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  1. Ouch, I can’t believe that this is the prevalent attitude of the boat industry but I’m hearing the same thing from others outside of Robalo as well. Sure wish I would have been told this prior to purchase cause its really frustrating. That said the dealer I bought the boat from will make good on it but just really inconvenient as he’s now 8+ hours away and I thought taking it to a local dealer who had experience with these hulls would be advantageous but maybe not. This must be the dirty little secret in the industry. One has to buy local if they are to receive service or it’s on the owner…..n
  2. So I bought a new hull from a dealer whom had what I wanted even though I checked first with the closest dealer to me and was told that this particular hull would not be available until the end of 21’ Had the boat moved down here and have had some issues with it requiring warranty work. Contacted the dealer whom is closest to me and was told that they wouldn’t have time for it since I didn’t buy it from them. I objected and said you’re a dealer? They said too bad don’t have time for it and refused to make an appointment. Are you f’n kidding me! Obviously this seems to be an issue as I hav
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