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    1994 fish box hose replacement

    If you have not already, you may also want to join the other Robalo owners' discussion site, where a large community of earlier-model-year Robalo boat owners participate, and post your question on its Walk Arounds forum, where other WA-model owners can respond to your question. Good luck!
  2. haz

    R222 explorer front fish boxes getting wet

    Robalo uses Perma Panel, which is a premium-grade marine plywood. Perma Panel informational flyer (PDF download), specification sheet (PDF download), and manufacturer's warranty (PDF download). Good luck!
  3. haz

    Yamaha Fuel Water Separating Filter

    Sorry AO, didn't mean to double your investment. Good luck!
  4. haz

    Yamaha Fuel Water Separating Filter

    AO: You selected Mercury when you ordered your R207, so you will likely want to select Mercury's external water separator for brand consistency and to avoid any potential Mercury warranty complication. Good luck!
  5. haz

    Yamaha Fuel Water Separating Filter

    This discussion regarding this Mercury-branded external water separating filter examines Mercury's corporate filtering perspective versus boat owners' external filtering preference. Good luck!
  6. haz

    e box cost

    A $100 miss on the shipping cost estimate is unacceptable and the dealer should provide you evidence of the UPS charges and fully explain if any 'handling' charges were added by Robalo and/or the dealer to get to the $156 total shipping charge. Because they misinformed you on the shipping costs and you purchased your R202 from them, I believe the dealership should absorb at least some of the shipping cost overage. The only way $156 makes sense is if the dealer is located outside of the USA, but even then -- you were significantly misinformed on the total purchase cost by the dealer. Good luck!
  7. haz

    e box cost

    I wasn't aware Robalo offered aluminum electronics boxes, but this online photo of the box on a 2018 R202 EX clearly shows welded side panels and corner-to-corner creases in the box's floor for improved rigidity. Perhaps Coyote Manufacturing is producing them for Robalo? The $500 e-box pricing seems fair, when compared to the factory-option cost shown on Robalo's R202 Boat Builder page under Towers & Canvas. The $156 shipping seems high at first, but several factors could be influencing that cost. The e-box is aluminum and not extremely heavy, but it is quite large, maybe 10" high x 18" deep x 36" wide? Was it double-boxed or crated in wood to protect against shipping damage, which would enlarge the package and may incur a shipping cost surcharge? Was it shipped USPS, UPS, FedEx, by common carrier truck -- or did Robalo's boat hauler drop it off when running between two other dealers, without dropping a boat at your dealer? Is your dealer extremely far away from the e-box's point-of-origin? Was the shipping cost discussed with you before the e-box was ordered, or was it sprung on you once the e-box arrived? Your frustration with waiting for hardware is understandable, and it would be useful to know if the dealer neglected to request the hardware in their original order, or, if Robalo's parts operation -- or the e-box supplier -- forgot to include the hardware in the shipment. Whomever made the mistake, that excluded the hardware, should be paying express shipping to get those items to you ASAP. In this day and age, ten days is definitely an unreasonable amount of time to make you wait for the hardware. Good luck!
  8. haz

    Floor replacement

    If you have not already, you may also want to join the other Robalo owners' discussion site, where a large community of earlier-model-year Robalo boat owners participate, and post your question on its Walk Arounds forum, where Forum Admin 2-N-Tow -- himself a 2160 owner -- and other 2160 owners will surely assist you. Good luck!
  9. haz

    Robalo 2120, hydraulic steering question

    If you have not already, you may also want to join the other Robalo owners' discussion site, where a large community of earlier-model-year Robalo boat owners participate, and post your question on its Center Console forum, where other 2120 owners ask comparable questions. Good luck!
  10. haz

    Battery Switch Problems

    Your R222 has dual batteries, so the switch should be a Blue Seas m-Series 6007. Good luck!
  11. haz

    227 Rocker Switches

    Link to 2007 R227 Parts Guide (PDF download). Cropped screen captures from online video showing 2011 R227: Right side switch plate: Livewell pump, Washdown pump, (fresh) Water Pressure pump, Accessory. Left switch plate: Horn, Nav/Anchor lights, Aft Bilge pump, Courtesy Lights, Cabin Lights, Accessory. Link to past discussion on switch cover replacements. Good luck!
  12. haz

    R200 Storage ideas

    This is the past discussion Boatdogz is referencing. Good luck!
  13. haz

    R200 live well pump

    Crashl: Did you add a proper washdown pump to supplement the original bilge-mounted Bait Sentry livewell pump, or did you replace the original Bait Sentry with a new Bait Sentry? Our Bait Sentry has always been noisy, and many in this discussion complain of loud Bait Sentry pumps. Good luck!
  14. haz

    R222 -Livewell & Plug help

    Labels added to this image from R222 Parts Manual, showing raw water seacock location on starboard side of transom bilge, adjacent to the vertical inner transom wall... Handle position indicates the operational status of the valve... It may be a long reach, but the seacock should be accessible through the raised transom seat lid... Good luck!
  15. haz

