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  1. It was reported on a Robalo Owners Group Facebook page in May 2017 that Robalo received a bad batch of vinyl covers that were installed on various 2016 models.which eventually exhibited the surface stickiness you describe. Dealers with affected customers are to supply the hull ID number and photos of the faulty vinyl to Robalo for replacement covers under warranty. Contact your dealer and, hopefully, your R300 will qualify for the no-cost replacement vinyl covers. If it's not a 2016, still contact your dealer and give it a try. This vinyl issue was mentioned in this earlier discussion thread. Good luck!
  2. Regarding the visibility of pricing on Robalo's Boat Builder web page, your web browser might be the cause of you not seeing the numbers. In the past, I was unable to see prices when using the Firefox web browser, but able to view the numbers when using the Chrome browser. Presently, I can see 2017 pricing on all the Center Console menu Boat Builder pages when using Chrome. Good luck!
  3. Hanapaa has also contributed to Gator Bait's sizeable R302 discussion. You both may want to join & post your experiences over on The Hull Truth Boating Forum. Joebalo, who is a Robalo factory customer service rep, is active on THT's Boating Forum and he has been responsive to posts by Robalo owners with issues. Joebalo does not openly participate here, unfortunately. Good luck!
  4. You are perhaps looking for something like this, this, and/or this? Good luck!
  5. You might try using the Forum's private messaging feature to reach out to Forum member Navara, who reported a similar noise on his/her Robalo in this June 2016 thread: 2015 R207 crunching sound from floor. Navara's usage profile suggests Navara has not logged into the Forum since June 2016, however, if Navara's e-mail is still active, perhaps your PM will trigger an e-mail notification to Navara. It's worth a try, since Navara was seeking dealer & factory support to resolve the problem. If you do not have it already, the 2006 Robalo 240 Parts Guide (PDF) shows under-deck support surfaces in photos that may be helpful toward determining if the noisy deck area is supported or unsupported.. Not sure about the composition of your 2006 deck, but the deck of our 2013 R180 is 3/4 inch-thick, consisting of a polypropylene honeycomb core with 1/8 inch of resin and diamond pattern on top and about a 1/16 inch stranded resin coating on the bottom... There is a comparable discussion, though not about Robalo, on The Hull Truth's Boating Forum: Boat Floor Noise. Good luck!
  6. Congratulations on your new R200. You may enjoy this prior jump seat storage discussion and this prior jump seat moisture discussion. Good luck!
  7. This post on The Hull Truth's Robalo Cayman Thread mentions that a too-long vent hose on a Cayman inhibited proper venting when fuel pooled in a low spot of the sagging hose. Additionally, Attwood's installation instructions (PDF) describes maintenance of their Fuel Vent, which includes cleaning an internal wire screen that may become clogged with spider webs or other debris that can inhibit the effectiveness of the fuel vent. Good luck!
  8. Blade09: Hopefully, by now, you've contacted your dealer and the dealer has properly secured your R200's live well drain hose to the transom scupper fitting. In my opinion, your R200 should not be in the water until the live well drain hose is properly connected. The scupper's rubber flapper should not be expected to keep water outside the hull from flowing into your R200's bilge. The dealer should witness how the live well drain hose was left unconnected by the factory and -- after correcting that -- the dealer should certify that all other of your R200's hoses are properly secured to their thru-hull fittings. Additionally, the dealer should formally report this serious process failure to Robalo, to ensure the factory's assembly and inspection processes are improved. Hopefully, your R200 is safely back on the water and this serious risk of water back-flowing into your bilge has been eliminated by the drain hose being properly secured to the scupper fitting. Good luck!
  9. The 50-gallon fuel tank in our R180 was full when we took delivery at the dealership. Good luck!
  10. wildoats: If you can rotate the seacock valve handle into its horizontal OFF (closed) position, then you theoretically should be able to remove the Bait Sentry pump with the boat in the water, after removing the pump output hose and separating the pump's 12-volt positive (+) and negative (-) wire connectors, and finally, spinning the pump counter-clockwise while having a wrench on the seacock valve body to stabilize it. I say theoretically to in-water pump removal only to highlight the importance that the seacock valve MUST remain in the OFF (closed) position during the entire removal & replacement process. Of course, the safest way to do the job would be to pull the boat out of the water. Otherwise, the transom wall aft of the motor splash-well should stop most dropped tools. And, make sure you're wearing your PFD while lying across the swim platform. Good luck!
  11. Lee Money has openly participated here as Forum member coyotemfgco. He also shared his telephone & e-mail contact info in this discussion thread nearly a year ago. Good luck!
  12. I've had no problem like that on our R180. I presume you are sliding the rod tip into the tube toward the bow, rather than the putting the rod tip into the stern tube where flotation foam may be blocking insertion beyond the end of the tube? Removing the two mounting screws will enable you to withdraw the tube from within the hull and look for any forward-facing obstructions using a flashlight. Good luck!
  13. The raw water strainer is needed to keep trash from destroying the livewell-washdown pump and to prevent crud from fouling bait fish and/or your deck when washing down. Robalo has been installing a variety of raw water strainers, so let's consider your R180's place in that evolution of livewell-washdown pump protection. The 2016 R180 Parts Manual shows a bronze-body Perko 493 strainer mounted on the inboard side of the port jump seat compartment bulkhead... ...with the Shurflo Problaster II pump mounted on the opposite side of that same bulkhead (the top of Perko strainer is visible in this photo's upper left corner) ... The 2017 R180 Parts Manual shows a Forespar T-150 strainer mounted adjacent to the Shurflo Problaster II pump inside the port jump seat compartment... The 2016 and 2017 R206 Cayman Parts Manuals show the Perko strainer installed adjacent to the Shurflo pump... And most recently, the 2018 R206 Cayman Parts Manual shows a Shurflo strainer installed adjacent to a Shurflo Aqua King II pump... Your description of the filter element being super-fine mesh suggests your R180 may have the white-bodied Shurflo strainer, which has a stainless wire mesh element. The Forespar strainer has a perforated stainless filter that's available in standard and extra fine versions The Perko strainer is superior due to its perforated stainless filter having two-and-a-half to three times the filter surface area of the others, so presumably your R180 isn't equipped with a Perko strainer -- or you're fishing in some really cruddy seas. According to comments on this page of the Robalo Cayman Discussion Thread on The Hull Truth Boating Forum, for about a year Robalo has been replacing the plastic-bodied strainers with the bronze-bodied Perko strainer, as a no-cost warranty action to complaining members of the Cayman Owners Club who experienced your same symptoms of "Trickle Syndrome", as they call it. Print that Cayman Discussion Thread page, highlight the several comments relating to the Perko strainer replacements under warranty, and take it to your dealer. It's worth having your dealer determine if the Perko strainer warranty action that Robalo has extended to Cayman owners can be extended to your R180. Your dealer's exceptional effort to ensure your satisfaction warrants Robalo providing you a Perko strainer, if you don't have one already. Good luck!
  14. Because we regularly trailer our R180, I prefer to run with our custom bimini secure and standing off the gunnels. I added 90-degree Tee rail fittings to the aft top supports, along with outside eye ends and deck hinges on the gunnels. Unsure if this can be implemented on a R160, but it is an effective solution on our R180. Good luck!
  15. RNardolillo: Since the cushion damage occurred as a direct result of the dealer advising you to trailer your 222ES with the stern cushions in place, has the dealer ordered a replacement cushion at no cost to you? If Robalo will not process it as a warranty replacement, the dealer should accept responsibility and absorb the cost of a new cushion. Good luck!