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  1. Hi Joe.  Looks like you are a Robalo factory guy.  Maybe you can answer this question.  I have a 2007 R265 and it's a great boat.  Excellent condition and low hours.  But, my Isotherm refrigerator is not working.  It is getting power.  The light works. But compressor is not turning on.  I tried to pull the refrigerator out to check the thermostat and electronics box but I can't pull it out far enough.  The step is in the way.  I removed the cabinet drawers but still can't get to the back of it.  It looks like it is necessary to take the whole cabinet apart to get to it.  Is that the only way?

    R265 refrigerator2.JPG

  2. Hi Stan, Robalo’s hull’s are 100% fiberglass & Kevlar. Robalo switched from wood stringers to 100% fiberglass stringers around 2001 then switched to a combination of injected high-density structural foam, a perma-panel inner shell, and a hand laid fiberglass outer shell around 2011 which is the best construction method we’ve ever used in our 51 years in business. The bond you get with injected foam, perma panel and hand laid glass to the hull is a chemical bond which builds a stronger structural system, a more solid boat with a better ride than a “glued” in structural system, a glassed-in precast foam block, or one that is “tabbed”. This method is a little costlier and more labor intensive but will last longer with less risk of breaking loose from fishermen that put their boats to the test. (Ask most of your high dollar large custom fish boat builders which methods they prefer). The high-density injected foam deafens the sound, provides structural strength, and adds flotation. Decks are Nida-core and transoms are poured fibrous ceramic. Yes, our boats are rot-free and yes, we have a lifetime warranty on our hulls. We are very proud of our boats and invite our customers to come visit our plant in South Georgia. It’s the largest single site boat manufacturing facility in the world and is quite impressive. Not only are all Robalo’s NNMA and ABYC certified, we are also an ISO 20001 certified builder which only a select few boat builders can boast.
  3. Hi Anthony, Great talking with you yesterday. We’ll get you squared away.
  4. Your dealer is your best contact for warranty related concerns.
  5. Coyote Trailers in Nashville, Ga makes many of these parts for Robalo. You should be able to order some touch up powdercoat from them.
  6. Hi Sealiano, Sorry to hear you're having issues. Robalo does have great customer service. I've been with the company for 15 years and Robalo has always done the right thing for its customers. Please send me a PM with your hull ID and issues and I'll see if I can help.

    Robalo Boats

    Glad to be here to help. I've been on the facebook groups and the hull truth but heard this owners forum didn't have a factory presence. Decided to get on here to help and provide better support for customers.

    Robalo Boats

    Hi All, Been reading through the forums and really enjoy seeing those fishing/boating photos and reading the threads. I work in sales for Robalo and will be checking out the forums from time to time to help. I do travel a lot visiting dealers and boat shows so please be patient. Robalo warranty, parts orders, and customer support are handled directly through our dealerships which are factory trained to help with your Robalo needs. That is always your first resource for support but we are always here for you. Please feel free to private message me if you need anything.
  9. Hi Al, The R265 was a great boat for Robalo and we sold many over the years. Walk-around sales below 29 feet have slowed down nationally which has been a trend for a while now. Robalo decided to discontinue this model because its become a very small market. There are still a few left in the field if you're interested in buying one.
  10. Life is Better on My Robalo


    Garmin Autopilot

    Hi Kamal, The best place to install the autopilot is in the floor storage just aft of the cabin entry door. There is plenty of room in this compartment. Hope this helps! -Joe

    Garmin Autopilot

    Hi Kamal, Lee brought your issue to my attention. We do not install autopilot at the factory but I will forward this to our engineers and see what their recommendation is as far as location to install. Send me your email address and I'll get back to you soon. Regards, Joe
  13. Hey Robalo Boat Owners, Feel free to "Follow" Robalo on facebook and get updates on whats going on in the world of Robalo. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Robalo-Boats/140738705969847 We'd love to get some owners pics up on the site also! Feel free to share. Thanks, JOEBALO

    06/02/10 Offshore

    Wow! A big cow like that is rare! Nice catch.
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