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  1. Joso

    Garmin 742

    I had the Garmin 741xs from 2012 thru 2018. It works perfectly and it is very intuit use. The charts are very easy to use and they have a lot info. Also i got the Vision card so that it works like a GPS in your car, you ask for a place and the GPS give the best safe route on the water with your boat specs. The processor is faster and the resolution is very nice. I decide to do an upgrade and I got the 942xs which is it is a bigger screen. Now the processor for the 942 is slower than the 741. Features are almost the same.
  2. Joso

    Handheld VHS - Marine

    I have a Standard Horizon HX890 new edition for the HX870 and have been very happy. It has a GPS and you can download a route form the PC with a cable. You can save the route for your trip and use in case of emergency. For long trips I take the Handheld plus a ACR ResQlink. https://www.westmarine.com/buy/standard-horizon--hx890nb-floating-6-watt-class-h-dsc-handheld-vhf-gps-radio--19296904?recordNum=5 https://www.westmarine.com/personal-locator-beacons-plbs
  3. Joso

    Lack of Customer Service

    Push your dealer to fix all the issues. They know and it is their responsibility due to Robalo give them a lot of support to fix issues. In my case, my dealer it is excellent dealing with the problems under warranty.
  4. Joso

    warranty support

    Warranty issues, Robalo handle with Dealers. Remember that dealers do not work for free so when they take care your boat they charge to Robalo. Off course if you buy locally your relations with your dealer will be closely that if you buy from an outside dealer. Now I would bring to my dealer the numbers from the outstate dealer to see if they can give me the same deal, if they said no, at least you gave the opportunity to sale you the boat and they turn over. Now as you are moving it is a different picture, I would let my dealer call to the new dealer to put me in a good hands.
  5. Joso

    Error message from Garmin

    Is it posible that you put he boat out of the water and pay the travel time for the Dealer's mechanic? I think it is a solution.
  6. Joso

    R260, 2006. ELE panel

    The plate I believe you can take to a place to be painted again. I buy may spare parts ( rocket switch covers ) at http://cecilmarine.com/ or at my local dealer which it is Bob Hewes...
  7. Joso

    Handheld Spotlight Recomendations

    I have this one and works with 12dc and batteries. It gives you very long distance. https://www.westmarine.com/buy/streamlight--waypoint-led-spotlight--11835634?recordNum=3
  8. Joso

    Upholstery-Cushions R-260

    Does any one know a good upholstery person around Miami-Fort Lauderdale? I need to do the front cushions for a R260.
  9. Joso

    Robalo Boats

    Welcome Joe, it looks like finally some vary from Robalo is here.
  10. Joso

    Minimum water depth

    I do not know how the Simrad works. But Garmin you have to set up the depth counting the motor length, that means in my GPS/depth '0' it is on the motor trim down keel of the motor just to be safe.
  11. Joso

    Engine flushing

    You do not have to use the muffs anymore. Now, the motors came with the flush system. It is very simple, you have to connect the hose to motor and flush. I copied the link from Yamaha with the info so that you can see on page 61. Also I am including a link for a video... I hope this can help you!! https://www.yamahapubs.com/outboard_om/LIT-18626-09-70.pdf https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=yamaha+f150+flush+connector&&view=detail&mid=51E49BE8C735B98B799C51E49BE8C735B98B799C&&FORM=VRDGAR
  12. Joso

    Obvious factory repair on Newly deliver R202

    Unfortunate, I had same problem in 2012 when I got my R-260. It was improve 30% by the dealer, but I was not fixed 100% as it suppose to. Next time when I get a boat, I wont pay any money until the boat it is perfect. Especially when it is something estructural like gelcoat or floor. I think they now it is almost imposible to return the boat to the factory to fix it.
  13. Joso

    Lenco Trim Tabs

    I think this info from Lenco will be useful for your decision... I believe it depend on the year of your tabs were built. I called Lenco once for support and they were A+. Lenco Troubleshootingtel: 772-288-2662 ext 105 After 2016 http://www.lencomarine.com/index.php/products/lenco-switch-kits/led-integrated-dual-actuator Prior 2016 http://www.lencomarine.com/index.php/products/lenco-switch-kits/standard-switch-kit?task=callelement&format=raw&item_id=163&element=7ec82dc7-eda0-4a99-b7c5-3059988b9cd1&method=download
  14. Joso

    Garmin Transducer

    I have the old version which it is the 741xs... For a new boater it is the best, very intuit. My transducer was installed by the dealer. I was recommended to install the through hull. The new one has more detail which it will be nice to have.
  15. Joso

    Customer Service issue

    Dear Robalo Managers, Executive, etc., I follow very close the forum for suggestions, learning, general knowledge. I see that the common denominator from all of us, it is that your costumer service and relation are terrible at corporate level. I believe that if all the costumers are demanding more interaction from your company to us, why you do not pay attention. I think in the long run if you do not fix that, your reputation will affect our boat prices as well as your brand.