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  1. In your photos, the failed halves of the battery switch housing are both molded in red, which is the previous-generation switch design. Per this past Forum discussion, Blue Sea Systems revised the switch housing design, which is indicated by a black plastic backing plate. You may want to consider contacting Blue Sea again, in order to receive a no-cost replacement switch of the revised design, which should be less prone to failure. Good luck!
  2. From the Forum Terms and Rules: COMMERCIAL POSTING: No selling – even used boats Robalo Boats' Forum exists for the non-commercial exchange of information. All posts or signatures that are deemed to be commercial in nature are a violation of this user agreement and will be removed. As it pertains to the User Agreement, Robalo defines “commercial post” as knowing and willful posts made by private individuals or businesses, directly or indirectly seeking commerce. Additionally, posts made by individuals or businesses in regard to other commercial activities, in anticipation of direct or indirect economic benefit or relief from the subject activity will generally be regarded as “commercial.” Recognizing that it is impossible to construct a definition, which will satisfy every situation or circumstance, Robalo reserves, the right to determine whether or not a post violates the “intent” of the “commercial post” policy or definition. Violation of this policy will be grounds for removal from our community.
  3. It may be worth a phone call or an e-mail to the dealership offering this new 2019 R272 with the optional console & helm seat covers. Perhaps as a goodwill gesture, they will provide you photos of the installed console cover and track arrangement. Good luck!
  4. Congrats on your R247 purchase! If you are a Facebook user, you may want to consider joining the Robalo Boat Owners Group, which requires membership in order to view Group-member posts. More than 4,800 very active and mutually supportive members from across the country who share their experiences and advice on all things Robalo. Good luck!
  5. haz

    New R180 Owner

    Congratulations of your R180 ownership! This past storage discussion may also be helpful to you. If enjoy the idea of drop-in bins beneath your R180's stern jump seats, the widely available and inexpensive Sterilite 1644 16-quart storage box... ...should fit perfectly into the cavity beneath the hinged seat cushion... T ...perhaps also including use of the box lid... (Special thanks to the Robalo owner who shared these images on another discussion site) Good luck!
  6. A couple of alternatives for you: Folbe Products, USA-made Sof-Loc, buy two pair and thru-bolt them back-to-back, perhaps reinforcing the rubber strap attachment onto the T-top tubing with a zip tie for stability... t United Yachting Manufacturing USA-made Pole Holder For Stanchion Mount if 1-1/8"-1-1/4" mount to T-top tubing would work... Otherwise, United Yachting Manufacturing USA-made Pole Holders Flush Mount, buy two pair, with each pair appropriately sized for the T-top tubing and the boat pole, and thru-bolt the holders back-to-back... t Both companies sell direct, and if you do web-search, you'll also find other online retailers selling these items. Good luck!
  7. Parts Guide image with labels added... Good luck!
  8. The 2016 R305 Parts Guide (direct PDF download link) shows photos of item 3, the Shurflow Aqua King II fresh water pump (link to manufacturer's website), and item 6, the aluminum fresh water tank, both on page 31. Hopefully, the photo showing the bank of water pumps mounted adjacent to the optional generator and the photo showing the fresh water tank apparently adjacent to the hullside will allow you to locate them on your R305. The Shurflo website includes a Aqua King II installation manual (direct PDF download link) that describes system operation and provides troubleshooting guidance that should be helpful to you. The Shurflo marine catalog (direct PDF download link) includes a generic diagram of fresh & raw water plumbing layouts on pages 1 & 2, which may be helpful. The catalog, on page 3, indicates the warranty period on the Aqua King II pump is three years, so if it turns out a replacement pump is needed, then your on your own. Good luck!
  9. haz


    Forum member Wildoats, who replaced the 115 on his 2012 R180 with a 150 Yamaha, describes the performance result in this discussion: R180 with Yamaha 115 or 150? Good luck!
  10. Forum member ba_fisher has posted his inventive solution to the bow rail/trolling motor challenge through use of a movable rail segment on his R200. Good luck!
  11. The pump is a 500 gallons-per-hour Attwood Tsunami Aerator T500 (link to manufacturer's web site) T500 technical specifications (PDF direct download link) 2017 R160 Parts Guide (PDF direct download link) refer to pages 13 & 14 Good luck!
  12. The optional full bow rail was offered on 2019 R180s, so apparently the take-rate was too low and continuing the rail's availability was not profitable, perhaps due to the popularity of bow-mounted trolling motors. It may be worth having your dealer contact Robalo to see if they will build you a special order 2020 R180 with the optional full bow rail. Otherwise, if you look via a web search, you can find at least one 2019 R180 with the full bow rail that's clearance-priced in Akron, Ohio. Good luck!
  13. MonsterTower's Water Ski Rack, though not cheap, is an elegant aluminum & stainless design that includes a swivel adjustment... ...that would allow you to use their universal collar insert to mount the rack on a piece of 1 5/8" aluminum or stainless tubing... ...which you could drop into the aft rod holder on your R200's gunnel... The swivel would allow you to adjust the rack & skis parallel to the gunnel, and grinding or filing appropriately-placed slots in the bottom of the tubing to engage the rod holder's bottom cross-pin would index the rack parallel to your R200's hullside. Putting the rack on the starboard side would position the rack & skis adjacent to the boarding ladder, and having the rack positioned outboard to the hull should avoid interference with your R200's aft bimini support pole. MonsterTower also offers a comparable Wakeboard Rack. Good luck!
  14. You may want to contact your dealer regarding a potential warranty claim if the graphics have deteriorated, otherwise decals are offered here or here. Good luck!
  15. haz

    Chipped Gel Goat

    Link to Robalo Seafoam Green gel coat repair kit made by Spectrum Color. Good luck!
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