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  1. I have the old version which it is the 741xs... For a new boater it is the best, very intuit. My transducer was installed by the dealer. I was recommended to install the through hull. The new one has more detail which it will be nice to have.
  2. Dear Robalo Managers, Executive, etc., I follow very close the forum for suggestions, learning, general knowledge. I see that the common denominator from all of us, it is that your costumer service and relation are terrible at corporate level. I believe that if all the costumers are demanding more interaction from your company to us, why you do not pay attention. I think in the long run if you do not fix that, your reputation will affect our boat prices as well as your brand.
  3. I had a R-260 I keep in the starboard compartment so that any one has access to then. By the way as the boat is more than 26 you should keep 2 fire extinguishers.The white ( dry) and the red ( for liquids like gasoline).
  4. Very nice fish!!
  5. Have you check here?
  6. I had the same problem. I call Clarion for a replacement. However I bought the Fusion Bluetooth MS adapter so that I can connect Bluetooth to the clarion. You connect and play the music on Aux. Installation
  7. I have a R260-2012. It is a wonderful boat. It has 400 Hrs. I mainly use in Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Boca Raton. I take the Atlantic Ocean as my highway and it is great. Very versatile. I do tubing with the kids as well as offshore fishing. A lot of compartments that you will love it for carry all the stuff. The only way that you can have a wet right is when it is windy otherwise most of the time you have dry right. The Head or bathroom it is very decent on space and functionality ( I have never used, but my wife and daughter yes). The access to control panel is very easy. Movement around with guess and kids is very easy. The Water tank capacity is very useful.
  8. I have and R-260 . I had the same problem before. I took out the light form the T-Top and I found a broken conector from the light to that cable that's goes to the switch.
  9. bimini

    I am interesting. I will let you know if the dates are good?
  10. The bilge pump should work automatically with a floater switch that it is on pump. However, as a new boat some fiberglass residual from the construction of the boat block the pump filter as well as the buoy on the switch. Clean the area and you will see results... The flush you should tilt the motor up connect hose and run the water with the motor OFF.
  11. I agree 100%. Robalo team should be here so that they can answer at least the technical questions. I also understand they can not be involve in all discussions, however when it is technical support they should be here for us.
  12. The front deck fish box for some reason is being fill with water. I do not have a clue where this water is coming from. The most estrange part that it does not happen on regular basis. In order to empty I have to turn on the pump that it is connected to that compartment. Does any one have this problem. Any advice to look for?
  13. You may have humidity inside the cushions. For me it looks mildew. Always mildew is coming form inside to outside, you will have to check if you have some water coming inside. The way to treat it is with Bleach and prevent with vinegar or ammonia; however, if you do not fix the inside you will continue with problem.
  14. I wish I can tell you good things. I have a R-260 2012 which it came with the clarion system CDM6 with the remote control. The first one worked for almost a month. The remote control was getting water and humidity inside and the equipment was on and off intermittently with and without the remote. My dealer which it is the best, replace the all system. This worked for almost a year and half, then it starts the on and off again, this time it was the warranty expired so I have to replace by my own. Due to the fact that the space and it is critical and I did not want to cut Fiberglass, etc ; I bought the CDM8 and I use with the same remote control and it is working so far. However, when you use full volume the system turn off.
  15. Another article that can help you!!