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  1. TerryC

    207 cover

    I picked up a carvers cover from boat covers direct. I called them and gave them the year and model (r180) and they made it to fit based on the specs on the robalo site. So far so good with it
  2. TerryC

    Survey Participation Was Worthwhile

    Wonder if this was sent to everyone or just a few. I completed mine :-)
  3. TerryC

    Cracks under 30 hours

    LB- I'm on LI as well and have an R180. I will say that Tim at Great Bay has been great and went way beyond on a recent repair (that was caused by bad gas). As for stress cracks, I dont have any and I've put her in some decent chop, so I can't be of any help there.. Good luck
  4. TerryC

    Do Strainers on scuppers come off?

    Thanks Mike. I tried this weekend to remove the strainer and good grief, I couldn't get it to budge. I may actually need a tool. lol. Again the castnet loaded my boat with jelly fish, and peanut bunker. Nothing like trying to pick up slippery bunker sliding around on jelly fish and water. Quite commical.... Terry
  5. Hi all, 2012 R180. Threw the cast net this weekend and landed a ton of jelly fish along with the bunker. The jelly fish clogged the scuppers as they wouldnt go through the strainer covering the scuppers. I tried to "unscrew" the strainer but it didnt budge. Fearing I'd break it, I left well enough alone. So, anyone know if the srtrainer can be removed easily? Thanks!! Terry
  6. TerryC

    R180 raw water wash down no little pressure

    Joe, Same here, very weak flow of water from my R180 with the livewell valve closed. Not very usefull. Terry
  7. TerryC

    R180, problems anchoring?

    Ok. This is odd.... Since I've owned the boat I have such a hard time getting the anchor to grab. I mean like all 100' of rope in 10-15' depth and shes still skipping along the bottom for a hundred (or more) feet before catching. Im letting the anchor out slowly so no tangles. I'm thinking the chain maybe too heavy as its much thicker than my old boat. Originally I thought the anchor may just not be enough for the weight of the hull. Anyway, I cut down another anchor so I'll see next weekend. But I was curious if anyone else had an issue with the factory anchor and the R180. Thanks!
  8. TerryC

    Question about Robalo R180

    Scrap's correct, theres a fuse box under the motor cover on the 115 is a fuse box, there's a spare fuse in there, just hook it up and you should be good. Just remember to replace it
  9. TerryC

    Transom mount transducer spraying engine R180

    Thats an odd place for a dealer to install. I have two, I have a Lowrance HDS and a new HDS touch. The structure scan is mounted near yours but my sonar is on the right. Pic tells it best. I get no spray from the Structure water ski. Your screws look clean on that transducer, did they 4200 it? PS. I mounted both on "stern savers", no holes in the transom so I can adjust easily and care free.
  10. Seeing that Roablo has a toe kick tub for the R180 now, can I order one directly through Robalo, or do I have to order through my dealer?
  11. TerryC

    R180 with Yamaha 115 or 150?

    I too have the 115 on a 2012. I fished it pretty hard in some nasty seas a few times last hear. Only once did I wish I had the 150. I had three guys anchored outside the inlet (south shore Long Island). The current was a new moon ripping current. Current against wind, it was sloppy at best. I had three men gear, bait, ice and almost a full tank. That was the one day I wanted to just pop onto plane and it took a few seconds. Got a little wet when we started but was fine once she was "up". Every other time I've found it to be a nice combo and personally, I couldn't justify that much $ for the extra pony. I too was thinking of re propping and going stainless for a little extra pop. I think that would give me enough for when I'm running a heavy load. Good luck. All in all I love the boat.
  12. TerryC

    Mildew on seats

    Wow, this is becoming a LI section I had to use Mr Clean Magic Eraser for my rear jump seats after a few encounters with boo fish. Worked great in lifting the blood stains and I've read its good for mold/scuff marks. After that, I started washing the seats with the same brush I use to spread Woody Wax on the inside of the boat. Not sure it's meant for vinyl but the water certainly beads the next time I go out. I've seen no discoloring from the woody wax, so far so good. I have yet to have any mold or mildew issues and I cover my boat all season. Happy Holidays!! Terry
  13. TerryC

    R180 fish

    oops pics:
  14. TerryC

    R180 fish

    In late August I picked up my new R180 and got to fish it hard during the fall. Had a few really nice days and a few days were in rough seas. Thought I'd share a few pics: Happy Holidays!!