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    upholstery stickiness ? plasticizer migration

    md, PM sent. Thanks

    upholstery stickiness ? plasticizer migration

    Your dealer is your best contact for warranty related concerns.

    Touch up paint

    Coyote Trailers in Nashville, Ga makes many of these parts for Robalo. You should be able to order some touch up powdercoat from them.

    Lack of Customer Service

    Hi Sealiano, Sorry to hear you're having issues. Robalo does have great customer service. I've been with the company for 15 years and Robalo has always done the right thing for its customers. Please send me a PM with your hull ID and issues and I'll see if I can help.

    Robalo Boats

    Glad to be here to help. I've been on the facebook groups and the hull truth but heard this owners forum didn't have a factory presence. Decided to get on here to help and provide better support for customers.

    Robalo Boats

    Hi All, Been reading through the forums and really enjoy seeing those fishing/boating photos and reading the threads. I work in sales for Robalo and will be checking out the forums from time to time to help. I do travel a lot visiting dealers and boat shows so please be patient. Robalo warranty, parts orders, and customer support are handled directly through our dealerships which are factory trained to help with your Robalo needs. That is always your first resource for support but we are always here for you. Please feel free to private message me if you need anything.

    Robalo discontinued the r265

    Hi Al, The R265 was a great boat for Robalo and we sold many over the years. Walk-around sales below 29 feet have slowed down nationally which has been a trend for a while now. Robalo decided to discontinue this model because its become a very small market. There are still a few left in the field if you're interested in buying one.
  8. Life is Better on My Robalo


    Garmin Autopilot

    Hi Kamal, The best place to install the autopilot is in the floor storage just aft of the cabin entry door. There is plenty of room in this compartment. Hope this helps! -Joe

    Garmin Autopilot

    Hi Kamal, Lee brought your issue to my attention. We do not install autopilot at the factory but I will forward this to our engineers and see what their recommendation is as far as location to install. Send me your email address and I'll get back to you soon. Regards, Joe

    Follow Robalo on Facebook

    Hey Robalo Boat Owners, Feel free to "Follow" Robalo on facebook and get updates on whats going on in the world of Robalo. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Robalo-Boats/140738705969847 We'd love to get some owners pics up on the site also! Feel free to share. Thanks, JOEBALO

    06/02/10 Offshore

    Wow! A big cow like that is rare! Nice catch.

    2008 R260

    Please send me a message with your contact information & the information on the dealer you are working with and I'll see if I can help you with your issue. Thanks, Joe

    2008 R260

    Listing is not a reoccuring issue on any Robalo and the R 260 has been in production for several years now with very few warranty claims ever arising. Most listing issues on a boat are from an uneven weight distribution. All Robalo designs are properly balanced on a sofisticated computer design system and each part/component is weighed for accuracy. The first thing you need to do is go to your local dealer and let them address your concern. The dealers work directly with Robalo technical support and engineers. They should be able to find out whats causing the issue and help you out. Thanks for being a loyal Robalo owner!

    Any one have some info For me

    Hey Jim, Welcome to the Robalo Forum! Glad to hear you are considering the R 305. It really is a special boat. Robalo is able to do some special add on's and some we are not able to do. I'll check with our engineering team on some of the items you listed and get back to you via PM. The boat was designed for use of Lenco trim tabs so I doubt we could do the Bennett's but will let you know. The new R 305's come standard with a single 300 gallon fuel tank. I noted (27.9 mph, 20.8 gph, @ 3500rpm) with a pair of 350hp Yamahas fully loaded, full tank of gas in the Gulf of Mexico. Top speed was just under 54 mph. The 350hp motors have a gauge setting to automatically adjust speeds while trolling which may help you when trolling for salmon & tuna. The boat would need to be purchased through a dealer. We will make the arrangements as convenient as possible for your purchase/delivery. If you would like to have our West Coast Robalo representative call you, please Private Message me your contact information and I'll have him contact you. Hope this was helpful. I will get back to you soon on the other information. You'll have to posts some pictures of some of your fishing adventures. Would love to see some of the fish you all are catching up in Washington. Happy Fishing!!! JOEBALO