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  1. Thanks. If anyone cares, my caliper wasn't super tight. It was just tight enough to cause the pads to drag on the rotor while towing boat home and heat up enough to cause a burning break smell. I could still turn the tire by hand, albeit it was tough. I used able to persuade the pad to back off a fraction by use of a hammer and a piece of wood. The tire now rotates with the same effort as the others (all brake pads drag a little).
  2. Hi RonSr1980- Had this issue on my 2021 R200 trailer yesterday during the tow back home from local ramp. Luckily it wasn't too far of a drive. Have you replaced yours yet. Any advice before I jack my trailer up and start the process?
  3. I used a 14" 2x6 until my ram support came in.
  4. Zero problems with quality. 15 hours on it so far. I am missing the light in the head but dealer has one on order and should be here in time for my 20 hr service.
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