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  1. R180 Trailer

    kpate's Coyote trailer fender with rubber baseboard material applique... Good luck!
  2. R180 Trailer

    Gunner: If you have a Coyote trailer, you may want to review this previousdiscussion. Good luck!
  3. R207 without Trim Tabs

    Photo of Tackle Stationinstallation on RayI's R200... Good luck!
  4. Yamaha 250xb vs 250 SHO

    Here are several discussions addressingthis topic overon The Hull Truth Boating Forum... VMAX SHO vs F250 Yamaha experts 250 vmax sho vs reg 250 Yamaha 250 Vmax SHO Yamaha F250 Vs. 250 SHO Good luck!
  5. R180 f150 Engine Height

    On crashl's recommendation, I installed the same 4-blade prop in 2014, but with a Flo-Torq 2 hub, which does rattle a bit. The Rev 4 lifts the stern on acceleration and ourR180 immediately jumps up on plane. Very satisfied with the Rev 4's performance. Also on crashl's recommendation,weraised our 150 all the way up last year... ...with no cavitation&nochange in steering effort, though crashl cautioned thatsteering could become heavier. (Thanks for your advice,crashl !) Good luck!
  6. Instramentation

    Garmin's website provides descriptions:54CV here and the 54DV here. Owner's manuals are available for download from Garmin: 54CV here and the 54DV here. A discussion onBassboat Centraloffers this explanation about the CV versus the DV terminologyand this additional information. From Fishfinder Advisor: "The Garmin echoMAP CHIRP 54cv is a brand new unit from Garmin for 2017. To be more precise, it’s basically the same unit as theGarminechoMAP CHIRP 54dv, but with a name change, as Garmin have re-branded their term DownVü (dv) into ClearVü (cv)." Good luck!
  7. Gross Tonnage

    Does this accurately describe the data you're seeking?... "Gross tonnageis calculated by measuring a ship's volume (from keel to funnel, to the outside of the hull framing) and applying a mathematical formula.Gross tonnage(often abbreviated as GT, G.T. or gt) is a nonlinear measure of a ship's overall internal volume. " Good luck!
  8. Live Well

    Your new Yamaha 150 weighs just over 100 pounds more than your "old"115, so the appearance of water not draining from your livewell may simply be the result of your R180's stern sittingdeeper in the water. As you've described, the bottom of the scupper'srubber flapper is movable, and it's not fully water tight when your R180 is at rest in the water. If the floor of your livewell sits dimensionally below the surface of the water, then water can back-flow through the scupper into your livewell. You describethe livewell as drainingwhen your R180 isunderway, perhapsdue to the floor ofthe livewell being lifted higher than the water's surface whenyour R180 is up on plane, or, due tosuction created by external water flowing past the scupper,drawing the water out of the livewell. In either case, if you leavethe standpipe screwed into the livewell's drain, then the water should rise within the standpipe until it equalizes to the externalwater height, keeping your livewell dry. (This is what I do.) Removing the rubber flapper from the scupper's thru-hullcreates an opportunity for water slapping at the stern to forcefully move its way up installed standpipe and to possibly overflow into the livewell. if you'd like to convert the livewell into dry storage, then it may be possible to usean expansion plug to seal the drain, rather than having the standpipe in yourway all the time. Good luck!
  9. Imessagedjoebalo throughthe THT Boating Forumand Iinvited his eventual participation here on theofficial Robalo Owners' Forum. It's understandable that Robalo would want to be responsive to inquiries & issues that surface on the more-publicTHT Forum, where owners of all boat brands participate, and where conquest sales maybe earned. Good luck!
  10. Live Well

    The floor of the livewell sits 4-1/4 inches above the top of the scupper's thru-hull fitting. Aslong as the top of the scupper's thru-hull fitting isn't more than 4-1/4 inches below water surface, then the livewell should be able to fully drain when the livewell standpipe is unscrewed & removed from the drain fitting on the floor of the livewell... Good luck!
  11. Live Well

    Perhaps Fido dropped something down your livewell drain, in retaliation for thatold"go fetch" trick... I just dumped a 2-litre bottle of water down my R180's livewell drain tube, and the water immediately & freely drained out the transom scupper. Good luck!
  12. Trolling motor on R189

    Like you, I aspire to adding a bow mount to ourR180, though it will involve cuttingmy bow railing. Past trolling motor discussions can be found here, here, and here. Additionally, the Robalo Cayman Thread on the Hull Truth Boating Forum contains many installation photos and usefulinsights on bow mount trolling motors. Good luck!
  13. I agree withyour perspective and I share in yourfrustration over the rarityofRobalo'sparticipation in Robalo OwnersForum discussions. Forum admin, Robalo Web Team, has occasionally contributedtechnical info to discussions, and he/she has always respondedpromptly to my private messages whenissues wereraisedin the Forum that wereespecially deservingof a Robalo factory response. In sharp contrast to thisofficial Robalo Forum, factory representative joeboloregularly answers technical questions and vigorously responds to Robalo quality issues over on The Hull Truth Boating Forum, where the Robalo Cayman Thread is a wonderful resource for Cayman owners. It would be great to haveJoebalo similarly participating inthe Robalo Owners Forum, as an advocate forthis official assembly of Robalo owners. After all -- through our Robalo boat ownership --we areloyal Ambassadors ofRobalo Nation. Good luck!
  14. Brochure Archive

    The current download link to Brochures, located on the Info Center page, is not working. For anyone looking for 2003through current model year Brochures, they are available here... http://robalo.com/admin/Document-Depot.php?action=brochure_archive Good luck!
  15. Owners Manuals

    The current download link to Owners Manuals, located on the Info Center page, is not working. For anyone looking for 2004 through current model year Owners Manuals, they are available here... http://robalo.com/admin/Document-Depot.php?action=owners_manuals Good luck!