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  1. Thank you for the info... I will do the work this weekend...
  2. I have Garmin installed back on Starboard side. Actually almost next to the seacock valve.
  3. mcd is right. the Dealer is one responsible for taking care the warranty. Maybe it is matter of your Dealer. I would write to the Robalo's CEO and see what happen. Also to Travis Richardson or Joe Balo. I am sure they will take care
  4. Just for acknowledgement. Send a letter to the dealer as well Robalo requesting information the status of your boat. Also a certify warranty that this is not compromise the structure of the boat. Robalo is very good taking care the warranty issues.
  5. I guess you should check : -water tank - Head seals - shower heads - live well valve is in Raw water and not in fresh.. Pump head ... the other thing is if you turn off power, the pump should not be running so maybe is a leak on water lines or tank..
  6. http://www.cecilmarineonline.com/ Usually they have parts for Robalo and Chaparral... and if they do not have it you can call them and they can order...I buying from them many times...
  7. Joso

    R260 Fuel tank

    I guess is the float switch inside the tank. I do not know how difficult will be replace but I believe that's the key here. I see on the manual that is only a couple of screws. Now the problem is to to those screws. On my model there are under the helm I have a register to get thru the float switch. On the other hand, I do not think that Robalo when they built the boat put a 100 gal tank instead the 200 or the Tank is imploding. In the part manual looks like it is a label to verify that information, also you can check the brand and buy the right part. PD: Go to pages 22,23 and 25 ht
  8. Thank you ....I will check mine to see.
  9. Joso

    R260 Fuel tank

    Howie. I think to change a fuel tank it is an aggressive solution. I will change the the float sensor and test the fuel reader if it is reading are correct unless you are loosing fuel on the water because broken or defective tank. Another question is if you burned 100gal how many did you replace?. Try fill up to the max and burn 20 or 40 gal and fill up again to see how far is the reading. Also keep in mind that the only reading that is almost accurate is when the boat is still and not moving... Refer to: https://robalo.com/Content.php?content=parts_guides
  10. Howie... Any news with the mystery?? I check all clamps and they are Ok. The problem is that happen when you are not imaging it will happen.
  11. I buy from my Dealer in Miami Bob Hewes. They sale individual because sometimes letters get broken during shipping. They usually have any letter available.
  12. Look inside the Livewell and you will see a water valve to open. It is hard to see you have to see on the top of the livewell.
  13. Like wise. Now I will get in on this again. Thanks I will appreciate because this mystery has already since 2012.
  14. I have the same problem. The mystery is even worst. Some times I leave the boat at night on the Marina. The following day they take out and put in the barn. Next time, when I go there, I check and is full of water. I do not know if when I leave over night rain or one of the drain is taking water from outside.
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