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  1. haz

    Robalo 246 Cayman dual live wells

    You may wish to join The Hull Truth Boating Forum and pose your question on their Robalo Cayman Thread, where Cayman topics are discussed by a large and vigorous community of Robalo Cayman owners. Good luck!
  2. haz

    Yamaha Fuel Water Separating Filter

    Via the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, the 2015 R207 Parts Guide (PDF download), includes a photo on page 17 which shows the location of the external fuel filter. On the R160, the Yamaha F70 has an integral water separator reservoir with sensor (PDF download) that is apparently considered adequate for the 12-gallon fuel tank. Good luck!
  3. haz

    Trolling Motor Install on R200

    Thanks for the extra effort you put into producing this nicely documented tutorial of your trolling motor project. Good luck!
  4. haz

    R196 fuel tank

    This discussion on the other Robalo Boating Forum may be helpful. Good luck!
  5. haz

    Tow Vehicle

    You may want to join The Hull Truth Boating Forum and pose your tow-vehicle question on their Robalo Cayman Thread, where at least two members mention using a 4Runner with V-8/tow pkg to pull their Cayman; SaltyDawg22 with a 226, and NoLip with a 246. Good luck!
  6. haz

    R302 hull any plywood?

    As Joe mentions, Robalo uses Perma Panel, which is a premium-grade marine plywood. Perma Panel informational flyer (PDF download), specification sheet (PDF download), and manufacturer's warranty (PDF download). Good luck!
  7. haz

    Starboard scupper plate

    When you say "scuppers at the transom port and starboard"... ...are you intending to describe the brass splashwell drain tubes that are flanged on the inside & outside of the transom?... Good luck!
  8. haz

    Question about buying new Robalo

    While R200 boat shopping, you may have already seen Robalo-generated No Haggle Real Deal Pricing sheets, comparable to this one from our R180, which include a factory-supplied trailer... If you're concerned about the dealer overcharging you, and the R200 on the dealer's invoice has already been built, then the dealer should be able to show you the Real Deal Pricing sheet for that specific boat. As FullThrottle & RickR160 mention, Robalo does provide boats without factory-supplied trailers, which results in an Aluminum Trailer Delete line item & cost reduction under the Options column on the Real Deal Pricing sheet. If the R200 on the dealer's invoice was originally a Trailer Delete order which you are purchasing with a dealer-supplied trailer, then it would be appropriate for the trailer cost to be added to the Real Deal Pricing sheet's Price As Shown amount. If the R200 on the dealer's invoice is a 2019 to-be-built boat order, then as FullThrottle mentions, Robalo's R200 Build website page should provide you reliable package-pricing information. To confirm the dealer's justification for separately listing individual costs for boat-motor-trailer on the dealer's invoice they've prepared -- which should total to the Real Deal Pricing sheet's Price As Shown amount when Robalo is supplying the trailer -- you could contact your local governmental Title Agency and ask them if this action is required by law. Good luck in your decision making!
  9. haz

    New R22 Cayman Nightmare

    You may wish to join The Hull Truth Boating Forum and participate on their Robalo Cayman Thread, where Cayman-specific topics are discussed by a large and vigorous community of Robalo Cayman owners. Relating your experience on that other Forum may bring you feedback from other Cayman owners who have had similar difficulties, as well as advice on how to more effectively proceed. Additionally, a Robalo factory representative participates here as Joebalo, and he also participates as Joebalo on The Hull Truth Boating Forum. Hopefully, Joebalo will consider facilitating some fuller Robalo factory assistance for you, in the same way he has done for Robalo owners with problems, typically through the private messaging functions of either of these discussion sites. Good luck!
  10. haz

    R260, 2006. ELE panel

    If this is the electrical panel you are describing... ...and the rocker switches are working properly, but the rocker faces are unreadable, then you shouldn't need to replace the entire panel. You should be able to replace the individual switch covers, which you could order through any Robalo dealer. I have no direct experience or affiliation with any of these online sources, however... There is one offering a limited selection of Robalo switch covers that can be purchased individually... ...as well as other more generic switch cover outlets such as this one, and this one, and this one, among others that you may find online. Good luck!
  11. haz

    Rhetorical Customer Service Surveys

    The survey you participated in was likely administered by a third party for the National Marine Manufacturers Association's Customer Satisfaction Index, which does result in awards being presented to both manufacturers and dealers. The bland questions you describe may be partially due to the survey's required topics and format, and potentially due to the survey's preferred outcome being a manufacturer's eligibility for a CSI award that is used to promote a manufacturer's brand(s) & its dealerships. There is a marketing benefit from a higher score. Robalo's eleven consecutive years of CSI awards are also touted in its parent company's 2017 Annual Report (Page 9) to stockholders. Good luck!
  12. haz

    1995 2140 toilet macerator location

    You may wish to also join the other Robalo owners' discussion site, where a large community of earlier-model-year Robalo boat owners participate and assist each other. On that other Forum, member Dorado2140 describes his macerator pump as being behind his 1995 2140's VCT oil tank. Good luck!
  13. haz

    whats the correct propeller for 246 Cayman

    Robalo Forum member Fishrsafe hasn't been active here lately, however, Fishrsafe is quite active on The Hull Truth Boating Forum's Robalo Cayman Thread, where he shared the prop setup and preferred jack plate setting on his 246 Cayman with a F300XCA and a usage profile that's somewhat comparable to your's. If you are not already a member there, you may wish to join The Hull Truth Boating Forum and participate on their Robalo Cayman Thread, where Cayman-specific topics are discussed by a large and vigorous community of Robalo Cayman owners. On your second question, the BET gets mention on Yamaha's Global website, suggesting it's primarily an international market product, while the XCA gets mention on Yamaha's US website and in Canadian sales literature (PDF download), but also curiously in Australian sales literature (PDF download). Both the BET and XCA have been qualified by Yamaha for the 3-Star Ultra Low Emissions rating from the California Air Resources Board (PDF download), so the BET is not exclusively an international product. Did your dealer offer any after-the-fact explanation of why your Cayman received the F300BET? Perhaps due to the sporadic engine shortages Robalo has suffered, or, your Cayman was originally an International build? Your quest for ethanol-free gas may be helped by Pure-Gas.org's Alabama gas stations list. Good luck!
  14. haz

    Friction Hinges for R222 Console Door ?

    Another solution has been raised in the past on the Robalo Owners Group Facebook page, which is now a closed group requiring membership approval to view, but which was an open site and accessible to anyone when these photos were shared. Group member Jason Erikson shared this photo of a gas-filled spring that was added to the console door of a friend's R302... Inspired by Jason Erikson's post, Group member Justin Scheller shared these photos of a 20-inch x 30 lb. gas-filled spring he installed on his R222ES... The Robalo Owners Facebook Group has existed for about 2 years, and it now has 2,225 members who share their ideas and their appreciation of Robalo boats. Like this Robalo Forum, membership there is also a worthwhile investment of time and attention for all Robalo owners. Good luck!
  15. haz

    Friction Hinges for R222 Console Door ?

    You could add a magnetic latch to hold the console door open, as described in this past post. Good luck!