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  1. Forum search for "trolling motor". Trolling motor discussions & photos on the The Hull Truth's Robalo Cayman Thread may also be helpful to you. Regarding the trolling motor installation involving bow rail, Google Search " trolling motor with bow rail site:www.thehulltruth.com " for ideas. Good luck!
  2. See "Unsurpassed Quality Control" on Robalo Quality web page, which describes factory water-tank testing of boat systems prior to shipment. The dealer also goes through a systems operation checklist prior to the in-water cruise when the boat is demonstrated & delivered to the new owner. Good luck!
  3. Thanks for feeding back the final outcome. Good luck!
  4. If you have not already, it may also be useful for you to become a member & post your issue on The Hull Truth Boating Forum, where Joebalo, a Robalo factory customer service rep, might respond to your question. Good luck!
  5. If you have not already, you may wish to become a member and pose your question at the other Robalo Boat Owner discussion site, which tends to specialize in earlier model year Robalo boats. Good luck!
  6. If you are not already, please consider registering to as a user of The Hull Truth Boating Forum and re-post your issue and photo on their Boating Forum. I'd suggest using something like "Robalo R200 Deformed Deck Surface" in the Title of your discussion thread to highlight the Robalo boat brand. THT user "Joebalo", a Robalo factory customer service rep, will hopefully respond promptly to your post, and he may wish to communicate with you via the THT Private Messaging service to learn more information about the problem and to coordinate the solution. He has been quite helpful getting issues resolved for Cayman owners through the Robalo Cayman Thread. You mention the dealer's interest in the spot being "solid" versus "hollow", which I presume means a solid spot of deck has supporting structure beneath it, whereas a hollow spot of deck has only air space beneath the deck structure. As a resource toward anticipating solid & hollow deck areas, it may useful to look at photos from R200 Parts Manuals. In each case, the bottom of the photo is "forward" and the top of the photo is "aft", and the fuel gauge sending unit & fuel supply outlet provide reference for where the 8-inch deck plate exists beneath or behind the helm seat... 2016-17 R200 2014-15 R200 2012-13 R200 In your photo, given the deformed deck's proximity to your R200's port side toe rail, I suppose it's possible that deformed spot is resting on the more narrow outboard stringer, though the adjacent air space is quite wide, so it's hard to say -- unless you've already used an electronic stud finder to verify the stringer is directly inline with that upraised spot. I was unfamiliar with Robalo's deck composition until recently, when I installed pin mount seat base plates in unsupported areas of our R180. I was impressed to find the 3/4 inch-thick deck consists of a polypropylene honeycomb core with 1/8 inch of resin and diamond pattern on top and about a 1/16 inch stranded resin coating on the bottom -- very light and surprisingly strong... Perhaps a few flat washers or other unintended object was sitting atop the stringer when the cockpit was mated down into the hull, and the upward deflection was spread over a wider area of the deck, until later when a portion of that 1/16 inch bottom resin coat fractured and uplifted the honeycomb, which transferred the uplifting force to the 1/8 inch top resin coat with diamond pattern that localized the 1/4 inch deformation that you're seeing. If you ever heard the deck creaking or any snapping on that side of the helm seat, perhaps that's what happened. Good luck!
  7. Stop the presses !!! I decided to take a different approach toward reaching our R180's Bait Sentry & bilge pump assembly. Both are reachable for me by laying on my side on the port side swim platform with my head & shoulders over the motor splash well. Removing and installing either pump can be done without having to remove the outboard motor. Good luck!
  8. Robalo Boats 300 Industrial Park Blvd Nashville, GA 31639-1817 (229) 686-7481 Good luck!
  9. Robalo's sister-company Chaparral offers this sunpad on their 310 Signature and 330 Signature models... Colors appear to be compatible with Robalo upholstery. The part number of this Chaparral sunpad is 05956000. Your local Chap dealer may be able to provide you the sunpad's overall dimensions. Perhaps you could buy a pair of appropriately sized grab bars and adapt this Chaparral sunpad to the foredeck of your R265. Good luck!