    State Registration Numbers

    State-by-state requirements guide to boat registration numbers. We were fortunate that our dealer paid-for & supplied our R180's registration numbers using a nearby graphics supplier. Our R180 has the roulette red hull sides, so we chose Times New Roman font in white with a gold outline that produced a 3 1/2" height. I mounted them 1 3/4" below the rub rail molding, with our state's square registration sticker inline with the forward face of the center console and the numbers 6" forward of that. The weight of the font and color contrast, as well as positioning aft of the fuller flare of the hull, below the rub rail toward the bow, was visually satisfying to us. I've seen R180 numbers applied more forward & above the rub rail to avoid the bow flare, and they look odd to me. I've also seen Robalo owners select Eurostyle/Eurostile font for their numbers to mimic the hull side Robalo logo, but for me, readability suffers because the font is so thin at the smaller height. We purchased our R180's boat name graphic through BoatUS and they did a nice job. Good luck!
  16. haz

    Trailer greese cap question

    Coyote Manufacturing's office manager & co-owner, Lee Money, has participated in this Forum as CoyoteMfgCo, in response to owners having issues with Coyote trailers. Here and on other discussion sites, Lee Money has shown Coyote's dedication to customer service and determination to make things right for any owner experiencing a problem. Lee Money can be contacted by calling (229) 494-9158 and photos can be sent to leemoney@coyotemfgco.com and/or warranty@coyotemfgco.com. I expect Lee will provide you guidance and whatever parts you need to correct the issue, about which you are properly concerned to avoid a bearing failure on the road. Please let us know how it turns out for you. Good luck!
  17. haz


    If your vinyl problems are similar to those described in this past discussion, then your Cayman being a 2016 should enable you to receive a replacement set of cushions if you are the boat's original purchaser. You may wish to PM forum member Joebalo, who is a Robalo Factory representative, and ask him to be an advocate on your behalf, in the same way he participated in the above-referenced discussion. Additionally, you may wish to join The Hull Truth Boating Forum and review their Robalo Cayman Thread, where Cayman topics are discussed by a large and vigorous community of Robalo Cayman owners. If you are not contacted by Joebalo through this forum, you may want to post on the Robalo Cayman Thread a fuller description of your Cayman's vinyl issue and the way your dealer has been supportive and involved, but still, Robalo has not authorized a replacement set of cushions for your Cayman. Joebalo participates more openly on the Hull Truth Boating Forum, and the group of Cayman owners there are mutually supportive and fully dedicated to their boats. Good luck!
  18. haz

    R180 Dash/VHF Question

    Forum member AO provides a photo of a remotely installed Icom VHF in this past post. Several of Standard Horizon's fixed mount VHF models are 5.9" wide x 3.4" high, which may allow flush mounting on the dash with the microphone clipped above, in the following way... Flush mounting on the vertical console surface beneath the port side grab bar, as shown on this Cayman, is another possibility... Good luck!
  19. haz

    Trim Tabs for R180

    The 6 x 12 factory-installed Lenco tabs provide 2 3/8" clearance to the extended boarding ladder. Good luck!
  20. haz


    You can create an Album from within your Forum Profile for your images and/or post them in the forum's Gallery and then insert your image into a post using the unique Album/Gallery URL for that image, or, use a third-party image hosting site in the same way to insert the image's URL into a post. I personally started using Yahoo's Flickr, which allows image linking, after Photobucket disallowed the linking of images for viewing elsewhere. Good luck!
  21. haz

    R180 in garage

    In another post bboy states his Continental trailer is an A1830B (catalog PDF download). The following online photos provide a visual ride height comparison of R180 hulls to fenders on Robalo-supplied trailers. bboy's Continental trailer... Robalo-supplied Karavan trailer... Robalo-supplied Coyote trailer... Good luck!
  22. haz

    Ptt switch cover

    Reading very deeply between the lines and Web-searching the unfamiliar abbreviation suggests you may be asking about this... If this is correct, answers to similar questions here and here say it is glued in place, but to pry it loose using a screwdriver in the slot on the bottom, then to glue back in place when the repair is complete. Good luck!
  23. haz

    Adding cleats to 2013 R180

    Per this prior discussion with a photo, a few R180-owning Forum members have added them. I matched the style of the factory installed cleats and through-bolted using fender washers, since they're primarily used with spring lines. There were lots of prickly strands inside our 2013's hull, so it's best to wear a leather glove on your hand holding the wrench inside the speaker hole. Positioned where they are on our R180, the top of the cleat does not project beyond face of the rub rail. Good luck!
  24. haz

    R180 in garage

    bboy: Perhaps it's just the shadow in your photos, but the clearance between the Continental trailer fenders and the side of your R180's hull appear to be fairly close. Is there any carpet or rubberized covering on the inboard flanges of the diamond plate fenders to protect your R180's hull side from a hard strike when unloading/loading at the launch ramp, or when trailering over bumpy roads if vibration causes the fender brackets to flex ? Good luck!
  25. haz

    Help with new purchase R206s

    Take a look at the Hull Truth Boating Forum's Robalo Cayman Thread, where a large community of dedicated Cayman owners participate and the topic of horsepower is regularly discussed. Good luck!