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  1. Go to ROBALOBOATING. Com i have the info there for you.
  2. MrRobalo

    Replacement gas tank for 1078 Robalo R190 CC.

    I can give you the measurements this weekend as I replaced my tank in my 1976 R190 ( My 1969 is in a complete Restoration) I went with a roto cast one with 50 gal and can give you those too if you want. You can see it in the ROBALOBOATING.NET Forum that we started for helping older and newer ROBALO owners . Look under restoration for the Dottie Q restoration. I can also answer any questions if needed.
  3. MrRobalo

    Robalo Boats built before 2001

    First off Welcome to the ROBALO family that has been bringing innovations to the fishing boat market for nearly 50 Years . There were no actual model specific owners manuals back then . I do my best in helping owners of the older boats as well with other forum members on RobaloBoating and there are other members with your same models . As with all older boats the past owners have customized there boats to best suite there type of use. With that said it helps to have Pictures to go along with some of your question (it tremendously helps ). So with that said, hope to see you there.
  4. MrRobalo

    1820 repower

    The main concern on the 4 stroke is the weight. You want to make sure the motor you go with is not heaver than the 150. On the other side of the coin is ROBALO's are a LOT heaver than most boats in the same class which means if you went down to a 90hp you would need to be cruising at 4500-4800 RPM's where the 150HP would be 3400-3600. Also with a boat that old you need to know what size motor you have a 20" or 25" inch . You can go to ROBALOBOATING.COM and you will find a forum of ROBALO owners with all the different sizes and years Like my new ROBALO is only 42 years young . LOL So hopefully we will see you there.
  5. MrRobalo

    The fueltank och Robalo 2120

    Anders Thanks for contacting us from across the big pond LoL If you can we need the serial number or the Modle year you have. The ROBALO R2120 had been in the lineup from about 1980 And many builders from differnt years. If it is before 1993 I can Help you as well as other owners . The 2000-present ROBALO factory Can help you here or on the other forum which is (WWW.ROBALOBOATING.COM ) and yes we help the site here help the older boats with there owners. So please check us out as there are a lot of ROBALOHAULICS around the world. Again thanks and don't forget the pics.
  6. MrRobalo

    Livewell intake clogged

    Is the boat on a trailer ? if so I would try to take a dermal tool into the fins and see if you can cut them out. You should be be able to also take a screwdriver and chisel out the rest of them. Once done you could then use a 1 gal paint stirrer wrapped with course sandpaper and get the remaining out,clean with solvent and use bottom paint mad for the brass unit. Thats my 2 cents worth.
  7. MrRobalo

    1978 R190 Below Deck Gas Tank

    Hellp Mt , If the tank was a original tank I could tell you it is 60 gallon. Go over to ROBALOBOATING.COM And you can post there and I or some of our other members can help you out. If possible try to take any pic you can as that will help me see if I can get you going without removing the coffin lid. At least your tank is in it's own area and not in the belly. What caught my eye is the way they explained it as the fill,vent as well as the fuel hose are different sizes as well as originally all located in the area under a inspection plate. Also the problem could be as simple as removing the pickup elbow going into the tank. Once out unscrew the hose barb from the elbow and if you cam't see through it it has a anti-syphen valve in it and it is clogged as well as a screen that you can use a small pic and put it into the pick-up hole and push to the side and pull out. If there is a screen there it will come out. You can now instal the elbow and hose barb back in without the parts you pulled out and it will be ok if you have a spin on water separator. And as always I want to thank staff here at ROBALO who are nice enough to let us post and help out the older boat ROBALOHAULICS. See you there.
  8. MrRobalo

    hull water saturation

    We can help answer most all your questions about your older ROBALO's .So check out WWW.ROBALOBOATING.COM and take a walk down our cyber docks. we are ther to help keep you on the water weather you have a 1969-2011because we are ROBALOHAULICS.
  9. MrRobalo


    Go to ROBALOBOATING.COM , We have all the boats of different years with most of the catalogs of boats from1969-present. We are a forum mainly for the older boats as well as the new boats. We are there to help keep you on the waters so come take a walk down our cyber docks.
  10. MrRobalo

    buying a 1970s robalo center console

    Jeff, I try to be around when any of the owners of the vintage ROBALO's need any help as well as I have learned about the newer ROBALO's also. The one thing we all have in common regardless of the year is the commemorator we share. Up until I started to do the makeover (due to a fiberglass fuel tank and ethanol problems)you would be amazed at the number of people that would come up to me and ask about my boat. They had seen it at the Miami show in 1989 or the Florida sportsman anniversary issue the same year. But no matter who asks me about ROBALO I can always tell them once you own one you will always remember the great memories she brought you and well like some other brands out there you will have more time staying on the water and not in the shop, So take the splash and you too will start making memories.
  11. MrRobalo

    buying a 1970s robalo center console

    Jeff . There were never any complete teak floors in the ROBALO'S no matter how old. We did have teak fishbox ,battery boxes ,gunnel boards along with teak trim in various places on the different models.When you go over to ROBALOBOATING.com there are members pictures of the different years .If you have any questions just ask as I am always cruising the cyber docks, We even have different types of care on teak refurbishing and care.See you there.
  12. MrRobalo

    40 Miles off Ponce Inlet

  13. MrRobalo

    40 Miles off Ponce Inlet

  14. MrRobalo

    40 Miles off Ponce Inlet

  15. MrRobalo

    06/02/10 Offshore

    Next time I will look at the date LoL