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  1. This 93-page multiple-model Panel Kit document (PDF direct download link) provides the information you're looking for, beginning on page 14. Good luck!
  2. Thanks for this very informative discussion, and for your wiring upgrade strategy, which I have saved for when the bilge pump / float switch on our R180 need replacing. Good luck!
  3. Operation of the Nav-Anchor light switch on our 2013 R180 is identical to what you describe on your 2017 R200: Anchor - Off - Navigation. The correctness of this is evident in the attached R180 & R200 Switch Panel Wiring Diagram from the 2013 Center Console Owner's/Operator's Manual (PDF download link), which shows a double pole double throw (DPDT) switch powering only the anchor light in one outer position and powering the bow nav light, the anchor light, the panel lights and the compass light when in the other outer position, and no passage of power when in the center position.
  4. haz

    R202 footrest

    While originally offered in 2018 (link to past post), Robalo's online 2020 R222EX Boat Builder (link to website) lists the optional Dual Flip Up Leaning Post Footrest Anodized [only] as Part # R718A-222EXDF costing $385. Given that relatively recent offering of the optional footrest, it may be worth having your Robalo dealer contact the factory to see if a R222EX footrest assembly is available for purchase. If one is available, you may want to verify that the leaning post frame on your R202EX is the same as the frame used on the R222EX, which I expect is the case. I mention thi
  5. haz

    Boat Search

    Robalo Boat Owners on Facebook group is private and not immediately viewable until after your membership request is approved by a moderator, which occurs promptly. Good luck!
  6. Per the photo on printed-page 22 of the 2016 R180 Parts Guide (PDF direct download link), that hole is molded thru & thru, from top-to-bottom of the tank, presenting no inherent risk of fuel leakage -- which is why it's caused you no problem since buying the R180. The same photo is in the 2017 R180 Parts Guide that I have on hand, but which is not available online for download. I presume the hole was taped-over during the assembly process, to prevent anything from being accidentally dropped inside the hole. Good luck!
  7. Back in 2018, Robalo recognized that errors existed in some Parts Guides, so they removed the Parts Guides web page from the site. Later, they restored the page making model year 2013 the newest available, with the intent of posting newer Parts Guides as they were corrected, which unfortunately, has not occurred. Good luck!
  8. On our 2012 R180, the opening is 15 1/4" wide, and 10 3/4" front-to-back, with approximately 1 1/4" corner radius. If your question relates to passing batteries through the openings, I was able to pass Group 31 AGM batteries (9 3/4" high x 6 3/4" wide x 12 15/16" long) down through the hole -- a bit of a feat since they weigh 75 lbs -- but, the AGMs are fully sealed. Good luck!
  9. These Contura II illuminated switches appear to be what you're looking for. Also, you may enjoy the 2014 R227 Parts Guide (PDF direct download) if you do not have it already,. Good luck!
  10. Congratulations on your insightful design and on your supplier's build quality. I expect other Robalo owners will be sending them your photos with a request to "Build me one of these". Good luck!
  11. haz

    R200 2019

    Is that the Yamaha Battery Isolator fuse, which in our R180 is a 50-amp beneath the starboard-side stern jump seat?... Good luck!
  12. haz

    R200 2019

    You may want to evaluate the rotation of the battery selector switch and the presence or absence of the detent positions at each position of battery selection. On earlier model years which used an earlier generation design Blue Sea switch, many owners experienced fracturing of the switch housing that caused loss of power and/or a free-wheeling switch selector that could easily rotate out of its contact position, causing loss of power. Additionally, it seems unlikely that all those various systems circuit breakers would concurrently pop, but I presume the first thing you did was push on e
  13. That's a Robalo factory-installed T-top. Good luck!
  14. haz

    R180 Tongue Weight

    With our initial 2012 R180's equipment list matching yours, including fluids, and added options of full bow rail & trailer tongue-mounted spare tire, the boat/trailer CAT-scaled 4,060 lbs in 2013. At that time, I did not measure trailer tongue weight. In your total weight calculation, I don't see you accounting for trailer weight, which for our Karavan trailer is 740 lbs without the spare tire. Over the years, personalizing with stainless grab rails, footrest, upgrading dual batteries to Group 31 AGMs, and adding engine-mounted trolling motor with three Group 31 AGMs arrayed in
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