  10. wildoats: One idea -- If your preference is for washdown function rather than constant livewell replenishment, I've toyed with the idea of using the livewell as a 15-gallon freshwater storage tank and adding a proper washdown pump fed by an extension tube connected to the livewell outlet fitting, with the washdown pump's output routed to optional washdown fitting on our R180. Robalo's clear recognition of the folly of bilge-mounting the Bait Sentry pump is evidenced by their 2015-and-later installation of the ProBlaster II pumps. I presume you have already absolutely verified the problem is the pump's failure, as opposed to an electrical problem involving the switch or circuit breaker. Might be worth posting your experience over on The Hull Truth Boating Forum to see if THT member Joebalo, a Robalo factory customer service rep, might be able to provide you some labor cost relief at your dealer for an upgrade to the current livewell-washdown pump design. For whatever reason, Joebalo does not participate here, which makes no sense to me. And for what it's worth, I would buy another Robalo without any hesitation. Good luck!
  11. It's true that both Wildoats and myself have R180's that were produced before Robalo began including the midship cleats as a standard feature. Good luck!
  12. If you have not already, you may wish to become a member and pose your question at the other Robalo Boat Owner discussion site, which tends to specialize in earlier model year Robalo boats and which specifically includes a Walk Around models forum. Good luck!
  13. I also added midship cleats to our R180 shortly after we purchased it, with access for mounting made more simple for me through the port & starboard stereo speaker holes... Good luck!
  14. In 2015, Robalo stopped using the bilge-mounted Bait Sentry livewell pump and began installing SurFlo's ProBlaster II washdown pump on the inboard bulkhead beneath the port-side stern jump seat, per this image from the 2017 R180 Parts Manual... For later model R180 owners, this improves access for pump if repair or replacement is needed. Additrionally, the ProBlaster II is truly a washdown-grade pump, whereas the Bait Sentry pump is designed for livewell applications and it is grossly inadequate for washdown use. Regarding your question about access to the R180's bilge pump, it is located more directly beneath the 8-inch deck plate opening in the engine splash well and it's installed on a removable baseplate along with the float switch... The base of the bilge pump assembly is 22-inches beneath the rim of the deck plate, with two mounting screws immediately below the opening and one mounting screw on the forward end of the base plate, which requires a longer reach. With the outboard motor in place, I believe it would be possible to remove the two aft mounting screws using an extended screwdriver, though the single forward mounting screw would be challenging. This image from the 2017 R200 Parts Manual shows the R200's bilge pump assembly and the ProBlaster II's raw water supply hose attached to the seacock ball valve... I wouldn't consider the access challenge of getting to the bilge pump assembly a design flaw, since it needs to be in the hull's lowest point and, the height of the engine splash well and adjacent swim platform surfaces are appropriate, due to the generous freeboard provided by the R180 & R200 hull designs. The location of the Bait Sentry pump and its inadequacy for washdown use are likely a near-universal source of frustration for we pre-2015 model-year owners, but I have no other regrets about buying our R180 when we did, since Robalo eventually stopped offering the Roulette Red color that we selected... Good luck!
  15. Your livewell pump should be a ShurFlo Bait Sentry unit, likely the red-labeled 800 gph pump because of the optional raw water washdown fitting that's on your R180... The installed pump can be viewed through the 8-inch deck plate installed in the center of the motor splash well... ...and yes, the pump does sit atop a seacock ball valve, which is in its "shutoff" position in the above photo of our R180. The pump's location is offset both forward and to the port side of the deck plate, with the pump's top about a foot below the deck plate rim, and the inside of the hull about two feet below the deck plate rim, though these dimensions are deceiving because the outboard motor and its rigging above the deck plate seriously hamper access... I buy my dress shirts with 35" sleeves, and reaching things is usually no problem for me. With our R180 on the trailer and the outboard motor trimmed fully down, I am only able to place my fingers around the very top of the pump. I would be hard pressed to disconnect the output hose from the upper portion of the pump, let alone to be able to disconnect the two electrical connectors toward the bottom of the installed pump. Without having tools that might work like those of a medical doctor doing arthroscopic surgery, I don't see any way to adequately access & remove the Bait Sentry pump other than by removing the outboard motor. Good luck!