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  1. It took me a while to find a picture as well. Found it on this R272 for sale, link below: 2021 Robalo R272 Shark Gray For Sale In NC - Angler's Marine - 910-755-7900 (anglersmarinenc.com)
  2. Is it filling while you aren't using it, or spilling out of the tank when you have filled it for use?
  3. Aligned with one of the horizontal steps in the hull, so that the bottom plane of the transducer aligns with the plane of the step and still faces straight down.
  4. We love ours. It is an extremely versatile rig. Totally agree with Ross on handling 3-4 footers with ease and we don't run the jack plate or trim tabs. It will basically handle anything offshore that a good 20' center console will, can still get into ridiculously skinny water, and is just small and light enough to use on inland lakes without much hassle at a reasonably equipped boat ramp. Great for hardcore fishing, or cruising around with the family. We really couldn't be happier with our choice. I haven't had any issues with water in the hull as long as you keep the standpipes and inle
  5. I agree with Rodney. I don't think you will need them on a 206, and you can always add them later. I have only missed them a couple times on my 246 and it was because I had guests that were not well distributed in the boat, which I would think would not be a huge problem on the 206.
  6. Though I don't know the answer to your question with certainty, I can comment that I have never noticed the tank pump running with the key off on my 2018 246, nor have I noticed any kind of battery drain associated with that. I assume that it is either keyed to the engine, or has a pressure switch that shuts it off when adequate pressure is reached. If you can hear it running when the engine is not, something isn't right.
  7. If you deal with a high volume dealer, they used to get dealer rebates based on volume that they could choose to pass on to you. It is entirely at the dealer's discretion though. Mine did it for me because I was active duty at the time.
  8. I had this happen when I didn't get the fuel filter bowl properly retightened during a service once.
  9. I love my 246, but the warranty isn't great. I would probably opt for a nice used one if I had it to do again. You aren't getting much for the additional money by buying it new unless you are looking to finance.
  10. I had the same issue with my 2018 246. They repaired it under warranty, but my dealer had to lean on them pretty hard to make it happen. It was denied at first. Agree with Parnine, there are likely others. You can hear them if you tap the fiberglass. I imagine someone has a YouTube video on it. If you catch them before they break, they are much easier to fix. Whatever you do, get that one addressed in some manner to prevent water intrusion and further damage.
  11. I put one in the head, just inside the door on the starboard side, and one on the starboard side under the folding seat on the main casting platform. They are out of the way, but easily accessible, and I haven't had any issues during safety inspections.
  12. It occurred to me that it probably bears mentioning that the boat is a over propped from the factory. I imagine they spec'ed it without the hard top. I just ordered 1/2" smaller diameter prop, which I am hoping will let me get the last 300RPM out of it, which may get me a couple more miles an hour. Hoping high 40's. In terms of handling chop and still being able to get into the skinny water, I think you will be very pleased though.
  13. I own a 2018 246 with the hard top and Yamaha F300XCA. Performance is still marginal. Low 40's with a couple people and gear in the boat. I would recommend you put all the power on it you can get.
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