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    R207 bouyancy

    Federal buoyancy requirements apply to boats under 20 feet in length, as described and detailed in the U.S. Coast Guard Boatbuilder's Handbook Flotation Section (PDF download). This past Boating Magazine article describes the Coast Guard's flotation testing program, which literally sinks boats to verify manufacturer compliance. Our R180 has rigid foam board bonded beneath the swim platform surfaces and sprayed-on & injected foam elsewhere in the stern, and I expect the honeycombed deck structure also provides buoyancy, Good luck!
  2. haz

    2015 R180 tilts to port while docked

    Congrats on having your R180's trapped water problem solved and your dealer's trim tab installation confirmed as proper. Good luck!
  3. haz

    Handheld Spotlight Recomendations

    My previously posted image was edited from an online source. This photo is dash on our custom-ordered 2013 R180... I feel fortunate we received both receptacles on our R180, which was delivered in June 2013. I do really like that bicycle light idea as a flashlight alternative and possible flashing light attention getter! Good luck!
  4. haz

    Handheld Spotlight Recomendations

    The 12-volt receptacle should be on the dash beneath a rubber flip-up cap, at the bottom of the port side switch plate... Good luck!
  5. haz

    2018 202EX 20 hour impressions

    It's good to hear Robalo may have instituted an engineering change to improve the retention of the stern bench cushion(s). Cargo netting to safeguard bow cushions is a great idea that I will be on the lookout for an opportunity to employ. Good luck!
  6. haz

    242 T-top Electronics Box

    StarBoard door could be warping due to the single center-mounted latch on such a long plank. Would probably be better to split the door into two pieces, like is done on the canvas t-top electronics boxes... Good luck!
  7. haz

    Electronics Box R222

    Link to original post by Robalo owner with overhead diamond plate electronics mount, can be viewed without any Facebook login, should anyone wish to determine the mount's supplier. Good luck!
  8. haz

    Electronics Box R222

    Additional photos, via Robalo Boat Owners Facebook Group: Canvas t-top box with two half-width doors... Fiberglass t-top molded-in box with full width door... Aluminum diamond-plate alternative for mounting electronics... Good luck!
  9. haz

    2018 202EX 20 hour impressions

    Welcome to the Robalo Forum and congratulations on your satisfaction with your new R202EX. Just in case your dealer did not warn you, be aware that 2017 Robalo ES-model owners have experienced costly losses of stern cushions while trailering, as described in this past Forum discussion and in this past Forum discussion. Forum member GooseDog has installed a hatch to fill the opening in their R200ES stern bench, as described in this past Forum discussion that includes a photo. Good luck!
  10. haz

    Patchwork on new R222ex?

    Jim's original photos... Good luck!
  11. haz

    Electronics Box R222

    I have no involvement with Robalo other than being a satisfied R180 owner. I'm a retired Auto Industry skilled tradesman. Good luck!
  12. haz

    Electronics Box R222

    The four images are among 3-pages of various Robalo dealer listings on Boats.com, which presented a prompt method to supply the photo(s) you were seeking. Good luck!
  13. haz

    Electronics Box R222

    Strictly from a survey of online images on this retail website, it appears... 2018 canvas t-top box features two half-width doors... 2018 fiberglass t-top molded-in box features full width door... Good luck!
  14. haz

    R160 Bilge

    Image from this prior Robalo Forum discussion... Good luck!
  15. haz

    2015 R180 tilts to port while docked

    The trim tab components on our R180 show an appropriately sized telltale of bedding sealant, including around the screw heads and where the control wiring passes through the exterior cylinder mount. Whoever installed them at the factory did a great job, which is important, because of the immediately adjacent foam-filled compartment that can become waterlogged if a leak occurs. Good luck!
  16. haz

    2015 R180 tilts to port while docked

    After looking back at Forum member wildoats past comment about his finding foam in the blind compartment when he installed trim tabs on his R180, I took another run at probing from the battery compartment back wall through the trim tab control wiring pass-through hole into the blind compartment, using a longer wire. Our R180's port side transom blind compartment is foam-filled. Good luck!
  17. haz

    242 Canvas options

    Forum member ba_fisher's gallery includes a photo of the console & leaning post covers on his 2018 R200. This image is from Robalo's 2013 brochure, the most recent that pictures factory canvas options... And while there is no T-top on our 2013 R180, we opted for a one-piece custom console/leaning post cover... Good luck!
  18. haz

