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  1. I called Robalo today and spoke to a customer service rep hopes to have the sales rep who works with my dealership call me. What I have learned is that the boat I ordered in July, just had a price increase of over $10k. I suspect the dealership didn't want to have to deal with this problem. I read on other forums that some dealers are honoring the original quote and some are not. I would have appreciated an option to discuss.
  2. Looking for a little guidance from this group. I spec’ed out a 2022 R302 and placed the order and $50k deposit in July. Today, the dealer notified me that Robalo can’t say when the boat will be built so he is returning my deposit. What the heck? I suspect my dealer is so small that they pull no weight. I didn’t even put a deadline on my expectations for delivery. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  3. Does anyone have information on an aftermarket hardtop enclosure for the R302? I see Robalo offers one for the R360 but I don't see one for the 302. Thanks
  4. Has anyone set up their 302 to tow water toys? Thanks
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