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  1. Hi, I understand the Ft. Lauderdale boat show just started. Is Robalo offering any boat-show discounts?

  2. I am considering buying a new r247 next year. Are there any changes to the 2016 model in 2017?

  3. I own a r227 dc and am considering buying an r247 dc. The difference in the base price between a 207 and a 227 is about $9000., but the price difference the 227 and the 247 is more than $30000. Why such a large difference?


    Good morning!  My brother and I just bought a new 2015 Hull from a dealer.   I'll keep names out of it for the moment.   I'll say that the Dealer has been less than forthright about a lot of things, and I mean that in the strongest possible terms. We were told that it was various things a "new 2015".  A "trade in", A factory return.  I think the last story was that the dealer buys certain hulls from Robalo that have been repaired or something.    We are being told that the Hull and motor have the new warranty.    It was one of those crazy experiences. where the salesman would just make up whatever came to mind.  The " coup de grace" was him taking the boat for a test run with no oil in the motor.  It still had the tag on the motor that said "Put Oil in before using!" (or something similar.   This sales man may have never been in a boat before.   The situation now is, there appears to be some "sway" while underway. in the T-Top.  This is even after the dealer put some reinforcing on the top.  

    Here's the deal.  The dealer is now giving us 7 days total of "bumper to bumper" coverage.  We do not trust ANYTHING this dealer says.  My questions are:

    1.  Is sway in the T-Top normal? 

    2. If this turns out to be a hull or structural problem who will be responsible.


    Best regards.

  5. Robalo Marketing

    2 Questions ?

    Jimmy, Here is what I am told: Silicone - all white will eventually mold up. Nothing replaces reqular cleaning with a bleach cleaner to keep the mold at bay. We have moved to black in some locations due to that issue. We use a UV protected version of the 3M 4200 for most applpications. If you plan to redo this, make sure you clean the original area with a bleach cleaner to remove the mold. If you don't, the new layer will peal rather fast as the mold continues to grow underneath. Transducer - although all types will work, the thru hull will be the best solution. We have created a place specific for thru hull location. I can private message that location with instructions for your specific boat tomorrow morning.
  6. Robalo Marketing

    Cracks in aluminum pipes for hardtop

    Send me a private message with your contact information and I will have Customer Service contact you. A few Questions: 1) Where do you boat? 2) Is the top factory issue?? 3) Any aftermarket installs on the top - radar?
  7. Robalo Marketing

    Drilling the transom

    Don, I can get you in touch with Customer Service. Will have them email you.
  8. Robalo Marketing

    R305 Electric Downrigger Plugs

    Capt ken, I am being told they are 10 gage wires.
  9. Robalo Marketing

    R305 Electric Downrigger Plugs

    Sorry for the delay Captken, we have been away for the 4th. I am checking with CS on this for you now.
  10. Robalo Marketing

    05 R240 - Thought the hardtop was gonna come right off!

    Customer Service has emailed you with no reply. Are you getting the mail?
  11. Robalo Marketing

    leaking hatch

    First place to start would be your local Robalo dealer.
  12. Robalo Marketing

    05 R240 - Thought the hardtop was gonna come right off!

    will do. expect an email shortly.
  13. Robalo Marketing

    05 R240 - Thought the hardtop was gonna come right off!

    Sorry, I don't know that hardware intimately enough to commment. I could get you in touch with Customer Service who does. Would like them to email you?
  14. Robalo Marketing

    05 R240 - Thought the hardtop was gonna come right off!

    You say the bolts are stripped. I assume this means that when you turn them, they won't tighten down? I beleive there are lock nuts on the bolts. You will need to put a wrench on both sides. Do you have radar mounted on top of the t top? Stop and imagine how much torque is placed on that tower each time it slams into a wave at 50 mph.
  15. Robalo Marketing

    05 R240 - Thought the hardtop was gonna come right off!

    Where do you boat?