    2015 R180 tilts to port while docked

    As described, the sea trial should have coaxed any water from the R180's normal drainage paths into the bilge pump. As others have mentioned, it may be useful to try to estimate how much water may be trapped on the hull's port side. You might put a 5-gallon bucket on the starboard swim platform, at the edge of the engine splash well. and thread a garden hose into the bucket. Ideally, with no one on the boat, run water into the bucket(s) until the hull balances from side-to-side, and then run the bilge pump to ensure the bilge is emptied. Knowing how many gallons it takes to achieve balance may suggest where the water is trapped. I am curious about the possibility of water leaking through the trim tab hinge mounting screws, as described by Wayne Connors here on the Robalo Boat Forum and on the Robalo Owners Facebook page. Looking at my R180, I am finding what appears to be a sealed compartment on either side of the stern bilge, which is bounded by the vertical wall rising from the bilge floor, the hull's sidewall, the floor of the below-jump-seat battery compartment floor, the backwall of the battery compartment, which the rises to just beneath the swim platform and runs aft to the inside of the transom. In short, these are surprisingly large spaces into which the trim tab hinge mounting screws may pass, and through which the trim tab control wiring passes. In the past, I've presumed these compartments are foam-filled for flotation, however, I threaded a stiff wire from the battery compartment through the trim tab control wiring hole and I was able to twirl it around, so, at 7-inches off the battery compartment floor, where the trim tab control wiring passes, there is no foam in that blind compartment. It may be worthwhile to ask the dealer to remove the mounting screws from the port side trim tab hinge to see if any water flows out. Or, slide a suitable length of stiff wire through the trim tab control wiring pass-through hole, as a dipstick, to try to determine if any moisture exists at the bottom of the compartment. Good luck!
  19. haz

    242 CC - Garmin GPS

    The addition of Robalo's trim piece harmonizes nicely with the finish of the adjacent recessed instrument plates, and the flush fit to the GPS' touch face provides an elegant appearance, but as you say, it overlays all the surfaces that Garmin's protective cover needs for its friction mounting. Depending upon how the trim piece is retained to the GPS and/or the dash face, and whether the trim piece has any molded-in recesses that fit over the Garmin's upper & lower mounting flanges, it may be possible to remove the trim piece & the GPS unit, and then put the trim piece on the dash face and surface mount the GPS on top of the trim piece, presuming you prefer the look of the trim piece in place. This would likely involve drilling four holes through the trim plate for the Garmin's mounting screws, which could be properly located properly using Garmin's flush mount template (PDF download) and perhaps Garmin's installation instructions (PDF download). Adding the snap-on mounting flange covers should restore the availability of the friction mounting surfaces for the Garmin protective cover. Installation of the snap-on covers can be viewed in this video from 1:09 to 1:35. Be aware that if there are recesses in the back of the trim piece, a filler piece should be added to fill the void(s) to ensure the trim piece does not crack under the force of the mounting flanges and mounting screws. Good luck!
  20. haz

    New to me R180...

    Welcome to the Forum, and congratulations on your nicely optioned R180. You'll be quite happy having the tilt steering with the Yamaha 150. Many R180 owners participate here, and they'll be happy to address any questions you might have. Also, please share the ways you personalize your R180. The Forum contains many great ideas and we will all benefit from your experiences. Glad your cross-country retrieval was memorable for all the right reasons. Good luck!
  21. haz

    VHF Radio and Antenna R180

    I mounted the VHF antenna on the starboard gunnel of our bimini-equipped R180, as described in this 2017 Robalo Forum post. I removed the stereo speaker to facilitate access to the sidewall cavity, and used a cable snake to pull the antenna's coaxial cable into the center console compartment, after the cable was passed through a cable outlet atop the gunnel. Be aware, the inner sidewall of the hull may contain exposed fiberglass strands that are needle-sharp and potentially painful to a bare arm & hand -- I found that out the hard way. Good luck!
  22. haz

    Yamaha outboard: 250 oil level question

    Link to Yamaha oil-check video. Link to Yamaha Maintenance Matters booklet (PDF), with oil-check procedure on page 11 of the PDF's 19 pages. Good luck!
  23. haz

    moring cover

    Contact your dealer and ask them to demonstrate how the factory mooring cover components are assembled onto your Cayman. Perhaps the photos of Robalo Forum member ba_fisher showing how the mooring cover attaches to his R200 can be helpful. If you have not already, consider joining The Hull Truth Forum and participate in their Robalo Cayman Thread, where a large community of Cayman owners will promptly respond to your questions. Another useful resource for you can be the Cayman Boat Owners Club, an exclusively Cayman owner group that operates a great discussion forum, and which has successfully advocated improvements to members' Caymans, paid for under the Robalo factory warranty. And finally, the Robalo Boat Owners public group on Facebook is another large community of Robalo owners who are mutually helpful in providing advice and information. Your 246 Cayman Sky Deck is surely a beautiful boat that you will fully enjoy. Good luck!
  24. haz

    Non Skid Failing on 2018 246 Cayman

    If you have not already, contact your dealer and provide them photos toward submitting a warranty claim to Robalo. That definitely does not look right. Also, consider joining The Hull Truth Forum and post your question & photo to THT's Robalo Cayman Thread, where a large and vigorous community of Cayman owners will surely respond to your concern. Good luck!
  25. haz

    206 Cayman

    Provide photos of the vinyl conditions along with your Cayman's hull ID number to your dealer, and ask them to submit a warranty claim to Robalo. Robalo and other manufacturers were supplied bad vinyl material several years ago, likely within the time frame of your Cayman's build. Robalo has been providing full-boat replacements of vinyl components, per this discussion describing a somewhat different condition. Follow-up with your dealer and, hopefully, it'll work out well for you and your 206 Cayman. Good luck!