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  1. You may wish to join The Hull Truth Boating Forum and participate on their Robalo Cayman Thread, where this drainage issue and other Cayman topics are discussed by a large and vigorous community of Robalo Cayman owners. Good luck!
  2. Link to Fishmaster accessory mounts. Good luck!
  3. The Spectrum Color repair kit was a color match on the hull of our 2013 R180... Good luck!
  4. For repairing rod holder screw holes: Link to Robalo Arctic White gel coat patch paste repair kit on iboat.com, Good luck!
  5. Our R180 has this hidden horn unit with this style of grill cover... Good luck!
  6. Our R180 has a 6-amp circuit breaker protecting the Raw Water circuit, and the datasheet for your ProBlaster II (PDF) recommends 15-amp protection for the 10-amp max draw of that pump. You could prove-out the fix, by moving up the 15-amp circuit breaker from the 12-volt receptacle, before spending additional money. Good luck!
  7. Mantus offers a beautiful stainless cam-lock rail clamp that could serve as a mount for several of Attwood's ski mirrors. A less-costly, non-marine solution may be a unit designed for offroad UTVs, such as ATV Tek's clamp-on rear view mirror or this one that offers a wider field of view. Good luck!
  8. You may wish to consider a 4-pole to 5-pole wiring adapter, which is best explained in the video on this page. Good luck!
  9. This post on The Hull Truth's Robalo Cayman Thread mentions that a too-long vent hose on a Cayman inhibited proper venting when fuel pooled in a low spot of the sagging vent hose. Additionally, Attwood's installation instructions (PDF) describes maintenance of their Fuel Vent, which includes cleaning an internal wire screen that may become clogged with spider webs or other debris that can inhibit the effectiveness of the fuel vent. The remaining vent system component is the carbon canister, an emissions control device, described here. Good luck!
  10. As crashl describes, if you look in the compartment beneath the starboard stern jump seat, the separator should be mounted on the inboard bulkhead, aft of the battery switch, as shown in this photo of our 2013 R180. Good luck!
  11. Unsure how this pricing may compare to your local Robalo dealer... Link to replacement stainless steel hose Link to replacement transom shower full assembly Good luck!
  12. Link to Spectrum Color's Shark Grey gel coat repair kit on iboat.com. On kpate's past recommendation, I bought and used Spectrum Color's Artic White kit to repair a rock chip near the base of our R180's transom, at the corner of the engine indent. The mixed paste was surprisingly light and fluffy, like whipped cream, but it did not sag away from the chipped vertical surface before hardening. Link to "before repair" photo Link to "after repair" photo Good luck!
  13. This searchable listing of commercially bottled drinks provides dimensions of the containers used. Some 1-liter drink bottles are 3 inches in diameter, while the larger inside diameter of the cup holder is 3 1/2 inches. I have added cup holder inserts that provide insulation and more height for 1/2-liter water bottles and aluminum cans. The insert fits snugly in the cup holder, but it is removable to accommodate my handled mug of morning coffee. Good luck!
  14. On our R180, the 12-volt receptacle is protected a 15-amp circuit breaker that is adjacent to the receptacle on the console dash switchplate. Good luck!
  15. I also have used a clasped vinyl strap to store dock lines on the inside of our R180's console door, as shown in this photo. Good luck!