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  1. Don Mclaren

    House Battery location r305

    Should be one on right. I added another where genset was. Westerbeke was garbage.
  2. Don Mclaren

    Robalo 305 and kicker installation

    I'm based on Vancouver Island so were not fishing for Wahoo up here yet but they are fun. Our trolling speed is more around 3 to 5 mph if were trolling for salmon. I run one Yam 250 at a time but we can put on 12 or more hours a day sometimes and I know that a kicker won't push the 305 in all conditions but I'd rather replace a little motor then the big ones. The install on the port side seems obvious but on my boat that's the heavier side when fully watered up,so that is a bit of an issue. My dealer installed a 9.9 on another but they haven't heard back from the buyer. My dealer says to wait as Yamaha is coming out with an even lighter 20 hp. Not gonna beat myself up over it as I love the boat . On a side note it seems a lot of guys are running 300's but I can't figure out why. I get about 22 to 24 mpg running between 26 to 30 mph depending on current,weight,etc.Generally run at 4300 to 4500 rpm. How do you find the 300's ? Thanks for feedback.
  3. Don Mclaren

    Robalo 305 and kicker installation

    Boat trolls great and catches fish better then anything I've owned. Just weighing my options to reduce fuel costs and trolling hours on my Yamaha's .
  4. Don Mclaren

    Robalo 305 and kicker installation

    Anybody installed a kicker on a 305 ? If so is it worth it or do you get poor performance? I fish and boat in British Columbia both offshore and north and central coast. Running Yamaha 250's which by the way is more then ample for this boat although I can't get up on plane with one.
  5. Don Mclaren

    R305 battery distribution

    Looking at panel. right battery is house. Left is starboard motor and middle is port motor. Mine is a 2008 305
  6. Don Mclaren

    R305 Water heater

    I believe mine is mounted on the flat under mid berth. A question I have is how long should it take to heat up water with 3 kw gas genset?