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  1. GPSMAP® 7608xsv Nothing bigger would fit.
  2. Hey No Baloney, Intergrated Marine, ask for Eric. 1-949-313-6338 http://www.integratedmarinesys.com/contact
  3. I put a radar dome on my R200, I will get some close up pictures for you this weekend.
  4. slijack

    2016 R200

    Hey Sam, I took the boat to the trolling motor installer but backed out, just didn't like the way it was going to sit on the bow and wasn't sure how well it would hold up on the 30 mile trips to Catalina Island. Did you install one on yours yet? I did get everything else all rigged, 18 inch Garmin radar dome, 7 inch touch screen Garmin 7608 with GT51M transducer, not a lot of real estate on the dash left so went with the Garmin VHF 300, fit perfect. Glad I went with the Yamaha 200 and trim tabs, boat scoots along real nice. Planned on installing a electronics box on it but when we were fi
  5. Never mind, turns out the electronics box will come down too far and block the view on the R200.
  6. Hey Folks, 2016 R200 just arrived, purchased an electronics box but can get the right fit. Has anyone installed one and have a part # for one that will fit? Thanks!
  7. slijack

    2016 R200

    Hey Sam, How do you like the Yamaha F200, must be a beast with the 200? Ordered pretty much the same boat, plus tee top and the dealer is throwing on radar, trolling motor and looks like we can fit an 8 inch Garmin. For the VHS, going to stick that in the t-top electronics box.
  8. I had similar issue with a 14ft rib, fill a 10 gallon bucket with cement and place on the bow, may keep the motor off the water.
  9. Hello, any chance you have a picture or two of your radar installation, getting ready to do the same on an R200. Thanks!
  10. slijack

    2016 R200

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