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  1. Have you looked into EZ Steer system , used with A tiller handle kicker.
  2. Sounds like your getting somewhere, might need to shop around to other dealers. I did see on Robalo website they are increasing prices and having supplier difficulties. Good Luck on your search
  3. They kicked back 50 Grand to him. What does that tell you ?
  4. I see Coastal Marine Sales in Ms. are taking orders on the 302. Some other models are in stock for 2022. I see Robalo web site say's they are having difficulties and price increases. I picked up A 2018 Robalo R160 from Creekside Marina in De. I have called and talked with the factory customer service and had all my questions answered. I went used with low hours. Everything lately is A crap shoot. Good Luck
  5. I would call Robalo. If you get the same answer there is nothing more you can do. I know Cape Craft is not doing any production for 2022
  6. Sorry you are wrong. Warranty work is A factory matter. The labor and parts are billed to the factory. Boats are no different !! Some purchases are tens of thousands if not millions of dollars. You guy's are getting the dealer run around because they did not profit from your sale but it is A factory matter. A dealership is An agreement between the factory and the dealer not A right.
  7. What did Robalo say ? You need to contact them about that dealers conduct. The same thing happened to me with Ford motor company. A call from the factory to the dealer got his head right.
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