also disconnect the sending unit and short together the boat harness wires to verify the gauge indicates something other than half full bars.. Our warranty-replaced sensor is a Wema SSL-13 reed-switch sending unit, which also uses a magnetic float to actuate a series of small switches arrayed within the sealed vertical stainless steel tube as the float rises and falls... Under the Robalo warranty, our dealer replaced the faulty fuel sending unit with a Wema-brand sensor, since they had not experienced any problems with that brand -- and we have had no further problems with the replacement sending unit. Because our R180 has a 50-gallon fuel tank, I'm unsure if your sending unit is a SSL-13, where '13' designates the length of the stainless steel tube the float travels upon. If your sending unit is a Wema, the model number is stamped on its top. Moeller Marine Products is another reed switch sending unit supplier which iBoats says is Wema-compatible. Regardless of which brand you buy, just make sure you're receiving a new mounting gasket with it. If you accomplish you own replacement, please be cautious and mindful of trapped fuel vapors and avoid any metallic and/or electrical sparks. Link to a much-earlier discussion of this topic. Good luck!
  22. haz

    gel coat color for 227

    This gel coat repair kit should provide you a good color match. Others here have recommended and used this kit on various model years and models with satisfying results. My experience... Good luck!
  23. haz

    2017 R160 gel coat What color White

    This gel coat repair kit should provide you a good color match. Others here have recommended and used this kit on various model years and models with satisfying results. My experience... Good luck!
  24. haz

    Bow Bounce on Trailer

    Regardless of any other comparative dimensions, your R180's transom positioning is comparable to ours. This is the VIN/Capacities sticker on our Karavan trailer... Hopefully, your Karavan's tongue weight does not exceed your tow vehicle's maximum rating. We did replace the trailer tires this season, with ST225/75R15E Goodyear Endurances, simply due to the age of the original tires that were otherwise in like-new condition. Good luck!
  25. haz

    R200 - Dual Battery Setup?

    It may be worth having your dealer call the factory to see if the dual battery option could be added at this point in your R200's build. If not -- or if you prefer a second battery to be your first DIY accessory -- as shown in this image from the 2012-13 R200 Parts Manual, there is a fore-to-aft conduit (red arrow) on the starboard side, through which existing wiring runs from beneath the stern jump seat to the console compartment... ...terminating behind (red arrow) the inverted L-shaped console storage closeout panel... Good luck!