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  1. ken you been fishi'n the River ?......

  2. OK, I see that my 1981 2120 was built by Robalo-AMF. What does AMF stand for?? ~Ken
  3. Who manufactured my 1981 2120 back in the day? ~Ken
  4. Thank you Mr. Administrator.
  5. There must be a setting where I can select this. ~Ken
  6. Thanx for getting back to me Lee. I still have to get the tarps off of her yet and get it thawed out before I start checking things out. I think that my initial concerns will be that the electrical and fuel systems are fully functional and we will go from there. ~Ken
  7. I just recently bought this boat and will be cleaning it out as soon as we get some warmer weather. I don't know what I am going to run into, but I would like to be prepared for the worst by understanding this boat's systems. It came equipped with a 200 HP Mercury Black Max V-6 Power trim. For now, my first question will be: what is the capacity of the fuel tank?? regards, Ken
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