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  1. MJM, I have not looked myself. I would think the marina folks would have, as EZ steer is very common? I will have to ask.
  2. Funny, I found the same picture. BUT, take a closer look at the picture. The kicker is facing just the opposite of the main. Leads me to believe they never did tie the two together for steering.
  3. Dealership is using a Panther mount. There recommendation is AP for the 9.9 not tiring it to the main, or use the tiller handle. Kind of frustrating as I have been trying to solve this for a few weeks now. I have not bought the boat yet.
  4. Good Day, I am working with my dealership around installation of a kicker to a 2022 r207. It seems that there is no way to utilize the cockpit steering wheel to control the kicker. Main motor is a Yamaha f150xb. Bars will not fit, as they rub the body. The steering cable kit requires 14inch clearance I am told and will not fit. I have searched, but nothing has turned up. I called Robalo, they were of no help. Anyone ever see one? Thanks!
  5. Good Day, anyone look into a hard top for this boat? The Bimini is fine but as I will be trolling a lot, thinking an after market hardtop might be a good investment. thanks in advance for any replies. Dave
  6. FT - unable to access your pdf as you mentioned. I am not familiar with the other Robalo site. Do you still have the pdf file you made? I would be interested in viewing. Thanks, Dave
  7. Good Day, I have been searching for a fix to be able to swivel both helm seats 180 degrees to face rearward for trolling. I did find the suggested fix for raising the seats on this forum, but not the ability to turn them completely around. Has anyone done this modification in the past? Thanks! Dave
  8. Excellent! Thanks for taking the time to do that extra effort. Your math sounds spot on. This level, as mentioned before, is just on/off the lift. Sounds like I will be good. I currently have an 18’ deep v aluminum hull. That manufacture told me 17-18 draft with full weight loaded. I have had no problems to date with my current boat. Things are looking better.
  9. Robalo customer service simply sent me the spec sheet showing 15” draft and 30” draft with engine down. Nice and friendly, but still have a concern.
  10. So the belief is the 15" draft from the manufacturers tech sheet plus 2-3 inches should be around 18" of "draw". I wonder if Robalo would provide any direct feedback if I tried to contact them? Is there a factory rep that contributes to this forum by chance? Dave
  11. Jersey Shore, thanks for the reply. I measured 20 inches from the cross bar on my boat lift to the water surface. I am thinking that should be enough to get the boat into and off the lift. The water depth is a few inches deeper. Concern is the lift cross bar(s) at 20 inches.
  12. Good Day, I am in the market for a newer 207. The draft is an issue as I have a lift in a shallow bay, fresh water lake. All the factory docs say 15”. My question is can anyone confirm real life draw of this set up? How can the 15 stated draft be the same for the 150 vs 200 as the specs say? Any feedback welcome. thanks!
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