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  1. Jarrett: It is unclear whether you purchased your Robalo new and you are the original owner, or, if you bought the boat used from a private seller. From past reports here and on other forums, Robalo has provided free cushion replacements to original owners, and used-boat buyers were sometimes offered replacement cushions at dealer cost for DIY or owner-paid installation by the dealer. If you are the original owner, then Bob Hewes Boats -- which has a very good reputation with customers and a prosperous relationship with Robalo -- should've submitted photos of your boat's cushions along with your boat's hull number to Robalo's warranty department for an official determination. If the replacement cost Bob Hewes Boats quoted you was their dealer price, they should've mentioned it, and/or maybe they are including installation labor. If they are asking full retail and you bought the Robalo pre-owned from them, then it's worth trying to negotiate the cushion cost down to their dealer cost, as their gesture of goodwill to you. Good luck!
  2. BlueWater Enterprises' (link to manufacturer website) push button switches appear to be offered through this online retailer (link to website), though I have no experience with either enterprise. Good luck!
  3. Online photo of leather-wrapped wheel of 2020 R207... I've never considered it before, but maybe I'll add a padded lace-on cover to my current stainless wheel. Good luck!
  4. haz

    Motor upgrade R160

    Yamaha's March 2015 R160 Performance Bulletin lists the F90's weight at 366 pounds, the same as shown on Yamaha's current F90 Specifications web page, though in 2012, Yamaha showed the F90 weighing 372 pounds. I have read about swing check valves being installed by owners in non-Robalo boats' deck drain hoses to facilitate the outflow of deck water and to prevent the backflow of sea water through the deck drain when stern loading moves the deck drain below sea level... Link to video showing how a swing check valve operates. Good luck!
  5. haz

    Drain plug replacement

    As offered in response to your same Thanksgiving-time question... Link to Robalo drain plug offered via dealer's online parts store It should also be available through your local Robalo and/or Chaparral dealer. Good luck and Merry Christmas!
  6. Thanks for your early Christmas gift of awareness of Gemini Products, whose website includes enjoyable videos on fitting their crossbars (link to page) and on the operation of their hinge components (link to page). Good luck!
  7. haz

    Drain plug replacement

    Link to Robalo drain plug offered via dealer's online parts store It should also be available through your local Robalo and/or Chaparral dealer. Good luck!
  8. Ken Reeves of PropGods offers free advice and publicly responds to questions over on the BandOfBoaters Technical & Performance Forum (link to website). Our R180 was delivered with the standard 14 1/2 x 17 aluminum prop on its Yamaha 150. Early-on, we strayed outside a channel between day markers at low speed and scrubbed the aluminum prop through mud, kicking up a stone that chipped the transom's gelcoat. Our move to stainless was more for durability than performance, so I can't offer data on RPM & speed. Our satisfaction with the Rev 4 is more perception-based due to the 4-blade's stern lift benefit and affect on boat handling, especially when running in choppy waters without adjusting the trim tabs. I am considering changing over to the Flo-Torq 4 hub to quiet the low speed prop rattle. Good luck!
  9. Ken Reeves of PropGods offers free advice and would respond to your question over on the BandOfBoaters Technical & Performance Forum (link to website). Good luck!
  10. Link to R200 video being discussed. Images posted by video's creator to Robalo Owners Group Facebook page (group membership required for access)... Link to info on hatch assembly used. Good luck!
  11. Joebalo's past comment on centering the steering wheel, from The Hull Truth Boating Forum (link to discussion): "This certainly wasn't done by mistake. Robalo places the throttle on the right side of the dash and steering left of that to conserve cockpit space in the boat. The rigging cables behind the throttles takes up a substantial amount of space behind the helm. When you design a boat with center throttles, it forces manufacturers to build huge consoles that eat up valuable space in the boat. Pushing the throttles to the right hand side of the boat opens up an additional 20 inches of space to work with, which opens up cockpit space in the boat." On the other hand -- no pun intended -- the lack of a walk-in console compartment on the R160 enables the centered throttle & left-hand steering wheel placement... Good luck!
  12. Thank you very much for the R160 parts guide, exactly what I needed!

  13. Link to photos of console door gas strut installation. Good luck!
  14. The 2004 R190 Parts Guide (link to PDF download) offers no insight on removing the cushion, but it does includes photos of the live-well/leaning post, which appears to have also been installed through 2006 on R200 models. You may want to join and re-post your question on the Robalo Boating Forum (link to site), which specializes in earlier model-year Robalo boats. Good luck!
  15. Cap't Mike: You may enjoy reviewing the 2014 R180 Parts Guide (link to PDF download), which includes photos of below-deck structures. Good luck!
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