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  1. Found out my engine (Yamaha 150) arrived this morning at the dealership. I believe that my boat was only at the dealership for about a week and half, maybe two weeks, before the engine arrived. I think I got very lucky with that time frame compared to what others have posted.
  2. Thank you for the info River Rat. That is news to me. Signed my purchase agreement on March 27th and was told 3rd week of July. Obviously, that date was missed. Robalo had emailed me back stating my boat would be prepped for shipping around august 17th. That date was missed but around august 20/21th, the status of my boat on Robalo’s “boat tracker” had changed from “in production” to “shipping and delivery.” Of course, Yamaha is way behind. Best guess is they are months behind. I’m hoping on good faith that Robalo and the dealership are being truthful to me. I will update as I get more inform
  3. I can’t speak about 2022’s but this past March I signed a purchase agreement for a 2021 R180. I was told at signing that my boat should arrive around the 3rd week in July. That never happened. Then the dealership told me it was being pushed a couple of weeks and should be completed (not delivered) by end of July/ beginning of august with an engine. That never happened. After finally getting an answer back from Robalo via email, I was told my boat would be shipped out august 17th without an engine (Yamaha 150). Yamaha is apparently months behind. Found out through boattracker on Robalo’s websit
  4. Another missed shipping date, as Robalo told me it will ship out august 17th, of course without an engine. With about a month left to this season, I can only hope that I have the complete boat by next summer.
  5. OCMD that is insane. I purchased a r180 with a Yamaha 150, which is definitely less expensive than your 226. I guess I can plan on summer 2023 to start using it.
  6. Signed a purchase agreement March 27th and was originally told I would have (not delivered, have) the boat by 3rd week of July. Well, after multiple delays and reassurances that the boat will be delivered with the engine despite shortages, found out that this was ALL incorrect. Finally got an email back from Robalo telling me that despite my boat being “in production” for the last two weeks, it will be shipped out august 17th without an engine. My Boating season ends in late September when my docks get pulled for the winter. Still haven’t heard back from my dealership. Frustrated!!!!
  7. I found out this morning that my boat has moved into production. I’m still hopeful of the July 30th completion date. Less hopeful it will be delivered with an engine, but we’ll see.
  8. Thank you for the information DH. My sales rep told me my boat is coming in with the Yamaha 150. Also, my r180 is “scheduled” to be completed July 30th. However, I am skeptical at this point about both.
  9. That spreadsheet looks like a good idea, as I’ve found the robalo site “boat tracker” to be just absolute trash. I would like to see an email or two every once in a while from my dealership as well, especially if the delivery date is going to be missed. The only way I know my production/delivery date keeps getting pushed is by having to constantly email my rep. I know they are busy and at the mercy of supply chain issues but they took my deposit fast enough and should bear some responsibility to give updated info to their customers; good or bad.
  10. Thank you DH202EX, I hope so too. I hope you don’t have much more of a wait as well. I got the Yamaha 150, which is the max you can put on a r180. I wish I could put a 250 on it haha!
  11. Signed my purchase agreement in late March as well for a r180. I was originally told, when I signed, it would be delivered the 3rd week of July. It is now supposed to be completed July 30th according to the dealership, with no estimate as to delivery. I also was told that it will be shipped with the engine, although I’m not sure I entirely trust that. Either way, my boating season usually ends around late September, weather permitting. Hoping to get a few weekends out this year. Becoming increasingly frustrating looking at an empty boat slip.
  12. I can’t speak for the 2022’s but I purchased a 2021 r180 towards the end of March with the understanding it should arrive at the dealership the 3rd week of July. However, between contacting the dealership and reading posts on this forum, I have come to learn my completion date is “scheduled” for July 30th with delivery of “who knows when.” Also have been reading about people getting their boat delivered without the engine(specifically Yamaha). Hang in there. At least you can take comfort in knowing that you didn’t put a bunch of money down to look at an empty boat slip like I did. I live in C
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